Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Other Side

As of right now, I am officially a graduate of David H. Hickman High School. It's been a long journey but my public education is over and I will soon be venturing into the world of expensive and purposeful education.

Although doing all the senior-like things was really involved and exhausting, I think I'll appreciate it in the long run. But I also didn't do a lot of the senior things like the picnic and the all-night party. But I did do prom, memories assembly, mud volleyball, baccalaureate, etc. And, of course, commencement. The actual graduating ceremony was only 2 hours long, which was 3 hours short of how long I thought it was going to be. So all in all I was pleasantly surprised. Though I still stand by the belief that they should just give you your diploma and if your parents want to make it a big shebang, they can go right ahead and do that and spare those who are okay with the diploma from hours and hours of torture.

Anyways, so let me give you a play by play of the certain activities I've participated in:


I'd upload more, but there are a TON, but you get the gist. It was a really nice day and ended up being a nice night. After the general dance (we left early actually), we went cosmic bowling. Yes, I was in my dress whilst playing. It was AWESOME! There was music playing, so really it was like a branch off from prom but better since we were bowling. I went with Peter and found myself really enjoying the night. He's an energetic person so I was never bored. (If you were curious, violin protege Josh Yoon won prom king and my childhood friend Laura Miller won prom queen: two orchestra people and the only hickman musicians in the running!)


Again, I have more pictures, but why post all of them here? That's me with one of my best friends, Kelsey. The actual ceremony ended up being only 20-30 minutes. It was short, sweet, and I spent the rest of my time there hanging with my friends. Overall, a nice evening. Though this was the day AFTER prom. I have no idea who planned that out, but it was really silly. Most of us were still pretty tired from the night before. Prom should've been earlier in my opinion. Better that weekend though, than on the 22nd, which was Rock Bridge's prom. Silly school.

So then I had to endure another week after that day of studying for my TWO finals and completing final projects. I had SO MANY that week: a writing folder (100+ pages organized into sections of writing), a writing portfolio (this containted my 20+ page screenplay and my commentary), a genetics test and final, my cooking show in creative cuisine, a math experiment that me and Amanda (another best friend) came up with and executed and a presentation worth 100 points (got a 91!), directing my musical selections in MP3, and other numerous small assignments. Yowza. I'm still amazed I survived. Oh yeah, I also had the Variety Show in which I sung "Giants in the Sky" and "Your Fault" from Into the Woods and then other selections from "Li'l Abner". I guess I did okay but the best song was "Astonishing" sung by my friend Sarah (its from the musical "Little Women"). The next day I never cried so much in my entire life. Although it was the last day of school, and it should be seen as a day of rejoicing, I am really going to miss Charlie, my junior friend who I've known since Junior high. Just looking at him made me bust out in tears. Not to mention my sophomore friends like Cyrus and Cooper who were also there at the last hour making my cry. Even though I hate Li'l Abner as a plotline, I've made ties with so many people that I will never forget. Part of me hopes I won't lose those ties. But my realistic part knows that I probably will with most of them.

The weekend was spent in peace knowing I was done with school. But memorial day definitely is something to remember: mom bought me a laptop! Here it is!

It's a compaq and was only roughly $400 after rebates and the works. This is my graduation gift and all my siblings (*ahem* I hope ALL) will help me pay for it. Whatever I can't get from them I pay with my own pocket money. Anyways, that's how I'm updating my blog right now, on this laptop which has done me well the past week. I'm still working on personalizing it with music, pictures, things like that, but it's awesome!

So I have nothing else to really post. Except that NADAL LOST today! YES! In your face! Now I'm hoping for a final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer. Or (pushing my luck here) Andy Roddick and Andy Murray. Roddick would win in my fantasy match, but I think Federer is gonna win it all, making a career grand slam. Yay!

Sorry I suck at updating. But I hope that the fact I have summer now and a laptop means I'll be better at updating.


Sarah Lambson said...

way to finally post. You are definitely going to have to keep us more updated once you are in Utah.

Sorry again for not being at graduation. But does going out to Utah with you make up for it?

Kirsti said...

Nope. But it's okay. I hope to make you feel guilty the rest of your life.

Emily S. said...

Also so glad to get some posts from you.... Love the updates! And the pics... wow, you are foxy!