Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I gave this blog a title...about three hours ago. It's been sitting in my tabs on my web browser during that time while I surfed the net for cute blogger templates to use instead of their boring options and watched Up In The Air. Loved it, for those who are curious. It's not one of those pretentious Indie films, like all of Michael Cera's films (which, I'll admit, I love despite my snide remarks towards its genre). But it's independent enough that it isn't nauseatingly cheerful at the end nor is it super cookie-cutter. The acting was spot-on. And to all those George Clooney nay-sayers (I'm thinking of my own father, here), he did a brilliant job. I'm working on watching more of his films, such as Syriana and Michael Clayton, both of which are in my Netflix queue. I don't think I've actually seen a film where I wished George Clooney wasn't in it. So I have no idea why my father has such a hatred for him...maybe he's jealous of his combination of old age and great hair. I'll never know.

The title of this blog has nothing to do where I'm going with this. I was going to talk about the fact that I stumbled upon some really good fortunes. For one, I have a car. It's a late 90's Honda Civic. Dusty blue in color. 4-door. 6-CD player in the trunk. Broken lock on the driver's side. Cruise control. Power windows and locks. 140k miles. Oh, and did I mention it's a manual? Those of you who know me know that I have been forced to learn stick shift this summer in anticipation that I don't find a car and have to drive around my parent's truck to get around. Well, good thing I learned since the car that I've acquired is a stick. Why not get one without one? Why did I get this particular car? The color. I love dusty blue. It's so...dusty. No. That's not the real reason. It's because it was free. A family in my ward gave it to us. Nice deal, huh? But it has a few things that need repairing, so I'll eventually be paying $700-800 on it. But still, it's a great deal. I just can't go driving around without someone in the passenger seat, otherwise I panic. I need that support system, even if it means enduring criticism. I fear killing the engine and never getting it alive. Blame my parent's truck for that fear. It's happened in that car. *shudder* that's my biggest fear now. I'll take needles over a dead car. But then again, maybe not. Needles are still terrifying.

Good fortune #3 (there wasn't a #2, I was just too lazy to correct my typo and found it amusing that I'd rather write an explanatory sentence than correct myself): I have a second job. My first is at Bob Evan's as a waitress. Yep. I'm back at Bob's. The second was something that literally fell into my lap. Well. Into my ear. It was a phone call from someone who was in my ward previously. Someone at his work broke their ankle and they needed a new employee just for the summer while the person recovered. It's a custodial job at the Mizzou Recreation Center from 9-noon M-F. 15 hours a week. $8 an hour. Not bad, eh? I just had to swallow my pride and deal with the fact that I'd be a janitor for three hours a day. Money is money, though. And I'm not too picky on how I acquire it. So yeah.

Now that I don't need to save money for a car, I'm planning on buying a camcorder. That's my first priority, more so than the repairs on my car. And I have two options: A Sony 80GB HD Handycam Camcorder or a Canon FS300 Flash Memory Camcorder. Here are pictures:

This is the Sony.
This is the Canon.

Pretty, eh? The thing with the Canon is that it's file extension is .MOD. Neither PC nor Mac read that immediately. For PC, you have to convert it to .mpeg whereas for Mac, you really can't do anything. So with the Canon, you're pretty much screwed. That's what I read from my research. Though the official website tells you differently. This is also the cheaper option, and Canon just has a reliable sound to it. The Sony has GREAT reviews and when I went to Best Buy earlier in the week, I loved handling it. It was the perfect size, had nice zoom capabilities. I really liked it. But it's more pricey and doesn't come with accessories, which is annoying. But it's compatible with both PC and Mac, which is a plus, and it has an amazing memory. 80GB built in! That's not including memory card capabilities. Gosh. I loved the camera. I just need to justify the price and it's mine.

Anyways, I'm tired of waiting for this template to download. Stupid .zip files. Do any of you have tips as to getting a pretty template for my rather boring blog? It's not like I NEED it. But it could get me motivated to write in it more. Though I've done pretty well recently. Blame it on the endless free time. I have way too much. All I do is sleep, watch episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Instant Netflix, eat food, play the piano, guitar or violin, and then look up camcorders online (it was cars, but now I have one, why do it?). And on occasion, I venture outside and wish the humidity wasn't so thick. It's only going to get worse from here. Goody.

This blog was productive. I was just killing time while this dumb template downloaded. Now that it's not showing any more progress, I'll leave it here. Thanks for not reading. Or reading. Or glancing. Or whatever it is people do nowadays to blogs.

UPDATE: Obviously, I got a template to work. It took more thinking than I wanted to exert last night, but it was relatively easy to do after a good night's sleep. I might change it since finding cute templates is now my new free-time filler. End update.


Sarah Lambson said...

Yay for all your good fortune!

I hope that once I come home in October I will have just as much (ie I get the next SCA internship that I want and I get a temporary job and my car doesn't die.)

Tamara said...

I like the background place I use. It's clueblogtemplates (or something like that). Go to my blog, and it's on the top left-hand corner. There are TONS, the directions for downloading it are SUPER DUPER easy, and fun to find new ones. Check it out. PS--love the cameras. I'd get a Sony. Sony is a top brand for camcorders...Cannon more so for cameras in my opinion.