Friday, April 16, 2010

This Too Shall Pass

So, my Biology TA, Addison (he's a dude, not a girl, just so you know), introduced me to this video a few months ago and I only just rediscovered it last week and ever since I have, I've been obsessed with it seeing as it really fits my life right now. Too well.

School is literally over. Well, pretty much. There are NO MORE CLASSES. Just finals for 4 more days. And I have taken all but one: New Testament. And boy will that be a beast of a final. Like I've said in the past, Bro.Merrill is such a great guy but his tests are so hard. So I've been studying for that final like crazy with Justyna and this guy who is in the class and in our ward, Alex. And by studying I really mean we studied for an hour, then played frisbee and chatted with our other friend, Ethan, for the next two hours and then went out to eat at the Cocoa Bean (mmmm, cupcakes) and Carls, Jr. But we WILL study harder. Later. Just not when the weather is gorgeous.

Anyways, while all my friends are going home next week, I'm sticking around for another week so that I can work BYU concessions for the Women's Conference. Nothing like staying in Utah longer than necessary just to cater to the needs of old, crazy women without the distractions of attractive men (because there will be very little I am so excited to return to Missouri, though. But today, as I walked around campus (and a rather dead crowd too, because of finals), I realized that there is a lot to be missed in Utah. The mountains, for one. The fact that I can look around me and know that 80% of the people have the same standards as me, and also being able to date as many guys as I want without there being any strings attached. In the LDS world, you can go on a date with someone and it not mean that you want to be in a steady relationship. It's so nice not to have that pressure and to just ENJOY their company, not be committed to them for the rest of your life.

So, I'll enjoy Utah while I pine for Missouri and I know that the moment I'm back home I'll probably miss Utah. The restaurants in particular: Tucanos, Coco Bean, Jamba Juice, Spoon Me (It is a restaurant, not some strange speed dating bar), Cafe Rio, Wallaby's, The Creamery...all of them. And, of course, the dollar theatre that's a stone's throw from where I live. Really, I'll miss how accessible things are and that you can walk 100 yards any direction and find some awesome hang-out. Not that Columbia doesn't have this, it's just that in Provo you know that it's wholesome.

I guess what I'm admitting is that I'll miss this LDS bubble I've immersed myself in for the last 9 months. But I'll be back. Oh yes, I will. Until then, adios, Utah, and hello Missouri!


Tamara said...

Ahhh...I remember the days when you WEREN'T quite so sure if Utah would be the "place for you". I'm so glad you went. Reading your post bring back TONS of memories of why I am SO GLAD I went out west to school. You can totally immerse yourself in so many good things out there, and there are plenty of CHEAP things to do, and creative ways to "hang out". Can't wait to see you.

Sarah Lambson said...

I tell you what, it kinda saddens me, but if I were to go home right now, there isn't a lot I would miss about New Hampshire. Sad, huh? Maybe it's the fact that I haven't seen the state in it's prime.

Anyway, like Tamara, I am glad that you love where you are at in your life. I'm glad that going home to Missouri is soon for you because it means that you're all the closer to coming to visit me!

And it's only for a couple months that you will be away. They will go by fast.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

The music video was delightful. Are these the same guys who did the rube goldberg video???

Kirsti said...

Mom, I don't think so. But I'm not an expert on OK Go's videos...I just know they did this one and the treadmill one.