Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Indeed it is. Both outside and inside my apartment! Today we finished decorating for the final week we'll be at Wyview in the year of 2009 and I must say it looks pretty festive.  Both Justyna and myself feel really proud of our work. Not only did we decorate, but we rearranged our living room into a different style, and so far it's our favorite way! Here are some pictures to show you all the snow we've gotten and the decorations:

That's our Advent Calendar that's hanging in such a way that the moment you walk into our apartment you see it facing you. And then our tiny Christmas tree that is no longer on the wooden stand it was nailed to at first. This week, it fell off and now it leans against the wall and looks pathetic.  It was only $14 so I don't feel like I've wasted any money.

The first picture are the lights hanging in our living room above our windows. The room, now with lights and our little tree, is our Christmas room for the week we'll be living here until next semester. And then the last pictures are of the outside...sorta. The first one I thought was neat because I got the light to overexpose the picture, which is hard to do on my digital since it corrects all mistakes. And then that was a tree covered in ice that I noticed outside of the creamery while I was walking to the LDS Motion Picture Studio. It was awesome so I got a picture. Here are some more nature shots:

So the first one is of the view outside my window.  It was snowing really hard Monday and got a lot of shots outside my window.  The next is of my poor bike smothered in snow.  Most of the bikes were like this: abandoned because of the snow.  It's dangerous riding in snow! Especially snow turned into ice from all the feet trampling it.  Speaking of feet, the next picture is of my boots covered in snow. Lovely, huh? And then a view outside my front window of the spruce-y like thing outside of it. I love the look of snow on evergreens. BEAUTIFUL!

Anyways, that's my apartment. Outside and in. I have 8 days until I'm home for the Holidays and all classes are over.  All I need to do is survive finals. Wish me luck!

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Peeser said...

I love how you call those last shots "nature" shots- like seeing bicycles in their natural habitat, or a close-up of wild boots or something like that ;) Simply calling them "snow" shots would probably be more accurate, but you were coming to the end of a semester where you should only have to do as much thinking as is absolutely necessary- thus, you are excused... (and I agree, glistening white snow on evergreens is simply beautiful! Referring to one of Tamara's old posts, if I were to choose Christmas colors besides green and red, I would choose green and white or green and silver (or all three)).