Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Blues

Not to put a downer on anyones mood, but this is the first time I've spent Thanksgiving away from my immediate family. I'm here, in Provo, UT awaiting my relatives to pick me up for their festivities and I'm listening to Carpenters Christmas music since that's a tradition in my home: listening to Carpenters while decorating the Christmas tree or eating Thanksgiving food, or really anytime during the holidays. I can hardly wait until I'm home for the Holidays, but I have a mountain of things to get over first (and I have to fly over some mountains as well...). I have an essay, research paper, test, dance review, film project, extra credit, and archaeology homework to accomplish before finals week. And then it's finals...oh boy. I hope I survive the next three weeks, because if I do, then I'll be home in Missouri with my family and friends and the familiarity that I sometimes miss so much I dream about the house and my former high school and about the pets I left.
But to lighten the mood, here is what I'm thankful for: being accepted to BYU, the friendships I have back in Missouri and the ones I'm making here in Utah, extended family, the gospel of Jesus Christ and my testimony, having a temple really close by, cheap food, the dollar theatre, my professors, the job I have at BYU concessions, my bike, my laptop, the phone calls I get from family and the letters and care-packages as well(THEY MEAN SO MUCH!), Netflix, my Harry Potter books, other mail and letters from friends, hulu (for TV shows, of course), my iTunes music, sleep, my memories of past holidays that make me laugh and smile, friends with cars, chocolate, family traditions, my roommates and Missouri friends out here, my quilt that I can curl up with, my tea kettle, toast, and, of course, the world.
So, as you can see, I am very thankful for many things. And especially since I'm as close to being broke than I've ever been (I literally have $24 in my account as we speak. That's it.) I appreciate things more than ever and the things that don't cost money like friendship and laughter and love. Or free samples (yum!). I love you all, I love being here (even though I'm moping about it), and I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

P.S. Next post will have pictures of some adventures I've had. And it will be more entertaining than this piece of depressing literature.

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