Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Alright, so I couldn't keep this information in. Its just way too exciting to keep to myself for one more day: JK Rowling has confirmed she is authoring the prologues to Harry Potter! It'll All be in the point of view of Lily Potter or Lily Evans(in that day) and the first of the 7 book series is going to be released in October of next year! How exciting is that?!!?! I'm just wigging out right now! I'm so glad that it doesn't have to end with Harry. Thank you JK Rowling! Here's a link to her confession on a popular British TV Show.

(can't blame me for trying...:-])


Peeser said...

hmmm... i will admit some mixed feelings. Yes, on the one hand, I'm excited. She's hinted at enough of Lily's early life that I don't doubt she has the material already in hand (i.e. I don't think she'll be making up too much of it as she goes along- I'm assuming she already has a pretty solid basis for the story).
On the other hand, I'm hesitant about things written/made because of fan demand. Maybe she'd already planned on writing this. Maybe not.
Despite that, I will at least read the first book, and base further decisions on the quality of that book...

(Thanks for keeping us updated on the world of HP!)

Peeser said...

Yeah, so maybe I'm just a big idiot then... the sad truth is that I was serious. I really didn't even think about the possibility of it being an April Fools' joke... I've just been really gullible this year... Oh well.
In retrospect, now that I know it was an April Fools' joke, it was actually pretty good!

Anyway, love ya right back!
(says the official April Fool)

Steven said...

You're retarded. The very second I clicked the link, I thought- maybe this is a Rickroll. Oh, well. I think I see someone has written "gullible" on the ceiling.

Sarah Lambson said...

I know it's not April fools anymore but I just read this today.

Two things. I may not know J.K. Rowling very well, but I know that she would never do this.

But I think that this is one of the funniest April fools jokes I've seen in a long time! Kudos!

Kirsti said...

thank you all for acknowledging my greatness at April Fools-ing. Elise, I'm sorry for making you feel like an idiot, but it feels just so dang good that I'm no longer the gullible youngest. :)

Peeser said...

For what it's worth, not that it makes me any less gullible, but I was on Spring Break, working on taxes and grading on April Fools' Day, and knew absolutely nothing about the whole "Rickroll" phenomenon...(at least, not until after checking Emily's blog, which was late in the evening, and I believe it was after I saw Kirsti's post). Like I said, I'm still pretty gullible, but most of the time, it's just because I'm hopelessly clueless... ah, well. I guess that's why I'm here- to entertain the rest of you because of my cluelessness... ;)

Julina said...

I'm at my friend Ruth's house on her computer, so I can finally comment (by the way, we both love coming to your blog and hearing "Starlight"...)

I can't comment or watch video at work (the security system classifies "youtube" as "adult" and doesn't even recognize the "sign in" for google/blogger... whatever :-P )

Anyway, even though I couldn't see the video, I *can* read fine print (a hint for the future, Elise - it's aways a good idea to check the fine print) and the "can't blame me for trying" was enough to tip me off.

It's an awesome fool - as good as some of the NPR foolish news stories (exploding maples, a device that lets you dial up or dial down your heart rate, a song called "b-flat" that consists entirely of that note being played at random intervals by random instruments... I'll try to put a link on the family website...)

Anyway - have a super day, and post soon about the Prom :-)