Sunday, January 28, 2007

Enough of this...for a few months.

So. This is the end. No more tennis talk until the next open, which is the French...and thats not for a long while. words:

Winner of the Women's Australian Open Final:

Serena Williams def. Maria Sharapova: 6-1 6-2

Maria was whooped! Completely humiliated. Geez. I was screaming at the TV for the whole game...I'm ashamed.

Winner of the Men's Australian Open Final:

Roger Federer def. Fernando Gonzalez: 7-6 6-4 6-4

It took me 10-20 minutes for me to pull up the Australian Open website and then to actually look at the scores. I was avoiding it because if Fernando won...I would've been so mad. Really mad. So extremely mad that I would've gone to Chile and beaten his Chilean butt!

But Roger won. So I got half of my wish. Not even half. I wanted an Andy Roddick/Roger Federer final and I wanted Maria to win. So its more like a 3rd of what I wanted. But because Nadal lost before the final, its half of what I wanted. Nadal's loss boosted it up. Okay, well, I Roger won, and I'm really happy. I'm going to have a good sunday.

In other news, there was a Stake Church Dance. It was fun, but my legs were sore from friday when I went to the ark and ran 2 miles. I'm guessing I didn't stretch very thoroughly. But, anywho, I was asked to the church prom, so I'm going. Now I have to go. I can't stay at home and eat cookie dough and be a lazy bum. Darn.

I kinda bad because I didn't do any homework this weekend. I didn't feel like it. I was going to do all of my Stearns, but I didn't. I just sat at home and did nothing. It felt good at first, but now I feel really guilty.

Okay, now time to promote:

1. Best TV show at the mo': Psych. This show is hilarious! Dule Hill and James Roday are an amazing team! And its so endearing and you fall in love with both of them. Haven't seen it yet? SEE IT! Its Seinfeld and CSI combined. Amazing.

2. Best Rediscovered Album: Coldplay: A Rush of Blood to the Head. I just love it. Beautiful music. Great vocals. may have strange children names, but you are a genius.

3. Best funny song: "Litte Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds. Its the opening song for Showtime's "Weeds" and its so hilarious.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Win/Lose Situation. Maybe even a double win...

Tennis is in fact the topic for this post. The match with Federer vs. Roddick has taken place, and although I love them both, whoever loses is someone I think would've done awesome at the final. Andy Roddick lost to Roger Federer with shocking results: 4-6 0-6 2-6. *sigh* so sad. Andy was doing so well...

But one amazing thing happened! RAPHAEL NADAL LOST! And he blamed it on his leg...pffft.

More stuff later. Have to go.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

PotterCast, Presents, and Release Dates

I love just sitting at the computer, listening to the newest PotterCast, and doing little things here and there for fun. At the mo', its blogging. Not much has happened, but enough has that I would like to post it.

PotterCast is discussing crazy theories about the new title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Many have said that it has to do with Godric's Hollow. Here are my reasons AGAINST this:

1. Hallows is spelled "Hallow" NOT "Hollow" and I think JKR would've spelled it the same if it was referring to Godric's Hollow. Theres enough of a spelling difference to make it so that it has nothing to do with it.
2. Hallows is used as a noun, in the plural form. If Godric's Hollow is more than one place, than maybe.
3. Its too obvious. In my opinion "Deathly Hallows" is referring to some sort of place and event that happens, my favorite theory being the veil and that on Halloween it comes alive for some reason.

Anyways, one of the funniest things to me right now is this clip of the new movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

The voice you hear is of a PotterCast Host, John Noe, one of the most hilarious people in the universe. He went on a couple of weeks ago about improving his impression of 1 Harry Potter character a month, and this month, its Luna Lovegood. Everytime he does that voice, it brings me in stitches. Apparently next month is Madame Maxime, so I'm interested in hearing that.

Change of subject. I got my present from my sister Emily yesterday, and I almost cried it was amazing! Too bad my camera(her's really...) isn't working. I got some pictures, but I want to post all the pictures at once. Its quite beautiful, and I love the bag that came with it. THANKS EMILY!

Obviously, I obsessed with Harry Potter, so a lady in our ward noticed this(Sister Downs) and she offered to me to run the Book Club discussion on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when it comes out and everyone has had the chance to read it! I'm really excited, but it won't happen until late in the year. Still, I've already made a discussion topic list. I'm quite prepared.

