Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Refreshed and Renewed

So, the self-hatred period is done with. That was not a good night. I was under so much pressure, suffering from self-doubt of whether I could make it through my AP class or not, and all this other stuff. But for once in my Junior year, I feel like I have everything under control. Well, mostly everything. I got a good grade on my AP quiz for the first time, raising my overall grade in the class up 2 letter grades. I have my math class under control, the orchestra concert is over with, Tennis season is done, I'm learning the Pit music just fine, and every other class is a breeze. I'm hoping I can at least keep this up until semester. In the meantime, I'm just diligently keeping up my work and making sure that I feel ready and prepared for all my classes.

For some news, I did have an orchestra concert and got some really good grades. I also had a tennis banquet in which I received a Sports letter for my spot in Varsity! Now I need a letterman jacket so I can flaunt my success. Not that I'm too prideful...

I also got a haircut! I got it as short as I would let myself allow during my high school career, and I think its really cute. Sure, it takes a while to style, but its worth it. Check it out:
[Giving my "sexay" look...pssh, yeah right.]

October, already, is nearly over. I hope that November promises much more. Already, it looks that way.

Things to look forward to:
-The Musical!
-Birth of Noah, my nephew
-Thanksgiving break
-Big party my friends are planning
-wearing a coat
-an actual job...(lets hope. Pray for me, guys)


emily said...

yeah, you ARE sexAY!!

Love the photo! And love the photo on the side, too.

And good luck with the job hunt.

And thank you for being at my shower!!

Tisha said...

I LOVE your haircut! It is so cute!