Sunday, July 22, 2007

All Is Well.

So, I've finished the book. And I cried for a total of 2 hours, from page 600 or so to the very end and a half an hour after that. It was the most amazing book that I've ever read. It tied up most every loose end, kept you reading, and had the most beautiful ending that gave me this sense of pure euphoria. I could not have imagined a better ending for my ficticious brother. I still get choked up just thinking about it. The highs, the lows, the most emotional parts, everything. It almost seems like a blur. I most definitely am going to read it again, starting tomorrow, so that I can digest everything instead of reading it in roughly 24 hours, not counting hours to sleep, eat, take a break, etc. But I had tons of fun the night of the release. Unfortunately, my sister took my camera on her road trip, so pictures will have to wait until next week. But I was an awesome Bellatrix! I looked the part...which meant that I look utterly frightening.


So, I was completely right about Snape loving Lily. I almost did the "Told Ya So" dance from Will & Grace in front of my siblings...but I didn't. I was a little frustrated that all those "Harry is a Horcrux" theorizers were correct. How absurd is that?! But it all worked out in the end.

Things I was right about:
-Tonks and Lupin getting married
-Harry living
-the tiara being the last horcrux
-Strong connection to the 1st book
-Snape and Lily

Things I was WRONG about:
-All my death predictions. None of those I thought would die...died. Except Voldy
-My veil theory. *Wah Wahhhh*
-Neville killing Bellatrix
-Deathly Hallows being a place
-Harry seeing his parents death via the pensieve
-The cover was Harry summoning the snitch with the inscription "I open at the close". It was the Elder Wand he was catching...

Things I cried about the most(1 being the most, the rest in random order):
1. The whole Forest scene
2. The end when Harry told his kid, Albus Severus, that Severus was the bravest man he knew.
3. Tonks and Lupid dead.
4. The Godric's Hollow scene with Harry looking at his parents graves.
5. Fred dead...especially when Ron and Percy realize it
6. Percy coming back.
7. Hedwig dying
8. Dobby dying
9. When Dumbledore and Harry had that convo.
10. Realizing that its all over and that I was okay with that.
11. Tons of other moments, like when Ron comes back or when Ron was screaming Hermione's name while she was being tortured, or wondering if Hagrid was dead on TWO occasions.

This is the best in the series. I agree, JK. Thank you for writing these books. They have helped me so much in my emotional growth and spiritual growth that if it weren't for these books, I'd be a mess. You have created the most real character and made him one of the closest fictional beings ever. Because of you, you've made him more real than any other book character and have enchanted the whole world with your beautiful words. So, I thank you, eternally.


The Haban Family said...

AHHHH!! The temptation!! I want to read your whole post but I don't want to spoil the book for me. I just started reading today so, I will have to come back and visit when I have finished!!!

The Haban Family said...

Amen sista!! I LOVED it!! I seriously read it in like 2 days neglecting my poor little son ... okay I didn't really neglect him but, I think he learned the meaning independence while I read!! It was AMAZING! And I'm oh so sad I'm not there this weekend while my mom is enjoying spending time with you all. *sigh* oh well ... tell everyone hi :o)