Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Week in the Life of Kirsti...

Two words: Oklahoma Auditions. Thats what has sucked up my life for the most of this week. I auditioned using the Ado Annie audition script and music and ended up getting only chorus. Its fine. Its kinda what I was expecting. I knew I wasn't destined for a good part. But thats perfectly okay. I'll have fun in chorus nonetheless. I am only a featured dancer in one song, something me and my friend Lauren are very bitter about. Since we're seniors, we wanted some more solo time. Its not like we're crappy dancers! Annnnyways, the audition process was stressful. And the practice schedule will be stressful, what with juggling work, private lessons, homework, and my teaching of private lessons, which will start full swing with at least 2 brand new students plus my 2 I had before. So just keep in mind, if I don't contact you for a few months, its because my life just got so much more busy, even with me quitting tennis and the marching band(yes, I quit that idea).

I also had the ACT this past Saturday. This was my second time doing it, and it was just as bad. ACTually(get it?), I signed up for this ACT because when I was still commited to the band, the October ACT date conflicted with Greater St. Louis (GSL) competition. So I panicked and signed up for the September date, which was only a few weeks from when I signed up. I didn't study and then band fell through, so this ACT date became another practice. I will be taking it in October so that I have a good amount of time to study. Not that my current score isn't horrible. I'm pretty sure both my propective schools, BYU and UM-SL, will accept the score. I just want to raise it because I'm sure I can, if I try hard enough. So far, both ACT attempts were very half-hearted. I want to give it my all come October.

This last bit is for anyone: Does anyone know a good anthology of Short Stories, or even a collection of short stories, or a really good memoir? I need anything I can get my hands on for my Independent Reading in my Write to Publish(WTP) Class. Thanks!!

P.S. Federer won the US Open. Fed Express is back on board! :D Bye bye, Nadal!


Peeser said...

Um, didn't you already get a pretty darn good score on the ACT? I think you scored higher than me, in fact... I can't remember for sure, though.

Sorry about the OK auditions- that is definitely frustrating. I guess Hickman Politics are still at play... But I know you will have fun with the chorus songs (actually, they get some of the best songs in that musical...)

Let me know when performances are, on the off chance I might get to come watch (I can't make any promises though, especially since gas just went up again this weekend- UGH!)

Good luck in everything!

Julina said...

If you pick a collection of short stories, would you have to read ALL of them? 'cause I just finished a really good collection of Ray Bradbury short stories, but it's a MASSIVE one - 100 of the author's personal choices. It took me quite a while to get through it, and I didn't have "juggling work, private lessons, homework, and my teaching of private lessons..." in the way.
So, though I would recommend it - it might not be the best choice for right now, for WTP (unless you can pick and choose and only read, say, 10 of them or something).

Of course, I own several LM Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables fame) short story collections. I also have a collection of O. Henry stories and a collection of Robert Louis Stevenson (including Dr Jekyll...) - but by the time you'd get them from me, it might be too late.

Let me know, though - if it would help, I can mail one - or both/all...

emily said...

i gots ALL KINDS of yummy, good memoir suggestions... Memoirs are so cool!
Expecting Adam
The Glass Castle
Diary of a Novel: The eat of Eden Journals
any Anais Nin
um.... there's more...

And there's an American Anthology of Short Stories out there somewhere, spanning the 1800's to now... hmmm.