Tuesday, May 29, 2007

French Open 2007

So, this weekend the French Open started. And already there are some ups and downs that I have to share. First is what happened today:

Federer won, of course, as did Rafael Nadal, Ivan Ljubicic, Tommy Robredo, Lleyton Hewitt, and many others. James Blake was mercifully defeated to my displeasure today, and the Williams girls both won in their matches this weekend. The happy win of the weekend was Nikolay Davydenko's win against some unheard-of guy.

The event that really depressed me today was the Andy Roddick vs. Igor Andreev game. Andy was good at first and had a good lead...but then he caved. I'm thoroughly depressed, seeing as he's 3rd rank and seeded, so I was expecting a more spectacular win. But it was almost as bad as James Blake's, if not worse. The final score was 3-6 6-4 6-3 6-4 with Andreev the winner. He was good, I must admit. I was just down in the family room watching the match on ESPN but had enough in the middle of the third set during Andy's pathetic attempts at winning. Andy may have a killer serve, but his returns and volleys were lacking. And he just couldn't get the ball over the net! Every other shot hit the net! Andreev was flawless, unfortunately, and I hope he gets his butt kicked next time as a perfect revenge...*sigh*. Hopefully Andy will do better at Wimbledon and maybe the US open. Clay was never his best surface.

But, some good news. Federer beat Nadal for the first time last week on clay! So Federer entered the tourney with a new-found determination and hope that he could finally claim the only grand slam title he hasn't won. GO ROGER! I'm rooting for him, Hewitt, and Davydenko, my three faves that remain. All the Americans that I like are out.

Sorry for the Tennis talk. This is my new obsession right now. Tennis season started...and until something new about Harry Potter comes out, its all about the French Open.

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um. Tennis bores me. Lets talk about Harry Potter.