Alright, I think I'll be done.

But not without a Tennis Update(for my own pleasure):
1. Andy Roddick def. Mardy Fish: 6-2 6-2 6-2
2. Roger Federer def. Tommy Robredo: 6-3 7-6 7-5

1. Andy Roddick vs. Roger Federer. *sigh* I love them both!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Beowulf and Animal Testing

In my AP World History/Honors English Class A.K.A. World Life and Literature, We are currently reading the timeless classic Beowulf. What's funny about this book is that even though Beowulf seems like an OK sort of guy...I'm rooting for Grendel. Is this a bad thing? Ever since we were first introduced to Grendel, I knew I was going to like this guy/creature/thingy. Its interesting because for a journal response, we had to rewrite the section in the book where Grendel meets Beowulf, but talk in Grendel's point of view. And I made it so that Grendel had very human-like emotions and was basically a human with the wrong motives. I know he is described as very animal-like in the book, but I get the sense that he has more human qualities than animal. My teacher Mrs.Varns told us about the book in Grendel's POV called Grendel, and I want to read it. I love Grendel! He's awesome!

Staying on the topic of books, for Honors Biology, we are responsible for picking out a Non-Fiction Science book to read and write reports on it. It can be any scientific topic and it can be any length. I was having troubles choosing the book since a lot of the topics I'm into were already taken. I might ask siblings(specifically Beckie) for books, but I'll ask Beckie first because she is getting a masters in the topic I'm most interested in: Psychology. But in the meantime, I'm trying out a book about Animal Testing and how it affects society. Its pretty interesting, but if I find that it isn't my cup-o-tea, I'll get one on Artificial Intelligence or Psychology. Maybe Stephen Hawking...if I can understand it. Crazy String Theory.

Tennis Update(I know you all like it):
Andy Murray lost to Raphael Nadal: 7-6 4-6 6-4 3-6 1-6
James Blake lost to Fernando Gonzalez: 5-7 4-6 6-7
Maria Sharapova won against Vera Zvonareva: 7-5 6-4

Quarter Finalists:
Roger Federer vs. Tommy Robredo
Raphael Nadal vs. Fernando Gonzalez
Nikolay Davydenko vs. Tommy Haas
Andy Roddick vs. Mardy Fish

Maria Sharapova vs. Anna Chakvetadze
Kim Clijsters vs. Martina Hingis
Nicole Vaidisova vs. Lucie Safarova
Shahar Peer vs. Serena Williams

Bold=Who I want to go to the Semi's

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Andy Won! Its not even the Final, and I'm almost just as excited! Ha! Mario is OUT! Next is Nadal, and I'll be in heaven!

Final Score:
6-3 3-6 6-1 5-7 6-4

He had me going there for a minute.
Crazy Andy.

Tennis. Again.

Report on Whats Goin' On:

1. Lleyton Hewitt lost. Stupid Fernando Gonzalez. You'll get it from James Blake!
2. Amelie Mauresmo LOST to some unheard of player. Amazing.
3. Andy Roddick is playing a match against Mario Ancic...and he's really getting on my nerves. Its 6-3 3-6 6-1 5-7 4-3 with Andy and Mario going head-to-head. C'mon ANDY! I've already lost Hewitt to this dumb tourney.

For the next week or so, Tennis is going to be the topic. Get used to it. more than one ways.

I feel bad. I haven't done much homework, and I should be reading Beowulf. But I'm not. I'm watching things that I want to on TV. I went to a concert last night with my friend Tamara, so I missed the Season Premiere of Psych. My sister recorded it for me, and I FINALLY got to watch it. Quite hilarious. I love Dule Hill and James Roday. So that was my relaxation period for tonight.

This afternoon, I played in my violin teacher's recital at Whitmore Hall. It was quite surreal to be on that stage that I've watched performances on and wondered if I would be one of those performers on the stage. Sure enough, I was. I played the quite lovely and emotional Meditation from Thais by Massenet. It wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, but my mom says otherwise. I did butcher the harmonic at the end, and believe me when I say it was NOT pretty. Its an impossible harmonic, and I can only get a pretty sound out of it 50% of the time. This time was not such a fortunate time. Mom thought it was beautiful. Didn't get the opinions of anyone else because after that recital, I bolted. I wanted to get home, take off my heels, put on something comfortable, and check out the Leaky Lounge to see if any new theories had popped up about Harry Potter.

