Saturday, April 7, 2007

First week back...when is summer break?!

The first week back from Spring Break was absolutely long. Instead of it being the beginning of April, I wish it were the middle of May because thats how I feel. I had two track meets this week, and I was preparing for 2 Change-Over-Time papers, the hardest style. The first track meet didn't go so well. I PRed in my 100 meter dash, but I got 3rd. And then I totally screwed up my 4x100 relay and got my team disqualified. And the jumps weren't very good either. I just gave up my 200 meter dash and went home to mope.

My second meet went a ton better. I got 13'5" on my jumps, got 3rd in the fastest heat of the 100 meter dash with a 14.38 seconds. Not a PR, since I got 14.00 seconds at the meet on tuesday, but still really good, considering the temperature. And I won my 200 meter dash and PRed with a 30.66 second run. I felt really good after that.

As for the papers, I have one due on monday that I'm having difficulties with, and then my thesis for my research paper is due on Monday. Then we have MAP testing Tuesday and Wednesday. We had no warning of that, but no worries. Anyways, I think I oughta get back to my paper. I want to get it done by 5:00 tonight so that I can do my math and then maybe watch a movie and get to bed at a decent hour.

I can't wait until Blue Man Group next wednesday, and then a week after that is SAN ANTONIO! YAY! Sea World, here I come!

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