Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Very Busy!

So in the past week, I had finished my RIHLA, turned it in, got it back and got a 699/700, went to church prom, had a track meet, performed my One-Act, and much much more! I've got pictures!
Aren't me and Mariah so cute? I think I look rediculous in some pictures, but thats what I am. Rediculous. Anywho, crazy week, not even halfway done. I've got One-Acts tonight, AP test tomorrow, and Districts and Othellofest on Friday. Then I'll be done...hopefully. *sigh* I really need Spring Break. Its been fun, but I haven't been sleeping properly.

Track Result:
1. 2nd place in open 100 meter dash
2. 2nd place in open 200 meter dash
3. 13' 51/2" farthest long jump. Could be was cold.

I think I did good. But keep in mind it was rainy and freezing! burrr!

Gotta run. I have to finish typing up my concert credit thingy for Orchestra and rehearse my Othellofest scene. BTW, I'm Othello...yeah. Seriously.

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Steven William Lambson, Jr. said...

Kirsti- I think you look fabulous in that bottom picture- I'm definitely gonna have to be way more protective once guys out there start seeing you looking so dazzling. I've started putting my hit squad together. Bad news- Trissy and Alfred are the squad captains.