Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Tale of the Orange Blob

No, it's not some lame "made for TV" sci-fi horror flick involving orange goo that attacks unsuspecting people or animals. It's actually mine and Justyna's first failed attempt at making Orange Rice Crispy Treats. Orange, because it was Halloween. Justyna called both her mom and her sister to get pointers on what would work the best as far as making them. Her sister, who has more experience in the matter, told us that microwaving the butter and marshmallows would work the best. So we put the marshmallows and butter in the bowl and microwaved it. More like nuked it. Our microwave is especially powerful and the time that the recipe called for was much to long for our super-microwave. Also, we used table margarine, which is softer than the real stuff and doesn't do what's necessary in baking. So, we put the dye into the liquid and stirred and hoped for it to thicken, like it said in the recipe. It never did. So we accepted defeat, went to the Creamery again and bought real margarine and more marshmallows and tried again, not using the microwave. It worked, but we forgot to dispose of the orange liquid.

That night, after all our partying and doing Halloween activities, I go to the kitchen to clean up the mess we made earlier. I get a spoon and take the bowl of orange stuff to the trashcan to scrape it into the trashcan. But it didn't move. It was stuck on the spoon. After pulling for a few minutes, it all came out in one piece and stuck to the spoon like putty or Flubber. I laugh, go to my room to show Justyna and we just snicker, poke it, taste it (tasted like marshmallow, go figure), and took pictures with it. It was such an amazing creation that we put it in a Ziploc bag and it's there sitting on our counter, being gooey and totally awesome!

So our catastrophe turned into one amazing little science experiment! So it goes to show that our mistakes can sometimes turn into something amazing if you wait long enough (yes, I had to make it into an allegory of some sort).

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Emily S. said...

oh this made me giggle. NICE WORK! Weird!