Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break, Birthdays, and a Musical

Wow. A month sure goes by fast. Well, to nutshell, the musical was great, had lotsa fun and lotsa late nights, did the One Acts, and that went smoothly, celebrated my best friends 16th birthday, which was a BLAST, and then have, this past week, been on Spring Break. I could get used to a lifestyle like the one I've been living the past week, but sadly it must come to an end. I am definitely not looking forward to the next two weeks.

For one, I have Districts. AHHH! My Mozart Concerto is 85% ready, but the 15% of it not are the hardest runs ever! I'm expecting to get a repeat of last year, except this year I actually deserve the 2+. Last year was supposed to be the year I got a 1, and I was jipped because my accompanist was busy accompanying my friend Kelsey, and then I didn't have a spare book to give the judge. So Tamara's mom, a pianist with a masters in performance, sight read the accompaniment, which is NO walk in the park (I was playing Meditation from Thais, which is an opera with no easy songs). After that stress, the judge, who witnessed the ENTIRE stress of that 10 minutes, actually dared to write this on the adjudication sheet: "Piano was too LOUD." Loud?! She WAS SIGHT READING! I couldn't believe that was the only critique...and that I got a 2+. Ugh. That was horrible. But...this year I have a stable accompanist, but a very volatile song that I don't think I'm prepared to perform. Oh well. But thats what I'm really stressing about now.

Next, is Prom. Not that it's a source of anxiety, it just doesn't help things. It's the event between the two districts things: solo and ensemble. Needless to say, it won't be as laid back as last years, but hopefully it'll be ten times more fun.

Then, a week after that, I have the ACT. I'm particularly concerned for the Science part since I didn't take Chemistry this year, so that automatically puts me a whole mile behind the rest of the people in my grade. Reading and writing will be fine, I'm good at fundamental mathematics...but the science will definitely dock me a good amount. But I'm aiming for at least a 30. 32 would be nice, but I'm not that smart.

The next day is Siri's recital, in which I play my impossible solo for a whole audience of judgmental parents. Yay. Joy (I hope you're all catching the THICK sarcasm). At least she's not making me learn a whole cadenza in a week. I should count my blessings.

So, yeah. Thats what I have to look forward to. My life is a living nightmare. Its like the RIHLA all over again. Except probably not. Its been a year since I've had to RIHLA, but those memories will remain, and they are PAINFUL. Ugh. Nevermind. Compared to 4 of those, this will be a walk in the park.

Love you all!


emily said...

eh-- you are more prepared than you think, and pretty days are ahead, so i think you will manage this load well. I always cope better when the day is pretty.

:) Post pictures of some of these adventures ahead, 'k?

Julina said...

Glad you're still alive :-) Talk to you sometime?

Peeser said...

it's good to see you're surviving, even if sometimes you feel like you are not. Remember, there is and always will be a light at the end of the tunnel- I guess you'd just better hope it isn't a train coming from the opposite direction! :)
I wish I could be there to help you de-stress... if you need anything, even if it is just to rant while someone listens, I'm here for you!