Friday, February 9, 2007

A Week has Gone By

Nothing completely eventful has happened. Well, except for One-Act Auditions, which I did make, by the way. I'm in a One-Act play written and directed by Hickman's very own Nathan Hults and it has absolutely no point. Its called "Skit n' Kaboodle" and its very interesting. Funny at parts, but a bit blasphemous with the end scene. But I've vowed to stay with it. I'm hoping I'll be able to juggle that and track.

I wish that it were sunny outside. I wish that I could bask in the sunlight and smell the beautiful spring colors, but its grey, and not even an attractive grey. Its a murky nasty grey that is quite depressing and isn't putting me in a better mood. I'm looking forward to some of this weekend. It is going to be hectic, but parts of it should be fun.

Saturday's Schedule:
9:00-10:30-Seminary "Good Attendance" breakfast
10:30-12:30-Jam session with the gals (Mariah and Naomi)
12:30-1:30-Lunch and homework(most specifically, Stearns)
3:00-6:00-Homework, job, other things(this is my free time for the day)
7:00-8:15-Gig at the Executive Center
8:30-10:00-some more homework and relaxation.

Its a very busy day, and thats the story of my life. I'm hoping to get some homework done tonight, some relaxation, and maybe go see The Messengers with Sarah late in the evening, because we love seeing dumb scary movies. Tonight will be a night of detox, and I've been needing this ever since monday.

Favorite Things:
1. Playing with Play-Doh during lunch and AP
2. Guitar Hero II at Sara's house
3. Rocco DeLuca and the Burden
4. NPR podcasts
5. Mugglecast, Pottercast, and Spinnerscast(all of them are podcasts related to Harry Potter)
6. Jack on Lost. I love him!
7. Leaky Cauldron news
8. Discussing Harry Potter
9. Driving. Its very relaxing
10. My Districts Solo

Least Favorite Things:
1. Having to learn about the Mongols in 5 days and then take a test over them
2. Stearns(R/R's in general)
3. Valentines' Day (I'm a big cynic)
4. Cold weather
5. Sitting all day and learning. I just want to relax!
6. Panic! At The Disco. They're such a bad band!
7. People that bug me
8. Taking notes in class
9. The quiz I took yesterday in AP
10. The blasphemous scene in the One-Act

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wasmachstdugern said...

the mongols are very interesting! did you know that about 1/5 of the world's population (mostly people in asia) can claim ghengis khan as a direct ancestor? when he pillaged and took over an area, he would "mate" w/all the women he could, thereby siring thousands of kids.