Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wow, is it Halloween already? Have I really survived Utah For 3 months?! November is tomorrow and I don't know what to think. Because in three weeks it's Thanksgiving and four weeks after that is Christmas and the semester is over and I'm flying home for the measly 2 weeks that BYU considers a break. Really? 2 weeks? That's not enough time for us college kids to do all that we want to do after being away for so long. I think I'm going to make a chart of the time I have available during those twoweeks and people can sign up for that time.

So, what have I been doing this past month? Well, apart from midterms, absolutely nothing. I've gotten numerous care-packages from a lot of siblings and it's been amazing! Every time I see mail, or a package from back home, I do a little dance (not even kidding). Justyna, my roomie, gives me envious glares from across the room when I get such things, but she gets her fair share of mail and she's even had a friend visit from Minnesota for a weekend, which I haven't had the pleasure to have yet. Let me just post the "Best Of" pictures of the care-packages:

So, I'm very appreciative of all the care-packages and if I kept up with my blog I could've given each their own post since I went crazy with pictures every time and have some good ones with me with some of the objects. I'm very grateful for the food, stationary, entertainment (SCRUBS!), and music and also the hand sanitizers and tissues which help me avoid swine flu. These are definitely luxuries I can't afford myself since I'm a poor college student with a very volatile job that doesn't give me nearly enough money I need to support myself without aid. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me along the way with phone calls, letters, packages, or even a little facebook message or comment that lets me know I'm not forgotten and abandoned in Utah with all these Mormons.

Love you all!


Emily S. said...

LOVE you! Glad the Happy Mail is sustaining you... I am so proud of you!!

Peeser said...

Wow! Two posts in two days- how did we get such an honor? :) I'm glad you are well taken care of by all of us- I suppose that is yet another advantage to being the youngest of seven- we have all been there and done that; we know what it's like to be the starving and poor freshman, and so we are doing our best to pamper you so you don't have to suffer so much, haha...
I'm glad you're surviving classes and mid-terms and we'll really miss you at Thanksgiving, but we'll just count down the days until we get to see you at Christmas! (I call first dibs on your free-time calendar, lol!)

Love you!