Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where does time go?!

Wow. I've been so busy the past month. Forgive me for not updating. So, what have I been doing? I've been finishing up school, going on vacation, attending camps and reunions, traveling, and doing all this while trying to stay sane. I know, impossible, right? So, let me update you a bit more in detail:

So, the rest of May was studying for finals and taking them. I'm pretty sure I did well on all of them. I got A's and the worst semester grade was a B+ in Math. YES! After that, I got a hair cut and began packing for Girls Camp, Arizona, and BYU. My hair is really cute! Check out my "myspace" styled picture I took.
Yep. Sorry it isn't better quality. I just don't have time to take good pictures anymore. That was the day of the haircut, and my hair has slightly grown out since. But its really short in the back(she used that buzzer thingy for the back of my neck. SCARY!). And I totally dig the bangs.

So yeah. Haircut. Then I went to Girls Camp the following Monday. I was a YCL(Youth Camp Leader) for the 4th years. I was only there for two days, but they were AWESOME days. My friend got some great pictures that I'll be more than happy to post when I have more time. But then I left early Wednesday morning so that I could leave for Arizona that afternoon with JoNoaEmily(Joe, Noah, and Emily). I was home for a total of 2 hours and then I was back on the road for 22 hours. It was a very scenic drive and I've decided that Arizona is an AMAZING place. Dry, but so beautiful. And we stayed at my cousins' cabin in a place called Strawberry. How cute?! Strawberry, Arizona. And the cabin was more of a mansion. It was huge and gorgeous. We were in Arizona for a family reunion in which I prepared a family slide show containing pictures of my grandparents and my aunts and uncles and their children and even their children. It took about 15-20 hours to put together but everyone loved it. I'm just glad I don't have to do it anymore.

After the reunion and chillin' with my mom's side of the family, JoNoaEmily, Mom, and I travelled 10 hours up to Provo, Utah so that I could attend the week long SummerFest Music Camp. I roomed in a dorm with Tamara and we proceeded to play more violin in one week than we've done in a month. I played a minimum of 3 hours a day. The Max was somewhere around 5-7 hours. Not entirely sure how long. Just a long time. Each night there was an activity and they were all very enjoyable. I had the opportunity to play in the first violin section of the Symphony Orchestra, play second violin in my chamber group, and sing soprano in the group choir. And when I wasn't doing any workshops I was practicing for all of those events. Man, I was a busy little bee that week. It was tiring, but oh so much fun. I've never appreciated music as much as I did that week. But I was happy when Saturday came and went and I was staying at my Grandma's for a day(P.S. I met my soul mate at the camp: his favorite movies are LOTR(all 3), favorite band is Coldplay, favorite ice cream is Butter pecan, favorite animal is a bear. Downsides: he's 22 and his favorite vacation spot is Boston).

Sunday we went to Grandma's church and then had a picnic with Dad's side of the family. I was so exhausted by then that I must admit I wasn't very sociable to my relatives. I feel guilty now, but at the time I couldn't care less. Then we went home, packed, and prepared for the drive the next day. Early Monday morning(5:00 to be exact) we left American Fork, Utah and headed to Columbia, Missouri. We traveled through the morning, into the afternoon, and all through the night. We arrived in Columbia early this morning at 2:00 am and JoNoaEmily arrived in St.Louis at around 4:00 in the morning. And now I'm here trying to get my life back together. I have to teach a lesson today and call my new work to tell them I'm back, and do other various things.

In all, it was a very exhausting month. I'm happy to say that I won't be going anywhere any time soon. Thank goodness. I'm all vacationed-out.

WARNING: All the posts from here on out will probably be related to Wimbledon. Sorry, tennis haters. But I gotta have my Tennis fix.


emily said...

yay! good job on the update! I loved all the good time we got together, and you have been SOOO great with Noah. Love you bunches! I look forward to more blog/facebook stuff from you in the future.

Julina said...

It was good to see you for a couple of days in your whirlwind "vacation" - good job on the slide show - do you want me to email you the people who requested copies, or do you just want to call me.

I'm glad the BYU thing turned out great - I know you were a little iffy there for a while. As for your soul mate, 22 *is* a downside, but Boston is a great city.

Meanwhile, I hope you get a chance to just breathe... a vacation from your vacation, as they say.

Take care - love you

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Kirsti failed to mention that she never actually spoke with her "soul mate". He was a counselor at the music camp and she happened to read his bio... so, I think all of us Lambsons can breath a bit sigh of relief in that arena

Kirsti said...

I did too, actually. We talked while we were playing outdoor games on Monday night. We talked about our frustrations of the game being played and how physically exhausting it was. So there!