Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I killed iTunes

For the past few hours, now, I've been trying to recover something that I've lost and was very dear to me. I'll give you the full story before I lament...

I was trying to transfer my iTunes to the external Hard Drive we got, and I thought my plan was fool-proof: just move the file to the external hard drive. So, I sat there, feeling confident, knowing that now that it was in the external hard drive, I'd have more room to download PotterCast, MuggleCast, and the Leaky Mugs without restrictions of room. But, after the move was complete, and I opened up iTunes...it was EMPTY! Completely blank. No more music. No more podcasts. Nothing. A little perplexed, I closed out of it...and opened it again. Nothing. My mouth was beginning to get dry by this point and my heart was racing. All I was thinking was "Oh no. Not again." Yes, this indeed has happened to me before, but under different circumstances. This was the first and only time I tried moving a whole iTunes library to another hard drive. After about the 5th time...nothing still. Now I was panicking. What about my purchased songs? All my precious Podcasts that took forever to download and I couldn't possibly recover?! What about all that time it took to upload CDs of music?! I was in shock for a few minutes before I set to work to recover all that I had lost.
[PotterCast Trio: Melissa Anelli, John Noe, and Sue Upton]

Hours later, here I am, still at the computer, trying to upload podcasts and find out what music is beyond recovery so that I can download it again. Its been about 2-3 hours now...and I'm still a little depressed because now I don't have PotterCasts and MuggleCasts that I had before, some of my favorites being "Toots", "They're Called Thestrals", "Broadway Filks 1 and 2", "784", and many others, also including an awesome Evanna Lynch interview. *sigh* Well...there's always direct downloads. Or, somehow, there has to be a way of downloading them away from iTunes or something...That'll be my next project.
[MuggleCast hosts: Laura Thompson, Eric Scull, Kevin Steck, Micah Tannenbaum, Ben Schoen, Jamie Lawrence, and Andrew Sims]

This even alone has made me realized how dependent upon technology I really am. Its quite humbling...but I'm not going to do anything about it! I love technology! Anyways, these two podcasts had fed my hunger for everything Harry Potter for about 8 months now, and I love them both dearly. PotterCast because they've got great things to say and contribute little bits and pieces to everything, and MuggleCast because not only are all the guys attractive in different ways, they're all young adults and teens and have the same mentality as me, and the same maturity level. Personal favorites from both: Melissa, Jamie, Andrew, Eric, and John.

Well, I've got to finish up repairing my damage...then bum around the house instead of on the computer.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

All Is Well.

So, I've finished the book. And I cried for a total of 2 hours, from page 600 or so to the very end and a half an hour after that. It was the most amazing book that I've ever read. It tied up most every loose end, kept you reading, and had the most beautiful ending that gave me this sense of pure euphoria. I could not have imagined a better ending for my ficticious brother. I still get choked up just thinking about it. The highs, the lows, the most emotional parts, everything. It almost seems like a blur. I most definitely am going to read it again, starting tomorrow, so that I can digest everything instead of reading it in roughly 24 hours, not counting hours to sleep, eat, take a break, etc. But I had tons of fun the night of the release. Unfortunately, my sister took my camera on her road trip, so pictures will have to wait until next week. But I was an awesome Bellatrix! I looked the part...which meant that I look utterly frightening.


So, I was completely right about Snape loving Lily. I almost did the "Told Ya So" dance from Will & Grace in front of my siblings...but I didn't. I was a little frustrated that all those "Harry is a Horcrux" theorizers were correct. How absurd is that?! But it all worked out in the end.

Things I was right about:
-Tonks and Lupin getting married
-Harry living
-the tiara being the last horcrux
-Strong connection to the 1st book
-Snape and Lily

Things I was WRONG about:
-All my death predictions. None of those I thought would die...died. Except Voldy
-My veil theory. *Wah Wahhhh*
-Neville killing Bellatrix
-Deathly Hallows being a place
-Harry seeing his parents death via the pensieve
-The cover was Harry summoning the snitch with the inscription "I open at the close". It was the Elder Wand he was catching...

Things I cried about the most(1 being the most, the rest in random order):
1. The whole Forest scene
2. The end when Harry told his kid, Albus Severus, that Severus was the bravest man he knew.
3. Tonks and Lupid dead.
4. The Godric's Hollow scene with Harry looking at his parents graves.
5. Fred dead...especially when Ron and Percy realize it
6. Percy coming back.
7. Hedwig dying
8. Dobby dying
9. When Dumbledore and Harry had that convo.
10. Realizing that its all over and that I was okay with that.
11. Tons of other moments, like when Ron comes back or when Ron was screaming Hermione's name while she was being tortured, or wondering if Hagrid was dead on TWO occasions.

This is the best in the series. I agree, JK. Thank you for writing these books. They have helped me so much in my emotional growth and spiritual growth that if it weren't for these books, I'd be a mess. You have created the most real character and made him one of the closest fictional beings ever. Because of you, you've made him more real than any other book character and have enchanted the whole world with your beautiful words. So, I thank you, eternally.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter!!

Right. The title speaks for itself. I'm geeking out! I've already seen the Harry Potter movie twice, and loved it both times. Personally, I think its the best one, although No.3 was pretty darn good too. Dan Radcliffe has really blossomed into another great British actor and I see him doing great things in the future. He is Harry Potter, and I'm so glad that he hasn't butchered the role. Imelda Staunton did brilliantly. I loved hating her! That giggle...*shiver*. So many good things going on, and the only way I can express everything I want to is to direct you guys to an Orson Scott Card review: http://www.ldsmag.com/arts/070717harry.html

The book is so close, I can taste it. I'm excited, yet dreading it. I had a dream last night about reading the book. I dreamt that it was the most amazing book ever but that I read it so fast that I didn't have time to digest the whole story...so I had to read it about twenty times to fully understand everything and to comprehend that the series was in fact...hate to say this...over. Its been such an amazing 8-9 years. I've grown up reading about Harry Potter and living his story and feeling all that he was feeling. He's been a crutch and a comfort to lean on when I've been feeling down. If ever I feel like reading something good, I always go to Harry Potter. Its full of amazing things and morals. And now...its coming to a close. But I have no idea how loss feels compared to JK Rowling. God Bless her. She's created something so amazing and has become something of a hero to me.

I'll have more to say later. But I will say the HP soundtrack is AMAZING! Gives me chills, makes me cry. Nicholas Hooper is now in the league of all the greats, like Howard Shore. Ahhh! I want to see the movie again! So amazing! Everything! Almost too overwhelming how wonderful this magical world is.