Monday, March 16, 2009

SPRING BREAK...almost.

I've broken a new record. 3 posts in two WEEKS?! Holy crap, Kirsten, is there anything you can't do? Actually there is plenty, but that will be saved for another blog entry. In the meantime, it's the week before spring break and I can't help but anticipate the activities me and Sarah have planned out extensively. For our spring break, we are traveling down to good ol' Tennessee and exploring the sites around the state, ending and adventuring for a few days in the Great Smoky Mountains.
Looks peaceful, don't it? There's something wild and uncharted about camping in an area that I'm not familiar with. I can't help but think about Bear Grylls and his adventures in Man vs. Wild. Mmmm, I love Bear. Anyways, we're planning on trekking the first day down through the boot of Missouri and into Memphis where we'll see the sites around the city and spend the night. On Tuesday, we'll travel during the day to Nashville and again go site seeing and spend the night in Nashville. On Wednesday, we were planning on going right to The Great Smoky Mountains, but yesterday I discovered that a favorite band of mine, Rocco DeLuca and the Burden, is performing that night in Nashville and I thought it would be AWESOME if we got to see them since they weren't planning on touring anywhere near Columbia. We've yet to decide on that(we should probably do that soon...), but if we don't we'll go to the GSM and set up camp. The next few days will be spent enjoying the great outdoors and exploring the trails and even going horseback-riding which only costs $25 an hour for a guided ride. Not bad, if I say so myself. We'll probably leave Saturday morning so that we can be back in Columbia by Saturday evening, just in time to relax a day more and enjoy lazy Sundays.

Oh, did I mention that we planned it so that the hotels were pet friendly? Yes, we are bringing Maximus Charles along for the ride. I felt that since he would be home alone with Dad all week, I figured that it would be best if he traveled along with us. We hope it works well, but that also means we must cater to the needs of a hyperactive toy poodle.

So that's whats got my all hyped up this week. I've never done anything like this before. So let's hope this week goes by REALLY fast so that I can be on my merry way down to Tennessee, soaking up the atmosphere and surroundings.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I had an enlightening talk with a few people this week regarding my previous blog post. One was with my best friend, Sara, and the other was with my brother, Steven. I was at my One-Acts festival yesterday when I expressed my stress about college and that I can't fully calm down until I buckle down and decide which to go to. Sara asked me the pros and cons of both schools (she's not a reader of my blog). I told her the gist of the lists and told her what I was considering: going to UM-SL for a year and then transferring out to BYU. I said that I wanted to take baby steps since going right out to BYU would be terrifying. Sara, as most of you don't know, is going to Turkey for a year starting this August through the Rotary program. So she knows better than anyone else the fears of leaving home. Kelsey, another one of my friends who was in the conversation, said she was planning on doing something like that as well. But Sara was the one to shoot down the idea. She said that it would be harder to leave home if I went to UM-SL for a year. She said that going out far first and then coming home is much better because its better to go cold turkey than taking steps, otherwise it'll be harder to leave. She used the fact that she's going to Turkey as an example. Once she's been to Turkey, going to college closer though not exactly at home will be much easier since she's been extremely far away for an extended period of time and knows at that point that it is possible to do it.
Although I didn't necessarily want to hear this, I knew what she was coming from and I respect her opinion and took it for thought.
Later that afternoon, my brother calls me. He left a mesage on my phone the previous night during work stating that I should go to BYU. Unlike my other siblings (exception maybe Emily, though she hasn't called me and shouted "GO TO BYU", but close enough), Steven is the first to actually tell me where I should go. Maybe everyone else is afraid of swaying me one direction or the other or because they really don't have an opinion, I was really appreciative of Steven to come out and state what he thought. Of course, the scaredy cat in me was hoping he would say UM-SL for the sake of my comfort zone, but he said BYU. I allowed him to argue his point and listened. He made some really valid points and I had to agree with him. The conversation was short lived since he had things to do and I had other things that needed to get done before work, but it stuck in my mind for the remainder of the day. In a matter of a few hours, I had two very wonderful people argue logically in favor of the farther of the two schools.
So without further ado, I've decided that I will be attending BYU starting the fall-winter '09 semester. Condolences, congradulations, or a pat on the back will be nice in the next few weeks and I will definitely need some help moving out there when the time comes. It wasn't an easy decision, but I know that the Lord will provide for me and won't lead me astray.
Thank you all for being patient. I hate making big decisions, but it's a relief to finally have it made.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Such is the life of a Senior

