Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Month?!

I'm working 4 days a week for about 5 hours each day and there have been ups and downs. The ups? Making money, making friends, and learning great people skills. The downs? Being stiffed. For being such a young server(1 month old), I already have a small collection of horror stories. Let me tell you the worst:

This was last friday night. Friday nights have been really bad to me, so far. They're jinxed in my mind. Anyways, so I was in the big table section AKA The WORST section at Bob's. We were over-staffed because of the Show-Me games and everyone was making bad money. A 5-top came in and it was my first big table of the night. I'd already done a week's worth of big tops, so I thought this was no biggy. It would be easy. I go over there and they're a chatty bunch. All talking to eachother, getting settled. I decide to take their drink order(naturally). The first boy teen gives me his drink, and I turn to the girl teen. She's texting on her phone. I ask "What would you like to drink?" She doesn't look up. Instead she turns to the second teen boy and screams "Ew, your friend wants to go out with me!" First teen boy laughs. Second teen boy holds out his hand.
"Gimme the phone!"
"Its my phone!"
"I wanna tell him something!"
"What, that he doesn't have a chance?"
They all start laughing and the mom hits the daughter and says "Quit being rude, give the girl your drink!"
"I want a coke."
And then the orders continued, but not without some chatting in between and the mom asking "Do you have avacados?" So I get their drinks, come back and try to get their order. This takes 10 minutes about. The mom was the main instigator this time. She's hitting her kids, being rude, and arguing with her husband. The husband is arguing back, saying they should've gone to CC Broilers. Secretly, I agree. They all order their food, the only easy order being the second teen boys order of a Chicken and Noodle Deep Dish dinner. I place in the order and go about refilling their drinks, listening to them argue again. I have other tables, but they keep on demanding things of me. I had to get a fellow server to set up my tables for me! So their food comes out, I give it to them, and leave them to their food. A minute after I give their food to them, the table summons me over. What else is new -_-? And this is what she says
"I wanted my eggs benedict over an english muffin, not biscuit."
Ugh. Picky eaters. I take it back, its easy to slide it onto an english muffin and then I give it back to her, and they're still arguing.
The last blow was when they were about to leave. The girl and the mother are arguing about the strawberry supreme pie.
"Is it a cheesecake?" The girl asks.
"No, honey."
"But it says there is cream cheese in it!"
"Honey, its not the same."
I'm thinking to myself "it says pie. P-I-E. Not cheese cake. Stupid girl."
"Well...I want some!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, its like cheese cake."
The mom sighs. I write it down as the girl nods towards me. I ring it in, start to bring it out...
"Um, I don't want it anymore."


"You can take it back, now." She smiles. I turn around and my face is blank. What a rude girl.
So the family leaves and I start to bus the table. I hope to find a few dollars there, at least. But I look. And there is nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I feel like giving the family the benefit of the doubt. So I check credit tips. There haven't been any all night. After that I was on the verge of tears for 15 minutes and I was shaking really bad. They STIFFED me. That rude family stiffed me! It was my worst night ever! I made 11 dollars total and I couldn't believe it.

Anyways, besides that experience, I have enjoyed working at Bob Evans. Except on Friday nights in the big table section. That section forever will be the bane of my existence.

So thats all for now. I'm tired of typing.


Julina said...

Welcome back :-)

Sorry about the jerks... I remember a patient I had in Valpo who was so rude (and his wife was maybe worse) that I actually asked our clerk/scheduler not to give me that patient ever again (the only time I have ever done that). But at least I still got my pay at the end of the day. Arrrgh for you :-(

Hang in there as school gets up and running again (when is your first day?)

Love you

emily said...

yeah-- that's a super-ugly tip story. There's a special place in hell reserved for families like that. Seriously.

And the Neopet thing made me laugh. Creepy poogle, that.

Steven said...

I'm not sure what is worse- Pokemon or Neopets. I'm gonna go with Pokemon because you have to pay real dollars.

You aren't paying for that Poogle, are you?

So the Boob- yeah, people suck. And I firmly believe what Emily said- that a special, particularly unpleasant little corner of hell waits for those people. I imagine it as a really small corner booth and they all have to fit in there. Oh yeah, and their order is always just wrong enough to piss them off, but it will never change, because hey, it'e hell!

Man, thinking of that place and those rude customers suffering in hell is like a little piece of heaven for me.

Love you and hate the players (bad customers), not the game (serving).

Beckie said...

Kirsti, I'm almost shaking with rage at the thought of that family. One, yeah right they would have gone to CC's. They sound WAY too trashy to be accepted at a place like that. These people belong at a health-code violation fast-food restaurant.

Also, welcome to the Show-Me State Games, where pathetic, white trash families from around Missouri pin their pathetic family pride on their nasty, not-yet-pregnant/got-someone-pregnant, offspring in the sporting event they suck the least at. Then when they are inevitably defeated, because, lets be honest, no one from Licking, Missouri would win anything at the Show-Me games, they come take their failure and pitiable life out on the poor servers stuck serving them. It's a horrific time of year, and I hope it will be over soon.

Wow, that was a nice, cathartic experience for me.