Friday, August 28, 2009

The Care Packages

Since I've been here, I've gotten two care-packages: one from my mom who sent it out with Mariah when she moved out here to Utah. And the other from my sister, Sarah, who was sending me out some of her DVDs anyways and decided to make it a bit more than just that.

Here are the highlights of my mom's package/tub:
Here are the highlights of Sarah's care package:

So that's about it. Half the chocolate is gone and I've watched one DVD since I got Sarah's care package yesterday. Mom's was very appreciated because it contained a lot of things that I need for the coming year.
I'm working on writing letters to various individuals and am very excited to correspond to individuals via snail mail. Anyone that wants to send things to me, please do! If you don't have my address, email me (If I know you, you know my email so I won't be posting it here).


Peeser said...

Yeah, so I'm a little behind on the care-package bandwagon. I do plan to have one sent by the end of September. If you have any special requests, let me know now (rather than later, when it might be too late). Also, I am assuming (which is dangerous, I know) that you have a kitchen, right? Do you have any color schemes in your kitchen or bedroom or bathroom? Or is it just a hodge-podge of colors because you live with several other girls...? I hope you have a great week of classes this week! Take care! :)

Sarah Lambson said...

Those pictures are great.

Thanks for the letter! It made me happy.

Miss you!