Is it really middle of second semester? It's crazy to think about it since my last post came from the end of the first semester and I promised I would be more regular with the blog. But I've been swamped from directing the school play, The Good Doctor, to playing a desperate wife in Li'l Abner (which ended this weekend. Very bittersweet) and trying to keep up with school work and making money for mine and Sarah's road trip expedition this spring break. So its been a bit insane, though its no excuse not to keep up with a blog.

The past month or so, though, I've been busy thinking and contemplating the biggest decision of my senior year: what college to go to. I've been accepted to both schools I applied to: University of Missouri-St. Louis and Brigham Young University. Both are really good schools but there are crucial differences such as living in a spiritual atmosphere as opposed to a normal college one and the traveling difference going from 2 hours to home to roughly 22 hours. So I have about a week or so to make my FINAL decision since BYU gives 30 days from the point they tell you if you were accepted or not. Depending on the day, I'll tell someone if I'm going to UM-SL or BYU so you won't really know until a week or so from now. At the moment, I'm leaning towards BYU but UM-SL is definitely the safe-way out, though not a bad decision. So taking the advice of wise siblings, I'm going to make a pro's and con's list of both schools:

pro's: the gospel would be in every aspect of my education, my peers would be ( for the most part) wholesome and good examples to me, I would grow close to relatives and possibly do geneology with my grandma and get her life story, and I'd be out there with some church friends who also were accepted.

con's: distance keeps me from my family for long stretches of time, I wouldn't be close to other friends of mine who would be staying in or near Columbia, if I wanted to go home, it'd be a big financial issue, finding a job in a SMALL college town, and the whole deal with hauling my things THAT far. It seems nearly impossible, and then (I hate admitting this) the suffocating feeling that the gospel is being spoon-fed to me in every class, in every activity, that soon the feelings I feel when I do participate in gospel things will grow dull and I won't be able to distinguish between normal and euphoric. It doesn't sound bad, but there must be opposition in all things...

pro's: close to home, I've heard the english/creative writing program is really good, I'd be near siblings and friends still in Columbia, the dorms are REALLY nice, I could transfer to a Bob Evans in the area and finding another job would be easier, I know more about the school since I've been on a college visit so I know what to expect and the atmosphere, it is pretty cheap (I think it might even be cheaper than BYU), and I LOVE St. Louis as a city.

con's: the closest institute building is about half an hour from campus, there are more opportunities to be tempted, I'd be alone as far as peers since I wouldn't know anyone else out there, the programs aren't quite what I want if I wanted to do directing/theatre in any way, shape or form.

So there are my lists. When it comes to family ties and friends, UM-SL is definitely the school I'd go to, but if I wanted to be in a wholesome environment and get a really great education, BYU would be my school. If only I wasn't so attached or if I didn't care about my atmosphere. It'd be easier if I was accepted at only one school and not the other, then my decision would be made already. Nonetheless, it's hard, being a senior. Not to mention the senioritis which causes me to not just complain about assignments, but I also just don't DO them. I fear for my AP Statistics grade, which is quickly declining. I already have a low B- and if I get a C in there, I'll be mortified (I've only ever gotten A's and B's on my semester grades).

I'm sorry I suck (STINK!) at updating, but it's not because I don't want you all knowing about my life, it's my senioritis. But my schedule is almost completely clear, I just have One Acts and senior stuff.

P.S. Emily, TOMORROW I WILL BE ORDERING SENIOR PICS! Beckie will make sure of it.

P.P.S. Joe, if you read this, the fall show at Hickman next year is Kiss Me Kate. Bring any memories?