Sunday, February 3, 2008

Review of the Past Month

Here's the rest of 2007 and the Beginning of 2008 in a nutshell:

-Had a great rest of the break. YAHOO!
-Turned 17. Rated R movies and Shopping at the mall after 7 PM, here I come!!
-Performed Much Ado About Nothing as the Messenger. All three nights went well without any major screw-ups.
-Changed my schedule. Don't have the AP US History and English block anymore. Now I have AP English with Mrs. Creach and US History with Mr.McCarthy. Bye Bye, Mr. Deken!
-AUSTRALIAN OPEN! Results: Maria Sharapova def. Ana Ivanovic 7-5 6-3 and Novak Djokovic def. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 4-6 6-4 6-3 7-6(2)! They were the ones I wanted to win from the very beginning(because I shamefully assume Hewitt won't get that far...sad, I know. I'm a bad fanatic)

-Lived life. And loved it, for the most part...

So now, it's February. I'm having to decide my schedule for next year after finally settling into my new one this semester, and it's nerve-wracking. This is my last Secondary School schedule I'll have to set up, and soon I'll be applying for colleges. And, if you're curious, I have two in mind: BYU(duh) and University of Missouri-St.Louis(UMSL). Either one will benefit me greatly. I just hope I can make a decision soon.

Also, the musical is in a month. HOLY COW! Soon I'll be on that stage in full make-up playing the role of a lifetime(well, at least an entertaining role) and having some good ol' fun. Once thats over with, life will, hopefully, be slightly more calm.

Anyways, I have nothing left to say. Sorry for the month of completely nothing. My life isn't always spent on the computer, thankfully, like it used to. I have things to do, people to see, naps to take. Love you all!

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Sarah Lambson said...

I'm commenting! I really miss High School. I miss how easy it was to plan for the next year (though it didn't seem easy at the time.) I miss all the crazy music people.

Cherish these years...

...but college is great too!