Saturday, January 20, 2007 more than one ways.

I feel bad. I haven't done much homework, and I should be reading Beowulf. But I'm not. I'm watching things that I want to on TV. I went to a concert last night with my friend Tamara, so I missed the Season Premiere of Psych. My sister recorded it for me, and I FINALLY got to watch it. Quite hilarious. I love Dule Hill and James Roday. So that was my relaxation period for tonight.

This afternoon, I played in my violin teacher's recital at Whitmore Hall. It was quite surreal to be on that stage that I've watched performances on and wondered if I would be one of those performers on the stage. Sure enough, I was. I played the quite lovely and emotional Meditation from Thais by Massenet. It wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, but my mom says otherwise. I did butcher the harmonic at the end, and believe me when I say it was NOT pretty. Its an impossible harmonic, and I can only get a pretty sound out of it 50% of the time. This time was not such a fortunate time. Mom thought it was beautiful. Didn't get the opinions of anyone else because after that recital, I bolted. I wanted to get home, take off my heels, put on something comfortable, and check out the Leaky Lounge to see if any new theories had popped up about Harry Potter.

Songs that make me dance:
1. Colorful by Rocco DeLuca and the Burden
2. Waterloo by ABBA
3. Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani
4. Fidelity by Regina Spektor
5. We're All In This Together by High School Musical(make fun of me...but that movie is AWESOME! Makes you feel like a cheesy high school student that has the ability to break out into song and dance at any moment and have everyone follow your every move with perfect coordination...yeah.)

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