Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Picture Says a Thousand Words...I'm gonna say 1001 about mine.

Yesterday, I participated in the Smith Cotton Classic Tennis Tournament, and, for the Hickman team, it went from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. 12 hours! Thats not including the drive to and from. So anyways, it was chilly all the time, there were tennis players EVERYWHERE, and coach was on edge, wanting to take home a trophy. I was there as Hickman's #2 doubles with my partner Gina Pai, and I was accompanied by Dina Kaissi, our #1 Singles, Carrie Ingersol, #2 singles, Caitlin Hollandsworth and Connie Cho as the #1 doubles. Me, Gina, Connie, Dina, Carrie and Caitlin had an awesome time there, cracking jokes, eating food and being cold together. If I got anything from that tournament, it was a boat-load of memories.
The true star of the day was Dina. She not only played some of her best tennis ever, she won the Singles Championship! It was the single-most amazing match I've ever seen. The rallies back and forth were long and gruesome, since they were both hitting the ball so hard the tennis ball looked like a green streak in the air. Everytime Dina ever wins a point, she slaps her leg triumphantly and the air rings out with her confident voice "C'mon!" Most of the time, it sounds like "Mine", something we told Dina a few matches ago. She just laughed and said "I'm not that selfish." Her match lasted 2 1/2 hours, and all the rest of us were watching, shivering in our uniforms, eating hot pizza and cheering Dina on. Great times.

At some point, a bunch of guys came down to the courts and began hanging out at the picnic tables that lined up around the courts. I glanced back and didn't make anything of them until I heard their voices carry over. They weren't speaking ENGLISH! Not only were they good looking, but they were from some other country, speaking their native language. It sounded Italian or something European, but I was entranced. Eventually, I hopped down from my seat in the bleachers, and decided to inconspicuously take a picture of them. I said "Everyone Smile!" and they did. I zoomed in on the guys, and took a quick picture. I returned to my seat and felt very satisfied at my sneakiness. I looked at the picture, and was pleased that I got every single guy and their face. Boy was I good. It wasn't until the bus ride home that I realized something really interesting. They all looked too perfect. I showed my friends, and they all pointed out to me that they were, get this...posing for me! I wasn't as discreet as I thought! When I left my seat on the bleachers, I was seated in the middle, so there was a big gap between my friends. I aimed that camera between that gap, and the guys must've realized that I wasn't going for my friends. So they all started laughing and began to pose for me. How embarrassing is that?
I think thats all the story-telling I have for today. I'll bring more stuff up later. For now, here are some pictures.[Gina sporting a crazy Hairdo that Caitlin put up]

[Caitlin admiring her work on Gina]
[Carrie being a Gangsta]
[Carrie, Gina, and Connie all being gangsters]
[Andy Materer, our coach, watching Dina's match and getting ready to give her pointers]

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Long Time Gone

I'm about a week away from having been in school for a month! Sure has been a fast month. I've been keeping busy with Tennis, Homework, Practicing violin and piano, and other such things. So, thats basically my life in a nutshell. Want details? Call me. For serious.

Well, first on the agenda is Twilight. I've only just recently gotten hooked on the newest teen addiction. I was studying inside my sister's room Labor Day Weekend when I noticed the book on her shelf. Intrigued by the thousands of suggestions that I should read it, I went over there and picked it up. I then proceeded to read, and didn't stop until 1:00 AM, at which point I was already on page 153. The rest of the weekend consisted of me hungrily perusing the pages and wanting more of Edward, The Cullens, and Vampires (I could care less for Bella...). Anyways, I finished it the next weekend, taking it out during breaks at School and the five minutes that is left at the end of the hour to pack up. I LOVED it! Simply loved it! It was really brilliant and had such a riveting plot. Plus, the author is a fan of Muse, Coldplay, The Fray and other bands that I like, which inspired her writing. So how could you go wrong?

I'll tell you how.

After reading Twilight, I immediately(quite literally) picked up my sister's copy of New Moon, and began reading. At first it wasn't so bad. Then
[ SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER ] Edward left. And Bella, a character I wasn't so fond of in the first place, began to get really really REEEALLLY annoying. To the point that I just wanted to go up in her fictitious face and shout: "GET OVER IT!" Actually, I didn't want to start doing that until Jacob came into the picture. Poor loyal and loving Jacob. Why couldn't he just find someone worth while? It was wrong of her to lead him on. Jacob definitely doesn't deserve this girl, but I hate seeing him suffer, so she'll have to suffice. But too bad that her "heart" belongs to Mr.I-Think-Leaving-You-Will-Make-You-

Anyways, I'm not quite done with New Moon, but so far(and I've been told my opinion WILL change by Eclipse) I'm partial to Jacob and he's my favorite character. I love the tall dark and handsomeness of him and his warmth and loyalty. Totally the guy I want. Edward may be Mr. "Model" pretty boy, but I need a guy like Jacob: not a model and a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

I'll be finished with New Moon soon enough, and then I'll start Eclipse. And then wait anxiously for the 4th book. If there is any way I can relate to Bella, its the whole in my chest. Harry Potter, up until recently, was the best thing in my life. But then it ended and the whole in my chest started to grow. Twilight, much like poor ol' Jacob, is a small pick-me-up that makes the whole less painful, but doesn't quite do the job. But at least I'm not leading it on!