Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm Jealous of 2000 People Right Now!

The first screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix went on last week. 2000 people in the Chicago area got to view the movie in its rough state, and in the latest PotterCast, John and Sue interview a person who as one of the lucky 2000 people. He talks about the movie highs and lows, and...I was in complete awe the whole time I was listening it.

Don't go any further if you don't want to know anything about the movie! If you do...please...continue forward.

Okay, so the first thing he mentions is about Dudley's gang. Apparently, they're decked out in the hih-hop style seen on most teenage gangsters. And its quite funny. Another point that was mentioned was that the look of the dementors has changed. I didn't quite get the description that was given, but they no longer have long billowing cloaks. Thats as much as I can safely give you. Something that I think all of us have been wanting to know is whether Umbridge is up to par. And she is, supposedly. She's got the "hem hem" down perfectly and really does a good job. Other good performances are from Luna and Bellatrix. They both do a great job being over-the-top and kind of crazy, Luna being more loopy, and I'm really excited about that. Other good things were the Occlumency lessons, the end battle, and the photo with the Old Order.

Some of the bad things, well, the bad THING, was Snape's Worst Memory. It wasn't long enough and there wasn't any apparent sign of Lily. It only shows Snape on the grass, the Mauraders coming over to taunt him, and then him hanging upside down. This really disappoints me because I was really hoping for the movie makers to do justice for the Mauraders. They're my favorite characters, and its quite sad.

Anyways, I think thats all I'm going to give you. Enjoy your week for me, as I'm still quite stressed. But hearing about this really brightened my day.

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