Thursday, December 20, 2007

Life is Finally Settling Down...well, not really.

So its now winter break. FINALLY! YES! Didn't think I'd survive it!

So, now I have to rant about finals. The only one I'm positive I did good on is math, which is surprising. 94%. Crazy, huh? Didn't check my AP multiple choice portion, but I'm predicting an 83% on that one. French was probably 97%, AP English=91%, Sociology=90%, and my DBQ essay for AP was probably the worst. Prediction=78%. Yeah. I did horribly. Oh well. Its over now, and all I have to do is revise an essay, write a thesis analysis on Mr.Deken's paper from a seminar he had last year, and memorize my Much Ado About Nothing lines.

Even more exciting than Winter break?
Yes. Damn Yankees. That is the spring musical, and for the final in Musical Productions, we auditioned. I wasn't expecting much because so far I've been jipped in roles. But guess what? I got the role that I wanted! Which was...

Sister Miller!!

For those who don't know: She's one of Meg's friends, and Meg is Old Joe's wife. And she is soooo funny. I'm uber excited now! Here is the rest of the cast:

Meg Boyd: Olivia H. (she was the lead in last year's Leader of the Pack. She's really good)
Joe Boyd: David S.(A really funny guy who played the drunk mince meat judge in State Fair)
Mr. Applegate: Michael S.(Hank Munson from State Fair)
Sister: Kirsten Lambson(ME!)
Doris: Samantha H.(A really delightful person who played that one lady who always one the mince meat competition in State Fair)
Joe Hardy: Evan B.(Wayne Frake from State Fair. Really good!)
Van Buren: Toby C.(Abel Frake from State Fair. So funny!)
Gloria: Kristen W.(Known her for a while. She's so funny and will do Gloria justice)
Lola: Shinah M.(only the best dancer we have. She's always assigned the slutty parts, but she does them really nicely.)

Washington Senators:
Billy B., Aaron C., Ryan C., Charlie G., Chad G., Sebastian M., Batu O., Nick R., and Nate S.

"Chevy Chase" division:
Lauren B., Destiny H., Samantha H., Emily K., Zoe M., Le'Chai R., Sarah S., Kathryn S., Liz G., Hanna H., Hannah P., Sara R., Sharandell W., and Lauren W.

"I love Joe" division:
Rose D., Leah F., Brianna J., Emily P., Angela R., and Anne S.

Anyways, it promises to be pretty darn good, and its exciting that I finally got a part that I wanted. What kind of name is sister, anyways?

So, now I'm going to watch the movie and appreciate the role of Sister even more. Have a great break!


emily said...

congrats, kid!
we'll do everything in our power to come see ya this spring!!

Enjoy your well-deserved break. Miss you.

Julina said...

So now I'm not going to call you anything but "Sister" - it's not like there are any others in the family to confuse you with... oh wait...

Just kidding - I'm excited for you and it's now on my calendar, so hopefully I'll actually get to see you perform for once!

Love you

Mary Victoria said...

It was great seeing you on Sat!

Congrats! I'll grab a ride with Em & Joe to see you!

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