Thursday, June 7, 2007

School's Out!

Already I'm goofing off. The picture was taken after finals yesterday and me and two of my friends came back to my house and played games. I was doing the Hula to the Hawaiian music channel on our TV.

School is out, and it still hasn't hit me. Today feels like a Saturday and that in a few days I'll be going back to the monotony of school-life and I'll have more homework to do. But no. I'm out for the summer! I've had a blast the past few days. On Tuesday, after finals, me and my friends Daniel and Amanda went to Oakland Jr.High for a bit and hung out in Sweeney's room and watched Walk The Line. When we got hungry, we left and went to IHOP for some breakfast-for-lunch. Many good times there. I then went home and practiced for about 3 hours on violin and piano. It was a very peaceful day. Wednesday was just as fun after finals. Me, Amanda, and Daniel were going to go downtown, but we were too lazy, so we went to my house and played Simpsons Clue until 2:45. We then bombarded Oakland again looking for teachers and friends and then went to Lange to see friends on the buses that travelled from Oakland to Lange. After that, I went home and watched a lot of Tennis and then went to mutual.

Today's adventures were simply marvelous. I woke up, watched the Women's Semi-Finals for the French Open, and later played Croquet with Sarah and gave Trissey an outdoor bath. It was a wet experience for both the dog and me and Sarah. But it was lots of fun(Picture above is of the experience). To dry Trissey off, we gave her a walk around the park across the street and explored Mother Nature. I brought the camera along and took some great Candids as well as nature stills. I am very proud of my work with the camera, and I'll display some of the pictures. Trissey was as exhausting as usual, and at the end of the adventure, she decided to jump in the creek and get wet all over again. What a crazy dog. But it was so much fun and later me and Sarah will be going to the Twilight Festival and then we're watching Poltergeist for old-times sakes. I love being on Summer vacation, and next week is when Tennis camp begins! Hooray!
Mine and Sarah's favorite climbing tree as kids

Sarah walking Trissey
Me and Trissey on a bridge.
Rebellious Trissey in the creek
Some cooky bird ornaments in someone's garden


emily said...

this post makes me happy. And makes me want to jump in a creek too.

Happy summer!!!

J.Ammon said...

Love the picture of Trissy in the creek. Yay summer!!!!

Mom (i.e. Jeanne) said...

Great photos.