Friday, June 18, 2010

Bangin' Friday #1

So, this is the first of I hope to be many Friday posts concerning my newly acquired bangs. This is how it works: I will post pictures of my bangs for every day of the week. So, theoretically, there will be 7 pictures. I will take a picture of them no matter how rebellious they are or how awful a state I'm in physically. But since I came up with this idea on Wednesday of this week, there will be only 3 pictures. Though I could post more since I had a LOT of fun getting bizarre faces of myself. Yes, I'm a vain creature. Though vain would mean that I would be getting glamor shots of me, and these pictures certainly won't exploit my beauty.

Anyways, here we go.

This day in "bang world" wasn't so bad, actually. They were pretty awful in the morning, but I eventually tamed them into submission. Though if you look closely enough to the gap in the hair, there is a burn. I received that token of gratitude a few days ago. I also have another burn underneath the initial bangs, though that one is a few days older.

You can see the burn a little better here. Maybe because I was picking at it earlier...probably the case. It itches like crazy! And I just realized that my left eye is bigger than my right eye. Or maybe I'm making a stink-eye face? Though I usually squint my left eye when making my stink-eye face. Huh. Well, my bangs were decent that day. I'm surprised, actually, since yesterday was pretty humid and I was out and about more.

Ahhh, this morning. I woke up with sinus pressure, a runny nose, and an attitude of really not wanting to clean up after little snot-nosed brats (meaning myself). If you look closely, my little tuft of bangs that refuses to be a part of the rest of the group is sticking out all skeewonky-like. This is their usual behavior. I try and curl them into something more flat and normal but once they're out of the jaws of the curling iron, they shoot in a completely different direction. Argh. Today was a BAD bangs day. And that's my work shirt, for those of you curious as to why it looks like I'm wearing a pseudo futbol jersey.

Yeesh, my hair is long. I always forget how long it is. Anyways, that's how it's gonna work. Every Friday you'll see my face making rather bizarre expressions and I'll be analyzing the behavior of my bangs. They're truly becoming their own personality. It would be more funny if it weren't the major factor in how attractive I feel that day.

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