Friday, September 11, 2009

End of Week 2

Okay, so it's the end of my second week of school. This week is slightly more manageable than last week. I feel like I can grasp the homework load if I just manage my time accordingly. Of course, I have to read "The Jungle" in two weeks (25ish pages a day!) and also study in-depth every single religion east of the US and not to mention know the first half of the Book of Mormon like the back of my hand. But I finally have discovered that if I do all that needs to be done during the day, the nights are free for fun and games with my friends.

So, anyways, right now school isn't worrying me. It's my financial crisis, which has always been a perpetual fear since I came out here to Utah. But now it's even more apparent. I'm only working 2 football games this month and the Red Lobster interview I had last week was all for nothing: no open slots, so no job. I have to pay for food, a broken window, and housing by next month and I have no money to my name except a short-term loan I'm supposed to pay off by November and about $80 (not counting the money I'm expecting from my job as a concessions worker). I'm trying to have the optimistic and long-term views I had a few weeks ago about my situation, but it's slowly ebbing away as the need for money is starting to shove itself in my face.

I still have options: I haven't applied to places around Wyview like that Jamba Juice, Denny's, and there's a TGI Fridays pretty close. But since it's near Wyview, I have a feeling that they're already full. But it's worth a shot, especially since I'm out of options. I'm so out of options now that I'm even considering donating plasma and a kidney, and you all know how much I HATE needles. But if my situation is THAT desperate, I will do it, even if I take down a few nurses with me in the process.

The purpose of this post is not to ask for hand-outs. I'm a Lambson and we're too prideful to ask for such things (or at least, I am). I'm only asking for prayers, fastings, anything that you can do spiritually that will uplift me during this hard time. I know this isn't as hard as a lot of other things and that my situation could be worse as in I could be living on the streets or something like that, but it's still a burden to me that it's taking the joy out of my college experience. I wish I could say concessions will be enough. And maybe it will, maybe that's why I haven't gotten a job yet. The Lord is telling me through these rejections that working concessions will be just the work I need to live these next few months. But that isn't reason enough to stop looking and searching.

Well, sorry for a boring post again. I swear the next time I blog it will be slightly more interesting.

P.S. I totally saw JJ Haines from Vocal Point, the famous A Capella group at BYU, at the library. I would've said hi to him if he weren't studying and listening to his iPod whilst doing so. I giggled, though, after I was out of sight.He's the one next to Naomi, the girl in the brown shirt, making a pursed-lip face. Holy crap, he was my FAVORITE in the group, and totally adorable. The only difference from then (2007) and now is that he was wearing different clothes and looked very serious and studious. Oh man, I'm gonna love going to BYU.


Tamara said...

Kirsti, oh heart & prayers are going out to you RIGHT NOW! I know it's tough...but as you say, trust in the Lord and he will direct you. Everything you are experiencing has a purpose, that is true. But, don't expect him to give it to you on a silver platter...don't leave ANY place w/o asking for an application, and apply to as MANY places as you can. If you are doing all you can, he will in turn bless you. I know the first year is tough, but it will be worth it in the long run, I just know it! So jealous....

Just keep your head above water and keep paddling. We love you, miss you, and wish you well.

Emily S. said...

I am grateful for your updates and your honesty and the fact that you are truly working on being HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE in the middle of your stresses. You are in my prayers. I wish for you a HUGE push in motivation and hunting. Best of luck, my friend!

Our Ohana said...

I hope you are able to find a job quick! I am sure things are stressful in a college town. But, something will come along just when you need it most! hang in there!!

AND ... how fun about Vocal Point!!! I am friends with two former (maybe one current?) Vocal Point members and they are AMAZING! ;) I sung in choir with Ryan Innes and Jordan Keith while I was at college!!