Saturday, January 9, 2010

The First Week

The first week of school is over. Wow. I didn't think I would survive. My schedule is slightly revised in the sense that I did drop World Dance and will probably take it next semester if I can fit it. English IS on Mondays, finally, at the time I want it to be. So Tuesdays and Thursdays are AWESOME! Especially Thursdays, in which all I have is ROTC Leadership Lab for a few hours. Fridays I can manage because there's a nice cushy break between Bio lab and my Film lab and I went to my English class for the first time yesterday and even though it seems like it will be a lot of work, it will be a lot of fun. But I have lots of make-up work from the two days I missed. Yuck. I'm not ready to do work just yet. But I have to read the Four Gospels in the New Testament in two weeks for Merrill, write up a one-page paper on a movie I couldn't see for Film, learn some Bio terms for my Blackboard quiz on Monday, do some more readings for those classes, and then make sure my body isn't too sore for PT Monday. Ugh. Lots to do.

That's a summary of the work I've had to do. On top of that, I got all my ROTC uniforms and gear and, let me tell you, it's intense. For the Opening Social on Thursday, I was to wear my ACU's (the camo uniform) and there were all these Velcro patches I had to wear and I had no idea what I was doing. I am very appreciative of all the cadets around me who are more than willing to help out. When I arrived, about two MSIII's (Military Science 300 students) come up and help me with my patches and they also directed me to my squad leader and platoon sergeant. Unfortunately, my squad leader is going to be changing in the next two weeks, so I need to memorize a whole new face and go to a whole new person if I have questions. Anyways, I'm getting off track a bit. The Opening Social was really awesome as we got to eat some good food, learn some more about the branches in the National Guard (if we want to be in the National Guard, that is...), and in general I got to know my squad a little more and started to put names to faces. And then we sat through an awards ceremony that lasted 15 minutes (yay brevity!) and then we went outside to do Drill and Ceremony, which is pretty much the marching stuff that most people associate with soldiers. Since I and all the other new MSI's (Military Science 100 students, of course) didn't know what that entailed, we were instructed by two of the MSIV's (Military Science 400 students. Duh.) on how to properly stand at attention, parade stance, at ease, and how to salute as well as changing the direction you're facing (right face, left face, about face...). Then we marched and were taught some cadences. I wish I could remember some of them, they were pretty catchy. I'll have them known by the end of the semester, probably, though apparently drill and ceremony isn't as necessary in the ROTC anymore.

Here I am in my ACU's (A little strange looking as I was trying not to laugh since Justyna was taking the picture and just woke up from a nap. She was a little loopy.)

Okay, so the last picture is even more bizarre. But again, I was in a strange mood. And REALLY SORE from the day before. I took my APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) Wednesday at 5:30 in the morning and it went...horribly. So I'm not so much in pain anymore since I've stretched and done a little more working out since. But nonetheless, it was awful.

Eventually, you'll see my PT uniform. I'm just never in it when people are awake to get the picture. So I might attempt to get it by myself one morning. And then when I wear my formal uniform, I'll be sure to get a documentation of that too. But for now, that's my camo. And I get to keep the boots! YAY! (I'm being slightly sarcastic...)

PS I'm not supposed to be wearing my hat indoors. But I felt it was appropriate to wear it for the picture. Just don't tell the Cadre. Deal?


Peeser said...

Funsies! I just love how in the first picture you're trying to look so serious when it is obvious you are about to bust up laughing! Seriously, though, I think this is impressive, you doing this ROTC thing- I'm proud of you! (Can't wait to see you in your dress uniform!)

Emily S. said...

Wild to see you in such a different way!! Love you, miss you!!

Sarah Lambson said...

I can't tell you how weird it is to see you in that uniform!

Anyway, I miss our skype conversations.

Maybe we can work on a scheduled time or something.