Monday, February 8, 2010

February Mid-Terms

January was a fast month.  I am in the second month of my second semester at BYU.  Back in secondary school (because it was SO LONG AGO...), I would hate this time of the year, which is known as the 3rd Quarter Hump.  I have never had a good 3rd quarter in all my years attending elementary and secondary school.  But since BYU's semesters are short and jam-packed with a ton of things including lots of dances and parties, I'm having a great "3rd quarter" and I am already at mid-terms! MID-TERMS! February is the middle of the term and that's just cray-cray (as Beckie would say).  I've taken my New Testament mid-term and this week I have ROTC Military Science and Biology.  And that's it for mid-terms.  Those are the only 3 classes that have tests because the other 3 classes in my schedule are Physical Training (which have the APFT, but that takes brawn, not knowledge), English (papers only), and Film (watch and analyze movies weekly, no tests).  Military Science could prove to be a bit more difficult seeing as it's information that I've just learned this semester, but Biology right now is a carbon copy of my Genetics class I took my senior year in high school.  So it's repetitive and easy.  

Enough about the semester.  It's boring to talk about school.  Let me tell you about this place I recently discovered: The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe.  Their cupcakes are absolutely delicious and their drinks are amazing: it's owned by a member and so they have drinks that taste like coffee without the actual coffee.  So far I've had their raspberry steamie hot cocoa and their Irish Cream Cocoa Bean (the kind that tastes like coffee).  And the cupcakes I've had so far are the Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake and Hostess with the Mostess.  They have a wide variety of cupcakes that change daily except their Better Than Whatever...cupcake.  And they're made fresh and the workers are really personable and the atmosphere is so quaint.  I might just do all my mid-term studying there, since they have free WiFi.  Oh, and did I tell you it's about a 3 minute walk from Wyview?  That could be detrimental to my physique that I am trying so hard to improve so I pass the APFT and to my wallet, which is low on cash anyways.  But if you ever come to Provo and visit, go to this place.  It's amazing.

Next post: my top 20 movies of the decade. I'll try and be diverse in my decisions but I can't help if a few guilty pleasures slip in there *cough*Wimbledon*cough*.  But I'm coming up with my list slowly and steadily and I might just keep it to 10: 1 from each year just to make it easier on me.  We'll see.

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Peeser said...

That cafe sounds cramazing! (to use some Beckie parlance). However, I'll be honest- why would you want to drink anything that even *tastes* like coffee? Blech! Plain coffee smells gross; I can't imagine it tastes any better. The gourmet coffees smell good, but you can get just about any coffee flavor in the form of flavored hot chocolate, which is always infinitely better... mostly because it does NOT have any coffee flavor.

Well, enjoy your quaint cafe. Good luck the rest of the semester.
Love you!