Thursday, February 15, 2007

100 Things

This post is going to be all about me. If I can do 100 things, it'll truely be an accomplishment. Some will be deep, some will be stupid. Deal with it.

1. If I complain about going to school, I usually come home feeling glad that I went.
2. I always forget things unless I write them down more than once.
3. I'm secretly glad that I'm not an only child, even though I complain about being the youngest sometimes. I love my family, right down to the fights I get into to the moments we have where we're in stiches or crying uncontrollably.
4. I like to sit in my room and think up new movie ideas and sometimes if their good enough I write them down. I've got at least 3 notebooks with ideas.
5. I have a burning desire to be on broadway.
6. I got interested in acting when I first saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and realized that those were kids that were acting and since I was a kid, I thought, "hey, maybe I could do that too."
7. I have developed a huge problem with mainstream music.
8. I've got a hidden motivation that drives me to be the best I can be.
9. I've wanted to be in the Military ever since 4th grade. I can still remember the moment that I first felt that burning passion to serve my country and protect it.
10. I conduct to soundtracks. Most specifically Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
11. I'm in love with Orlando Bloom, even though I constantly deny it.
12. I'm really unimpressed with most actresses. None of them strike me as extremely talented.
13. I'm convinced that my future husband and I are going to meet by chance at a bookstore.
14. This is my favorite number.
15. I'm a complete Romantic, yet I'm very cynical when it comes to relationships.
16. I love my green eyes. Completely love them.
17. My favorite childhood cartoon was Recess.
18. My friend Kelsey makes me feel like a kid again everytime I hang out with her
19. I fell in the church parking lot today. It was hilarious.
20. The only reason why I started listening to Coldplay was because I was reading up information on Dominic Monaghan, and Coldplay was listed as one of his favorite bands. I decided "Whatever Dominic likes, I like", and I took my sister Beckie's Coldplay CD and listened to it. The rest is history.
21. I sometimes wish I were back in Elementary School. Life was so much easier.
22. I feel like I'm the only one with a religious foundation at my school.
23. My crushes change faster than Missouri's weather.
24. I've lived in Missouri my whole life.
25. My favorite city in the United States is San Antonio.
26. Playing my violin makes me feel good about myself.
27. Almost every one of my favorite movies makes me cry.
28. I feel overwhelmed when I think about watching Lord of the Rings.
29. I love Paul Bettany. His smile makes me smile.
30. I'm in love with this jacket that I have (the one I'm wearing in the picture), and its got so many holes that I'm afraid my mom will make me get rid of it. I never want to.
31. Mostly every morning, I'm scared of finding my rabbit, Cocoa, dead.
32. 85% of my dreams feel so real that when they end I either feel a strong sense of relief (if it was bad) or a strong sense of loss.
33. I'm terrified of my basement.
34. I'm very uncomfortable with heights and with the dark.
35. The Superman at Six Flags made me lose the feeling in my legs. for 20 minutes.
36. My favorite super hero is Batman.
37. I'm always thirsty.
38. If I could eat as much of something without it being unhealthy I'd eat ice cream.
39. I love acting. I may not be the best, but I love where it takes me and how it makes me feel.
40. I'm not as bad of a singer as I thought I was.
41. The only reason why I don't want to be a teacher is because I don't want to be in the Lambson family norm. I want to do something different.
42. I have Deja Vu frequently.
43. my initials spell Kael. Kirsten-Anne Elizabeth Lambson
44. A huge pet peeve of mine is when people consider Anne my middle name. It is NOT my middle name! Its my hyphenated name! The Elizabeth constantly gets ignored, and I love it more than Anne.
45. Taking notes has to be one of the most boring things ever.
46. I hate quiet teachers. If you're going to teach, be assertive!
47. I've got a lot of passion for really dumb things.
48. I have to be told something is wrong the first time before I can feel confident when I do it the second time. Even if its right the first time, I'll still fret and redo it even though I don't have to.
49. I find people that date when they're younger than 16 apalling.
50. British bands are my favorite.
51. I love love love love playing bluegrass.
52. I'm disappointed in the cartoons they show nowadays.
53. When I have kids, I want mostly boys. I've got more boys names planned out than girls.
54. I'm beginning to realize that I can't juggle track and the One-act.
55. I love all animals.
56. I want to write a novel, or maybe even many. I also want to write an auto-biography.
57. The Harry Potter series have really impacted my life.
