Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"You remind me of a babe..."

I'm following Sarah's lead of naming blog entries after song lyrics. And I felt this was appropriate since I reference David Bowie later on.

So, lets start out and say that class is going fine. Homework is still crazy ridiculous and I'm still not wanting to do it. Oh, and the game was HORRIBLE (lost 28-54) and working it was pretty fun and it felt good to make money after roughly 2 months of not doing so.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure I mentioned breaking my window on this blog. If not, well, I did. About three weeks ago. It was because of this monster bouncy ball that Justyna owns. If you don't believe me when I say "monster" take a look at this:It's HUGE. The size of a softball with the weight of a newborn baby (roughly 7ish pounds). It's a BEAST.
I was chatting with my friend on the phone and playing with this bouncy ball. The glitter inside is so much fun to shake around and the only way it moves is if you shake it and bounce it. So that's what I was doing. Bouncing the giant sparkle ball (I feel like David Bowie in Labyrinth every time I play with this ball!). And I bounce it particularly hard and it bounces once on the ground, bounces again and in slow motion I watch as it sails towards the front window in my apartment and know that it's gonna do something awful. And then the window SHATTERS. Literally shatters. I stop, tell my friend I did something stupid and hang up. It takes about ten minutes for it to sink in: I haven't even been living in the apartment a MONTH and I broke a window. The rest of the night was spent in complete despair. Here's the damage:

Yep. That's the damage. I only broke the first pane of glass and it didn't shatter through to the other side, as you can see. But I've never broken anything like this before. So it was really traumatizing for me! I called Juli and she kept me distracted for the most part and thankfully after that my friends came to the rescue and we watched a movie to get my mind off of things.

The window has since been replaced, and I don't know the cost. They didn't tell me. But that ball is the DEVIL. And I know now that it is capable of destroying lots of things and it should be banished. But it's not. It's sitting on my bed right now. Since I was playing with it. Guess I didn't really learn my lesson.

I was going to post about the two care-packages I got in the last week or so, but this is already lengthy and I should be reading up on US History for my 2.5 hour class tomorrow night (DEATH).


Sarah Lambson said...

So I know that my comment is late, but DANG!

That really sucks. I'm sure you are over it by now. But I'm sure it will be okay. It can't cost TOO much...right?

Anyway, all I have left to say to you is "Dance magic, Dance".

Julina said...

Did you know that all that ball stuff wasn't trick photography. Well, it was in the sense that it wasn't David's hands... but it was a real juggler guy hiding behind him, and he really was manipulating that ball around on his fingers back and forth like that. Kinda cool ;-)

(that's why I watch the DVD extras - I'm addicted to that sort of trivia!)