Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ups and Downs of Life

My title is soooo cliche. Get over it.

I will highlight my week, as usual. There are only small things I remember, none of them LIFE-ALTERING moments, but all of them stand out for some strange reason. There probably is a connection and if any of you feel so inclined as to tell me this connection as you read, please do so.

Oh, and a special shout-out to those who recommended books to me. Much appreciated! I might check them out, but there are two that I have in mind: Seductive Poison (a memoir about a woman apart of Jim Jones' cult and Jonestown) and Naked by David Sedaris. The titles are so scandalous. But I want to CLARIFY to everyone that I am not addicted to porn or anything remotely related to that kind of rubbish. I just enjoy provocative titles of quite normal and mundane books. They make me laugh. So that'll probably be first semester. But I'll check out the other suggestions. They sound amazing! And if I have time, I'll read a few for this semester. So many books, so little time! I feel rushed...

So, the moments that stood out this week. For one, I bought all the materials I need to create my mini-stage of the show The Secret Garden. The set I chose was the garden wall and setting around it. I decided to have a rotating piece in which the wall is the dividing part. On the outside is the old worn wall with weeds all over it and a bench. On the inside is the brown/"dead" garden with an overgrown wheel barrow and garden tools. I found all these miniatures at Hobby Lobby! It was amazing! I was going there just to get the weeds and bench and ended up leaving with styrofoam for trees, mini-flowers for the garden and the wheel barrow and tools. It was amazing. Hobby Lobby=lots o' love. I'll have to take a picture of the finished product and post it on my blog. It isn't exactly to size because my wall is mishapened and the trees and flowers will look bigger than they're supposed to be. But it will get across my vision. So I remember that excursion and the excitement of finding those amazing treasures.

Another moment that stands out to me was when I got my cornea looked at. If you've never had this experience, its quite scary. He has to numb your eye and then put some freaky yellow dye into it (I rhymed!). After that, he looks at your eye with a black light and you can see your eye ina reflection of the light bulbs. It looks like your crying neon yellow urine. It was FREAKY! I guess I should tell you the story of WHY I had my cornea looked at. Long story short: I woke up on friday with an eye that wouldn't stop hurting. Blinking, not blinking, opened, closed, it HURT! I stayed home from school and went to teh doctor. He told me it didn't look like anything and to go to an eye doctor if it persisted. It stopped hurting today. Thankfully. Although I was looking forward to missing more school.

Lets see...another moment that stood out to me. Oh yes! My friend invited me to his bonfire after homecoming. I didn't go to homecoming because I was working, and he and his date came in to eat at Bob's. Thats where he invited me. So once I got off work and re-looked up where he lived, I went out there and spent about an hour and half there enjoying people's company and unwinding. It was nice spending time with people that enjoy fires as much as I do. And my friend's frog is named Sarah Palin. How awesome is that?!!

I have a few unpleasant moments about work. But thats another story. And it really is. Its going to be apart of my memoir for my WTP(Write To Publish) class. Once that's in a readable format, I'll post it on either of my blogs and you can read about all the ups and downs of work, for there are many. Lets just say...I get annoyed with people. A lot. Particularly ONE person. Grrrr.

Lets see, I should make a list of things that I need to get done. Don't ask me how this is relevent to this post. I just feel like I should. Not that I'll check it or something. But Here are my weekly goals:
1. Work out schedule with Bill and Shawn as far as dates that I can't do because of musical
2. Finish stage set
3. Cash all my checks and pay debt
4. Turn in Band of Brothers(LOOONG over due) and check out other memoirs
5. Write up rough draft of memoir
6. Paint furniture and move it into my room
7. Work out musical schedule with other commitments
8. SURVIVE this 3 1/2 day week. YES!


emily said...

love the post... the randomness, the detail... Here's to your now-no-more-school weekend!! Hurrah!

Julina said...

Loved talking to you today :-)

I ordinarily don't get too worked up over needles (am I an exception among Lambson siblings, or part of a silent majority?), but the cornea dye thing gives me the willies... I'm making a face as I type, but it's hard to convey that in text.

Meanwhile, enjoy your day tomorrow (while I try not to resent you too much) and take care...