Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Worst is Over

I'm so glad that my National AP Exam is over. This week was a crazy one, starting with my AP Unit Test on Monday, which consisted of writing 3 essays in 90 minutes, and then my RIHLA being due on Tuesday (Worth 500 pts), taking pictures in St.Louis for Em on Wednesday, and then the National World History Exam today. Tomorrow will be a breeze since its the last day of seminary and now we're not doing anything big in AP. I'll be glad to have a weekend to myself finally and wait until Finals, which aren't going to be hard at all.

So, you wanna know how the exam went? Well, since I'm sworn to secrecy about the Multiple Choice (like I've actually listened to that rule), and I can't talk about the free response essay prompts until Saturday, I'll just tell you everything that I can tell you, which isn't a lot. I had 55 minutes to answer 70 MC questions, and that wasn't too bad. Some were hard, but its an AP test! I skipped 3 of them, but they don't count against you. Pretty sweet, huh? But their grading system is way more complicated than "If you miss 20, its minus 20 from the total". Its some crazy system where you multiply some number to the number you got right, and then subtract another number and then do a little get the gist. But after that we got a 10 minute break and then right on to the 3 essays.

We got 2 hours and 10 minutes to do it, with a 10 minute mandatory reading portion. The first essay was a DBQ (Document Based Question) in which we had to analyze a bunch of documents and then sort them into different groups and talk about them and answer the prompt given. I wrote a lot on that one, but its all about structure, so you really don't have to know anything. Then it was the dreaded Continuity/Change Over Time essay in which you are given a place and a topic and then you have to pick 3 or more different time periods that shows the change in that place on that topic and analyze it and figure out why the change happened and how, and then name a continuity over that time period and talk about that. Its a really complicated essay, and it took me the most time. But I think I did pretty well. The last essay (By this time, my hand was really cramping and it was hurting a lot!) was a Compare and Contrast that was fairly easy and I think I totally pwned that one. I finished 30 minutes early and sat there, feeling quite dead and wishing I were at Shakespeare's Pizza.

After the Exam, everyone went to Shakespeare's and ate pizza and had a fun time and it was awesome. And now I'm home and I don't have any homework and all I have to do is go to a Tennis organizational meeting at 3:30 and then celebrate Steven's birthday. Yay! I feel happy its over!

Now I gotta wait until next year's AP test.

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