Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sweet 16

Its mine and my dad's Birthday today! Yay! It was nice and peaceful and nothing too crazy happened, thankfully. Another snow day for me, so that was nice.

Gifts that I recieved TODAY:
1. Warm-up pants (for yoga, tennis, or running)
2. Fun shirt with faces on it (We named her Janeen)
3. Black and white purse
4. Chocolates
5. Tennis racket bag (I have a Wilson, and Steven got me a Prince bag. I like it, but I think thats really funny)

I'm getting gifts via the mail hopefully tomorrow. That includes Emily's gift, and my mom's. I'm still expecting gifts from Juli, Elise, and Sarah.

It was a nice birthday, yet I don't feel any older. And don't ask when I'll get my license. It'll be after this ice and snow goes away, so hopefully by February. :]

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