Monday, April 14, 2008

In Honor of the New Playlist!

So, for the past few weeks, I've been obsessing over the music from Across the Universe. It doesn't help that, for one, I'm learning about the 60's in my History class so the Beatles are always apart of the lesson somehow, and second, that my french class has an "I WANT YOU" sign on the door. So I'm going to post a few videos from this beautifully artistic movie and you can enjoy the music too!

I Want You (She's So Heavy)

I've Just Seen A Face(Whole scene)

Come Together

Dear Prudence(Whole Scene)

Strawberry Fields Forever(Potentially hard to handle)

Revolution(could be a little hard to handle for some viewers)

Hey Jude(Whole Scene)

Well, thats all I'm doing. But yeah. This movie is great. I loved it thoroughly!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prom and I got Tagged...

Here are the much anticipated pictures of prom...well...some of them. It went well, though, and I decided to do my hair curly since I usually don't. The tiara was ADORABLE and mom really went all out on my dress. Overall, I felt really cute and it was a great end to a horrible day (districts. UGH!!)
[Me, Tamara, and Mariah. Red pink and red!]
[All the couples. Don't we all look gorgeous!]
[Mariah asked us to look scared...and I'm the only one that took it seriously. Look at me! I'm PETRIFIED!]

[Twig and Rainbow! And the thing on my arm is this jacket Beckie gave to me about a year before that she got from a friend. I like to call it the Christmas Pimp Coat because its really long and shiny. But it worked PERFECTLY with my outfit. Funny how that works out, huh?]
[This pictures was Ken's idea. He wanted us to look like the world is tilting and we're falling. Ain't it awesome?!]

[Me and Mariah looking cute in the car (notice the pimp jacket...)]

[Waiting for dinner. I'm sitting in the chair, Mariah is sitting on me, and Tamara is sitting on Mariah!]

[At the dance, trying to cram everyone into the shot. Me and Tamara are barely in the shot!]

[Another group shot, and we're supposed to be looking off in wonder. The smile in the background is the greatest(it's Ken, just so you know).]
[Ken and Mariah seem intact in this picture while me and Mike got half our faces in.]

[Different half of a face. Kinda creepy.][I look like Snow White and the Exit Sign over my right hand looks like the poison apple! Completely coincidence, FYI.]

[Me and Tamara, looking really adorable! I'm handing her the bouquet that Mike gave to her. My Mike gave me my bouquet.]

And now time for the Survey that Em tagged me on:

Four Jobs I've Held:
# Paper Route Carrier
# MU School of Engineering Assistant
# Baby sitter
# Private Teacher

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
# A Knights Tale
# Lord of the Rings
# Wimbledon
# Pride and Prejudice-new version(I love making fun of Kiera Knightly!)

Four Places I've Lived:
# Columbia, MO
# Columbia, MO
# Columbia, MO
# Columbia, MO

Four TV shows I like:
# Psych
# Man vs. Wild
# America's Next Top Model

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
# Tamara
# Dad
# Ms. Belding/School people
# Steven

Four Favorite Foods:
# Spaghetti and warm bread
# Salad
# Strawberry Cream Slush at Sonic
# Brownies(especially Dad's)

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
# St.Louis
# Indiana(because of family. Haven't seen them for a MONTH! Hehe.)
# San Antonio(love the weather. So beautiful)
# New York. I need a good vacation to a busy city so I can appreciate the slow life of Columbia.

Four People I'm Tagging:
# Tamara Kitchen(via email, of course :])
# Steven Lambson
# Elise Lambson
# Juli Lambson(email as well)

Sorry it took me a while to post Prom pictures. I've been busy prepping for the ACT today, which was horrible. I hope I get a good score my first time so I don't have to take it again. YUCK!

Je T'aime! <3

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Alright, so I couldn't keep this information in. Its just way too exciting to keep to myself for one more day: JK Rowling has confirmed she is authoring the prologues to Harry Potter! It'll All be in the point of view of Lily Potter or Lily Evans(in that day) and the first of the 7 book series is going to be released in October of next year! How exciting is that?!!?! I'm just wigging out right now! I'm so glad that it doesn't have to end with Harry. Thank you JK Rowling! Here's a link to her confession on a popular British TV Show.

(can't blame me for trying...:-])