58. I find the french language to be the most beautiful language.
59. I've always wanted to be in the Winter Olympics. I would always pretend I was when I was a kid.
60. I love learning about religions.
61. My most favorite aspect about learning about my religion is learning about Church History, like Joseph Smith up to today.
62. If I could meet anyone from the Bible, it would be Isaiah.
63. If I could get rid of anything in the world, it would be the gene that causes teens to be rebels.
64. I'm ashamed of my peer group sometimes.
65. I would love to have my own radio show and talk about whatever I want.
66. My sister Beckie spoils me. She used to call herself my "second mom"
67. I wish I could get rid of my achne. Its ruthless, and it never lets up, even when I try viciously to rid of it.
68. I don't find myself particularly attractive.
69. Tennis is the only sport I follow.
70. I always feel a sense of loss when I think of Sirius Black.
71. The Little Prince never fails to make me cry and laugh and feel so good everytime I read it.
72.I have a strong testimony about my patriarchal blessing. It has helped me so much.
73. I'm afraid of making mistakes. Even when its okay to.
74. I feel sad when I remember that I'm not taking piano lessons anymore.
75. Politics isn't what it used to be.
76. I listen and find the perfect songs to go with my movie ideas. I've yet to compile them into an actual "soundtrack" so that when I feel like "watching" this movie idea I can listen to this "soundtrack".
77. I wish that women in history had a better and stronger role in society.
78. I think it would be fun to be a contestant in the Miss America pageant.
79. My dream is to enlist in the military(Air Force, hopefully), and then act on stage and film, get married and hopefully get an oscar, and after I get that oscar, I'll drop off the face of the celebrity planet, and live in a small town in the british isles where I'll own a small café and write and take care of the kids while my husband does his local doctoring business.
80. I find some cartoons to be attractive (Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, Demitri from Anastasia)
81. If I could guest star on any show, it would be The Pretender (if it were still on). Next would be Psych.
82. My favorite musical is West Side Story, because even as a kid, it made me cry.
83. One of my best memories was watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King in an outdoor theatre with my cousins and we were the closest to the screen because we wanted to be the closest, and we were so close it hurt our ears, so we semi-plugged them to listen. I remember crying so badly that I soaked an entire quilt that we were sitting on.
84. I've learned to love my curley hair.
85. I love running and how it makes me feel after I'm done.
86. Dancing is so much fun! I dance in my room all the time while listening to my iPod.
87. I made a New Years Resolution to stop biting my nails, and I've done marvelously well.
88. If I could spend as much money as possible, I'd buy a ton of shoes and purses.
89. I can sing up to a really high B. its almost 2 octaves higher than middle C.
90. I love what my violin teacher, Carrie Turner, has taught me about not just the violin, but about life and about choices.
91. Jr. High was the best time of my life so far.
92. I love watching the sun rise.
93. If I could live any fairytale, I'd live the tale of Cinderella. I want my prince charming to go searching for me without any evidence of my existence except for one small glass slipper.
94. My weirdest dream was when I was shopping for hats with Paul Bettany and he pointed to a bonnet and wore it. He then said, if I remember correctly, "I look lovelier than the bottom of a bumblebee."
95. The first Rated R movie I saw was The Matrix, and I'm not sure I was supposed to watch it, but I remember my mom being there.
96. My parents have really inspired me to do whatever I want, as long as I'm home in time for dinner. (crazy bell...)
97. My favorite Harry Potter character is Snape.
98. The Little Prince still makes me cry everytime I read it.
99. I act stronger than I really am. I'm actually quite weak.
100. A teacher once was so convinced that I wasn't from Columbia that he denied flat out when I said I was born and raised in Columbia. He wouldn't hear of it. He first said I was from England but then eventually settled on Chicago.

So...this took almost a whole week to do. I actually got 87 done in one afternoon, but then I decided to finish later...and that later was tonight. I have nothing to do, and I'm loving the weather and the great music I'm listening to and the scrumptious food settling in my stomach. I feel content with my life, which is weird, seeing that I have another RIHLA that I should be planning for the next 4 weeks.

I almost forgot to record Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars for my sister, Beckie. That would mean I wouldn't be getting the gift she got for me for doing that. She spoils me.

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