Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prom and I got Tagged...

Here are the much anticipated pictures of prom...well...some of them. It went well, though, and I decided to do my hair curly since I usually don't. The tiara was ADORABLE and mom really went all out on my dress. Overall, I felt really cute and it was a great end to a horrible day (districts. UGH!!)
[Me, Tamara, and Mariah. Red pink and red!]
[All the couples. Don't we all look gorgeous!]
[Mariah asked us to look scared...and I'm the only one that took it seriously. Look at me! I'm PETRIFIED!]

[Twig and Rainbow! And the thing on my arm is this jacket Beckie gave to me about a year before that she got from a friend. I like to call it the Christmas Pimp Coat because its really long and shiny. But it worked PERFECTLY with my outfit. Funny how that works out, huh?]
[This pictures was Ken's idea. He wanted us to look like the world is tilting and we're falling. Ain't it awesome?!]

[Me and Mariah looking cute in the car (notice the pimp jacket...)]

[Waiting for dinner. I'm sitting in the chair, Mariah is sitting on me, and Tamara is sitting on Mariah!]

[At the dance, trying to cram everyone into the shot. Me and Tamara are barely in the shot!]

[Another group shot, and we're supposed to be looking off in wonder. The smile in the background is the greatest(it's Ken, just so you know).]
[Ken and Mariah seem intact in this picture while me and Mike got half our faces in.]

[Different half of a face. Kinda creepy.][I look like Snow White and the Exit Sign over my right hand looks like the poison apple! Completely coincidence, FYI.]

[Me and Tamara, looking really adorable! I'm handing her the bouquet that Mike gave to her. My Mike gave me my bouquet.]

And now time for the Survey that Em tagged me on:

Four Jobs I've Held:
# Paper Route Carrier
# MU School of Engineering Assistant
# Baby sitter
# Private Teacher

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
# A Knights Tale
# Lord of the Rings
# Wimbledon
# Pride and Prejudice-new version(I love making fun of Kiera Knightly!)

Four Places I've Lived:
# Columbia, MO
# Columbia, MO
# Columbia, MO
# Columbia, MO

Four TV shows I like:
# Psych
# Man vs. Wild
# America's Next Top Model

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
# Tamara
# Dad
# Ms. Belding/School people
# Steven

Four Favorite Foods:
# Spaghetti and warm bread
# Salad
# Strawberry Cream Slush at Sonic
# Brownies(especially Dad's)

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
# St.Louis
# Indiana(because of family. Haven't seen them for a MONTH! Hehe.)
# San Antonio(love the weather. So beautiful)
# New York. I need a good vacation to a busy city so I can appreciate the slow life of Columbia.

Four People I'm Tagging:
# Tamara Kitchen(via email, of course :])
# Steven Lambson
# Elise Lambson
# Juli Lambson(email as well)

Sorry it took me a while to post Prom pictures. I've been busy prepping for the ACT today, which was horrible. I hope I get a good score my first time so I don't have to take it again. YUCK!

Je T'aime! <3


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

I love the pictures!

emily said...

i love the pics, too!! You guys look like you had a BLAST. What a good group!

Fun tag responses, too.. Love you!!

Peeser said...

Wow! Third time's the charm! Thanks for tagging me! AGain, like I told Steven and SArah, because I just posted another LONG movie review (this one on Field of Dreams), and because I am giving my students a test I will soon have to grade, it may take me a couple of days to get to it. But I love things like this. And I LOVE the prom pictures- looks like the dress turned out GREAT!
I hope life is treating you well- the end of the year is in sight. Hang in there!

Love ya, sis! :)

Julina said...

Thanks for tagging me even though I don't have a blog - I emailed my responses - hope you got 'em. If not, check with dad - he did.

Also, I'm glad you had a good time - and that I got to see how great you looked :-)

Love you