Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tennis Pre-Season! YES!

If you didn't know by now, I have been taking tennis lessons at the green center(the university facility) with other people of my own skill level. What I didn't expect was it being run by College-aged people. Not just people...men. Yeah. so that is motivation enough for me to attend. But the tennis lures me more than my instructors. I just love tennis too dang much. Anyways, its been a fun few weeks and I hope it betters my game by the time the season starts. Since there is a two person gap between our #1 and the next person NOT a senior this year, I have to step my game up. I'll be either #2, #3, or #4...unless I really really suck! Hopefully not #2. I'm not THAT good yet. #3 is a comfortable position, and so is #4. But #2 will be intense. It'll be a step down from Dina, who is AMAZING! Yikes. Definitely not ready.

So, anyways, the two main instructors at the Green Center I've christened Paul and Daniel. The I've called "Paul" got that name because, well, he looks like Paul Bettany (SQUEE! MY FAVORITE!).

The other, Daniel, looks like Daniel Faraday from LOST. Well. Sorta. Its more like a combination of this kid I know from school(not named Daniel), Michael Egloff if he were more nerdy, and Daniel Faraday.Anyways, I have a plethora of celebrities at my lessons and they're all lively and energetic. It's fun learning from them. Not to mention the hour long private lesson I had with both one awkward night. No one else came(its supposed to be a group lesson) and I was the only one. So they drilled me all night and fixed my strokes. Actually, they screwed it up. But it was still fun. Yay fun!


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