Monday, March 1, 2010

The Last Week of February

Where did the month go? But at the same time it took forever! It was the fastest, longest short month ever (if that makes any sense). Needless to say, midterms are over and now I'm prepping for pre-final tests and projects, FTX (Field Training Exercise where we play Army for 3 days in the wilderness) at the end of March, activities and concerts, the end of Basketball season for work and the beginning of Rugby and baseball, and the general warming up of the city. This morning while walking to school, I had a wonderful time. I was smiling, looking at the beautiful mountains with the sunlight glistening off the snow and welcoming the pleasantly chilly breeze on my face. It was a GREAT morning. Early this morning, I had my second APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) of the semester.  I set some personal goals: Pushups-36 Situps-45 2mile run-15:30 minutes. Here are the results: Pushups-30 Situps-55 2mile run-17:20. So I didn't meet my pushup and 2 mile goal, but I passed all sections. The minimum pushup requirement is 19, situp is 53 and 2 mile is 18:57. I was talking to a fellow female in the ROTC program and she maxed out situps and pushups: 84 situps and 45 pushups. I want to say those are my new goals, but I have a month and a half to achieve those. So maybe for next semester...

But enough about the APFT and the ROTC in general. You hear me rant about that enough. And I could go on and on and on. What I really wanted to post about was the Harry Potter Dance I went to this past Friday. But first, I will describe how I got my date.

The dance was a part of an entire weekend of Preference dances, meaning that the girls asked the guys to the dance(s). Friday night, there was a Jane Austen themed dance that cost $25 a couple and was really formal, and the Harry Potter dance (only $10 a couple) and less formal, and Saturday night there was the Great Gatsby/1920's dance and was semi-formal and the Dr.Seuss dance which was very casual. I only just realized that the overall theme was literature. Makes sense! Anyways, I was most interested in the Harry Potter dance, though all sounded amazing! But I really just wanted to go to Harry Potter. So I started to think of people I would ask. I had a few prospects in mind until I finally decided to ask a set of twins, taking one for myself and setting up the other on a blind date with my friend. They're in my FHE family and are just really fun to be around. But I didn't want to JUST ask them. It had to be a fun way, like a scavenger hunt. After much deliberation, me and the blind date did a "snitch" hunt: we would wear cut-outs of Golden Snitches on our backs, go around the University Mall at set time, and then the twins would try and find us, not knowing who they were looking for, only that the people had snitches on their backs.
I put the invitation on their door with the time, date, and place as to where they could find their mystery dates. Within the first five minutes of the hunt, we ran straight into them! The mall is a big place and I was sure that we wouldn't be found as soon as that! But there they were and we were in a literal foot race. Me and Lauren (the blind date) ran into Macy's (flat out RAN) and hid in a dressing room area. The twins cornered us and we asked if we could be given a few seconds to get out. They agreed and we left, but they were quick on our heels. Lauren was cornered and captured by one, and so that left me and the other. I quickly got out of Macy's with Bradley on my trail. I ran into Hallmark and hid there until I felt I was safe. We then spent the next 40 minutes moving around the mall, me in one end apparently and Bradley in the other. I would meet up with Lauren and Quintin and the people that got us to the mall and they would tell me they spotted Bradley looking in a completely different wing of the mall. I forgot to mention that if the twins didn't find us within an hour, THEY would buy the tickets. So there was some sense of urgency in finding us before the hour ended. It was now 45 minutes into the chase and I was feeling bad. I hadn't seen Bradley in about 20 minutes and since I DID ask him, I wanted to buy the tickets. So I eventually just stood in the middle of the mall with the rest of the group and when I spotted Bradley, I yelled, flashed my snitch and told him to snag it before it was too late. He did and we all went to get ice cream afterwards. Here we are:

So we asked them and that was that. Friday night came fast and our apartment decided to hold a spaghetti dinner for all our dates: Julia asked a really attractive RM in our ward, and Justyna went with a friend from back home. When the twins came to the apartment, my jaw dropped. They were dressed as Fred and George and they had the costume down! Just look at them:

Yeah. They got the sweaters at Deseret Industries and cut out the letters from old material they found at their grandma's house, and then colored their hair temporarily for the night. They were super adorable and so were the rest of the gang:
So we're a good looking bunch, huh? The Dark Mark is courtesy of Lauren, who was a much better artist than I thought. Good work!

So the dance was tons of fun, though it wasn't any different than a normal dance except that everyone there had a costume of some sort. But afterwards, we had a Triwizard Tournament! This was the brainchild of Mariah and Leigh and their roommates and FHE sisters. The first Challenge, after separating into teams, was to drink an entire pitcher of coolaid one cup at a time:
My team got second in that challenge and then the guys were sent off to the Harris Fine Arts Center to look for the next clue (Eggs in a pond, like from the books, get it?) and we girls went off to the Duck Pond AKA Rape Hill to hide and be found by the boys. My team won that challenge as when we got to the hill they were already there. Good work, team! The last challenge was a dodge ball sort of thing where we got candy eggs and mini reeses and tried to get every other team out. Again, our team got second and the Orange team won  the whole tournament. Barely. Here is the victorious team:
It was a fun night and it's sad that the weekend is over and so is the dance. I hope you all weren't too bored with this uber long post and whatnot. But it was an awesome night that I felt like reliving for the moment. Until next time!