Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Semester Slump

School has already begun. Before break was really starting to become enjoyable, I was on a plane back to Utah and ready or not another semester at BYU. My schedule is going to look something like this:

Physical Training (ROTC)- 6:00-6:50 am
Biology 100-10:00-10:50 am
New Testament-12:00-12:50 pm
English 150-3:00-3:50 pm

World Dance Technique-8:00-9:20 am (Might be dropping this...)
Military Science 121-10:00-10:50 am
Intro to Film-1:00-2:50 pm

Physical Training-6:00-6:50 am
Biology-10:00-10:50 am
New Testament-12:00-12:50 pm
English-3:00-3:50 pm

World Dance Technique-8:00-9:20 am (Again, might be dropping)
Military Science Lab-1:00-3:50 pm

Physical Training-6:00-6:50 am
Biology-10:00-10:50 am
Intro to Film-1:30-2:50pm
English-3:00-3:50 pm

So, MWF's are looking to be extremely busy. Thursdays will be fun since it's my lab day in which I go around in uniform and do Military things. I'm dropping dance because I don't think I can handle getting up early MWF and two hours later TTH. It's just too much for me. Taking my APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) this morning was enough to tell me that, yeah, having early stuff daily is going to take it's toll on my body. It makes me sad that I won't be able to do it this semester, but, hey, maybe next? I just need to keep my schedule pretty free since I will be doing TONS of fitness. I'm talking going to the weight room daily if I can. I failed the push-ups and sit-ups today and barely got by the 2-mile run with a 16:53. So to show improvement and to prove to myself that I CAN be in the military, I need to train and get bulked up. I'm a little excited for it because I LOVE working out and couldn't find the time last semester for it.

Anyways, academically, this should be an easy semester with New Testament being the only challenging class as I have Merrill again. Love that guy. He made the first half of the Book of Mormon awesome. Biology seems like it will be fun and Justyna (my roomie (to those still behind the 8-ball on the details of my life)) had him last semester and said he's lots of fun and it doesn't need too much note-taking. Just pay attention. Writing, I don't know what to expect as I've changed my class time a total of 3 times in the last 2 days. I still need the add code for the one I want, but I'll attend the class until I can get the teacher to give it to me. But I've heard that it's pretty basic as long as you write the papers. Film is gonna be awesome, I can tell. I love my lecture teacher and the TA I have looks like fun!

So, despite my lack of motivation, this semester is going to be an important one to my future. It's the semester that I apply for my major, Media Arts, and it's the one where I finally see where I stand on this whole joining the Army thing.

NEXT POST: I will be showing pictures of both my standard uniform and my PT (physical training) uniform. I get my standard today at 2:00 pm. Funsies!

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Tamara said...

WOWZERS, girl!!! You really have a trunk-load of items going on this semester! I remember having horrid schedules like yours...with 2-3 hours in between each class, and wondering what to do w/ my time:
(a)walk all the way home (in below freezing weather)? - NOPE!
(b)go to the library to study (or rather take a nap)? OCCASIONALLY!
(c)get some food? ALWAYS!
(d)visit a friend? DEPENDS!
(e)go to the gym? SOMETIMES!
(f) do homework? ALWAYS room for this!

So have fun this semester weighing all of your options. This one really is going to determine what you do in life, it seems. Keep up the good grades, study hard, keep praying, be good, and know that we are all rooting for you!