Sunday, March 8, 2009

Such is the life of a Senior

Is it really middle of second semester? It's crazy to think about it since my last post came from the end of the first semester and I promised I would be more regular with the blog. But I've been swamped from directing the school play, The Good Doctor, to playing a desperate wife in Li'l Abner (which ended this weekend. Very bittersweet) and trying to keep up with school work and making money for mine and Sarah's road trip expedition this spring break. So its been a bit insane, though its no excuse not to keep up with a blog.

The past month or so, though, I've been busy thinking and contemplating the biggest decision of my senior year: what college to go to. I've been accepted to both schools I applied to: University of Missouri-St. Louis and Brigham Young University. Both are really good schools but there are crucial differences such as living in a spiritual atmosphere as opposed to a normal college one and the traveling difference going from 2 hours to home to roughly 22 hours. So I have about a week or so to make my FINAL decision since BYU gives 30 days from the point they tell you if you were accepted or not. Depending on the day, I'll tell someone if I'm going to UM-SL or BYU so you won't really know until a week or so from now. At the moment, I'm leaning towards BYU but UM-SL is definitely the safe-way out, though not a bad decision. So taking the advice of wise siblings, I'm going to make a pro's and con's list of both schools:

pro's: the gospel would be in every aspect of my education, my peers would be ( for the most part) wholesome and good examples to me, I would grow close to relatives and possibly do geneology with my grandma and get her life story, and I'd be out there with some church friends who also were accepted.

con's: distance keeps me from my family for long stretches of time, I wouldn't be close to other friends of mine who would be staying in or near Columbia, if I wanted to go home, it'd be a big financial issue, finding a job in a SMALL college town, and the whole deal with hauling my things THAT far. It seems nearly impossible, and then (I hate admitting this) the suffocating feeling that the gospel is being spoon-fed to me in every class, in every activity, that soon the feelings I feel when I do participate in gospel things will grow dull and I won't be able to distinguish between normal and euphoric. It doesn't sound bad, but there must be opposition in all things...

pro's: close to home, I've heard the english/creative writing program is really good, I'd be near siblings and friends still in Columbia, the dorms are REALLY nice, I could transfer to a Bob Evans in the area and finding another job would be easier, I know more about the school since I've been on a college visit so I know what to expect and the atmosphere, it is pretty cheap (I think it might even be cheaper than BYU), and I LOVE St. Louis as a city.

con's: the closest institute building is about half an hour from campus, there are more opportunities to be tempted, I'd be alone as far as peers since I wouldn't know anyone else out there, the programs aren't quite what I want if I wanted to do directing/theatre in any way, shape or form.

So there are my lists. When it comes to family ties and friends, UM-SL is definitely the school I'd go to, but if I wanted to be in a wholesome environment and get a really great education, BYU would be my school. If only I wasn't so attached or if I didn't care about my atmosphere. It'd be easier if I was accepted at only one school and not the other, then my decision would be made already. Nonetheless, it's hard, being a senior. Not to mention the senioritis which causes me to not just complain about assignments, but I also just don't DO them. I fear for my AP Statistics grade, which is quickly declining. I already have a low B- and if I get a C in there, I'll be mortified (I've only ever gotten A's and B's on my semester grades).

I'm sorry I suck (STINK!) at updating, but it's not because I don't want you all knowing about my life, it's my senioritis. But my schedule is almost completely clear, I just have One Acts and senior stuff.

P.S. Emily, TOMORROW I WILL BE ORDERING SENIOR PICS! Beckie will make sure of it.

P.P.S. Joe, if you read this, the fall show at Hickman next year is Kiss Me Kate. Bring any memories?


Sarah Lambson said...

Blah! I would hate to be in your situation. I knew what school I was attending pretty much at the beginning of my senior year. I HATE having to make hard decisions.

On the one hand, you could go to a school close to home and family in a city you love. On the other hand you could begin your adventure in a whole other state! You would know some people going there and you have family out there too!

It's such a hard decision. I'm not sure if I could make it. Anyway, don't worry too much about the road trip. I don't want that adding to your stress.

Have an awesome Monday!

Peeser said...

Think of it this way. If you end up not liking the school you choose, you could probably transfer to the one you didn't originally choose. Heck, I transferred several times, and now look where I am (ignore the fact that I am back in school, as in college, trying to finish the degree I started ;)
The good news is that, if you do transfer to the school you did NOT originally pick, colleges usually don't hold grudges (mostly because they just want your money).

Good luck with the decision making. Yes, there are disadvantages to each one, but overall, I'd say it's a win/win situation. (Oh, and at BYU, having a general authority speak at your graduation is pretty cool!)

Emily S. said...

nice senior pic order. Ahem.

And I agree-- it IS a toughie. SO tough.

But short-term vs. long term? I'd say BYU has it, HANDS DOWN.

The short-term comfort of ppl. close to home.... versus the long-term benefits of a HUGE growth experience, HUGE spiritual feast, PERFECT major options.... Just seems to make sense, ya know?

Anyhoo... My 2 cents.

Love you!