Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ugh, I FAIL at updating my Blog.

So, apparently my blog is a monthly thing. I wish it weren't but every time I think about blogging, I feel this huge overwhelming daunting feeling that I have to commit to it for hours and hours, making it look pretty and presentable. I guess the real solution to this huge leave of absence between posts is to NOT CARE if its as pretty as my sister Emily's blog or as informative and witty as Steven's blog or as heart felt and emotional as Sarah's blog or important to the family as Beckie's blog. I should just write. Much like my journal for my Write to Publish, I won't really care for pretty-ness or even things that make sense. I'll just write weekly things that I feel like writing. If you want more or want a specific detail of my life, just call me or request it in the comments. Kay?

So, my classes. That's what I'm going to rant about today. Here is my schedule:

1. Orchestra
2. Personal Finance
3. AP Statistics
4. Human Genetics
5. Write To Publish
6. Musical Productions 3
7. AP Music Theory

Yeah, so Orchestra is orchestra. No biggie. But Personal Finance is easily my most boring class of the day. I don't know anyone in the class except two juniors who I remotely enjoy talking to. But we're on a seating chart and they are on the EXACT OPPOSITE side of the room. Yayz -_- It'll hopefully be an easy A. I've yet to see how challenging tests are. I'll know by tomorrow. I have one then.
AP Statistics will be a challenge. Already had a test and got a B. Mind you, I didn't study. Which was stupid of me. Really. Anyways, it'll be fun. Lots of friends in there and the teacher is adorable! Mrs.Neider for those Hickmanites who are curious. So yeah. Thats Stat.
Human Genetics. Where do I start? Heheheh. Well, the material will be neat to learn. Just the teacher will be the horrible part of it. She's an extremely horrid teacher! I'm not going to post the name in fears that she'll randomly google her name and my blog will come up and she'll read this horrible crap about her. Believe me. Thats what my tennis coach did. Thankfully, it was nice stuff and not me bashing him(not that I would). Anyways, so anonymous teacher just...CAN'T TEACH! And I swear she hates me. Probably because Sarah fell asleep in her class all the time. Great. So it'll be an interesting year in that class.
Then I have lunch. I eat with Daniel, Kelsey, Kevin, and Miranda. Gabby joins us sometimes. Its a small but fun group. We sit outside and eat while either enjoying the weather, complaining about the weather, or commenting on the fact that they cut down a tree or mowed the grass. Good times. Then me, Kelsey, and Kevin make our way to Write to Publish.
This is easily my favorite class right now. Stover is a genius. He has strange mannerisms that I enjoy observing, like the fact that when he wears button up shirts, he leaves the first two buttons undone so you can clearly see the salt and pepper chest hair peaking out. And he clears his throat a lot in the middle of sentences. I wonder if this is because its right after lunch and his throat still has remnants of his meal. I can understand that. Or maybe its a tic. I don't know. I just know that he is brilliant and I find myself yearning for more writing time and for a longer class period. Everything he says about writing makes sense. I even enjoy the readings he assigns. Especially Natalie Goldberg. She's an amazing writer. And hilarious! So Write to Publish is definitely demanding and will be very intense, but I'm excited and pumped. Motivated. Energized. And every other adjective that exists that are synonyms of the previous words.
Then I have Musical Productions 3. We're doing a musical project. We choose a musical, do everything a director has to do, including costumes(having to draw a few at the moment). I'm doing The Secret Garden as my musical. Its great fun! But we only have 12 people in the class, and we're actually putting on a few scenes in the class. The minimum is 2 songs and a scene, I think. I'll probably go over the minimum. There are so many good things in there! I'll let you know how things are going when I'm actually directing the scenes and such.
Last, butnot least, is AP Music Theory. At first, I enjoyed this class. Now its the pinnacle of all my grief. Its not boring. The teacher isn't horrible. Its just that we're being graded on THEORY! Its like being graded on your opinions. Except you don't have your own opinions. You HAVE to agree with the teacher. You have to do what he says. And what he's saying isn't exactly...correct all the time. And its annoying. I'm doing things the way I think is correct and get points off when it isn't because he says so. It IS correct, just not to him at that moment. And its sooo annoying! I'd explain. But it takes too much out of me. Call me for the full rant. The people in the class are fun. Its an overall fun class. Its and the teacher don't exactly meet eye to eye. See, he's a choir teacher. They do things differently than orchestra or band(which I've been in both). And....its annoying. REALLY annoying. I'm almost tempted to drop and try and do something else, like tech theatre for a practical art. Then I can drop personal finance and take something else then.
Anyways. Thats about it with my schedule. Want any more, call me. You know how to contact me.
Sorry the post isn't aesthetically pretty. I just hope the actual act of me posting is enough. Plus its late. I have school and seminary tomorrow. Ugh. Seminary.


Steven said...

Pay no attention to those of us who hassle you with no mercy and hunger for new blog entries. We have become a bunch of blog-mongers, eager to consume. You do your thing when you want and how you want. Just do it more often :)

Kirsti said...

I hope your contradictory statement was on purpose. And I love the pic!

Beckie said...

Music theory reminds me of Philosophy and even Composition. I can one be graded on opinions but they have to fit a certain position. I say try to stick with it. You may not agree with the thoughts you are having to argue, but it will give you so much perspective.

And eeek, study for some Stat girl. It gets harder. And then when you get good, reteach me. I've forgotten so much!!!

Peeser said...

Wow. It's nice to notice that MY blog entirely escaped notice. Granted, sometimes I just write because I have something to say. But, unlike my journal, I usually post on my blog for the sake of others who care about me...I guess this explains why I get so few comments from you ;) At least now I know who really DOES love me...

(okay, just kidding...sort of)

I still love you, though-

Peeser said...

Okay, so I got so caught up in my mini-rant that I forgot to comment on the other things: first, I think it is very interesting that you chose to do THe Secret Garden- We had to do a similar project, and that was the same musical I chose! (I know I chose to do "How Could I Know?" but I can't remember the other song I chose to block...)

OUt of curiosity, did you ever have to "write" your own musical? I just remember that in MT1 or MT2, they gave us a story, and we had to write a musical about it (I got pretty good at developing Dad and Mom's skill of re-writing lyrics to already written songs- much easier that way...)

I hope some of your blah classes get better- If not, you may get to practice your artistic "doodling" skills, which is what I always did when I was bored in class...

(oh, and you'd probably better not let Juli hear you dissing Seminary like that... :)

Kirsti said...

yes, Elise, I did have to write my own musical. Twice. One time we had to use a fairy tale/kids story and make it into a play and then at the end of the year we had to write a play about a political issue. Thats where my MUSE-ical came from. They were both very challenging.

Sarah Lambson said...

I love that you love Stover! I love Stover!

I can't tell you how many times the stuff I learned from his class bailed my bum out of a tight essay problem. I continue to get good grade on my writing because of that man.

Plus I love his Socratic method of teaching!

emily said...

want me to make you a pretty blog header?