Songs that make me dance:
1. Colorful by Rocco DeLuca and the Burden
2. Waterloo by ABBA
3. Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani
4. Fidelity by Regina Spektor
5. We're All In This Together by High School Musical(make fun of me...but that movie is AWESOME! Makes you feel like a cheesy high school student that has the ability to break out into song and dance at any moment and have everyone follow your every move with perfect coordination...yeah.)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sweet 16

Its mine and my dad's Birthday today! Yay! It was nice and peaceful and nothing too crazy happened, thankfully. Another snow day for me, so that was nice.

Gifts that I recieved TODAY:
1. Warm-up pants (for yoga, tennis, or running)
2. Fun shirt with faces on it (We named her Janeen)
3. Black and white purse
4. Chocolates
5. Tennis racket bag (I have a Wilson, and Steven got me a Prince bag. I like it, but I think thats really funny)

I'm getting gifts via the mail hopefully tomorrow. That includes Emily's gift, and my mom's. I'm still expecting gifts from Juli, Elise, and Sarah.

It was a nice birthday, yet I don't feel any older. And don't ask when I'll get my license. It'll be after this ice and snow goes away, so hopefully by February. :]

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So, to those who don't know, the Australian Open is going on, and it is currently on Day 3. My favorite players, namely Andy Roddick, Roger Federer, and Maria Sharapova, have all advanced to the 2nd round. Sadly, ALL 3 had a hard time getting there and they all went against people who don't even rank 50th in the league! Sadly, as well, Rafael Nadal advanced, and I hate that guy.

Tennis and Attraction do not interfere!
For those who really know me, they know of my undying attraction to both Andy Roddick and Roger Federer. This is NOT why I support them. I've been an Andy Roddick fan for about 5 years, and Roger Federer made it onto my list of favorite players when he beat Rafael Nadal multiple times and doesn't even boast about it. He's just...amazing. I'm really impressed that Andy is doing so good so far, and that he actually beat the unbeatable Federer in a preliminary tournament and got the title. He had a rocky phase between 2004 and 2005 but 2006 he's really proven himself and I'm hoping 2007 will be a good year as well, maybe even finalist in Wimbledon!

History behind My Hatred for Nadal
The reason why I hate Rafael Nadal so much has a lot of history. At first, I actually liked him. He had a Spanish Josh Hartnett sort of look and was a rookie when I first heard of him. And he was good. Plus, he was a leftie, and those are always fun to watch. But after his defeat of the undefeatable Roger Federer, he got bid-headed and was in the game just to be the biggest star. So thats when I started hating him, and that was around 2005. Plus, he's waaaaay too muscular for my taste.

Say it Loud and You'll Almost be Louder Than Her
Maria Sharapova has to be the LOUDEST grunting girl in this game. When she grunts, or screams, you know that she's giving you a really hard forehand. She has never ceased to amaze me with the noises she makes and how she can still manage to win matches with beautiful earrings that slap her face on the occasion. The last match she played in the Aussie Open, she was creating some weird noises in the 120 degree weather and with an injured hip. She managed to beat Camille Pin(62nd ranked) in these conditions and won after 16 games in a single set! (It was 9-7) That was amazing. So it just proves that screaming while playing always gets you ahead of the game.

Thats all the Tennis Backround Bio I have for today. I might go on a tangent once in a while, but there you have it. Goodnight everyone!

Those Pictured (From Top): Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer

Monday, January 15, 2007

So I had BOTH of my Birthday parties on Friday and Today. They were both really fun and had their moments. Here are some photos:

If you'll notice that in the pictures of me with the cake, I'm sporting a red mark on my chin. That was from the sledding that we did today. If you didn't know, Missouri is COVERED in 1" layer of ice, so climbing up the hill was a bit...rough. So I took a nasty spill and hit my chin on the ice. So I've got a gross scraping on it. I kinda want to tell people that I got in a fight with a bear and beat the crap out of them. I don't think people will believe me, but they would have no choice.

People Who Came To Both Parties:
1. Kelsey
2. Sara
3. Daniel
4. Sara

People Who Were There In Spirit:
1. Amanda
2. Zach
3. Keegan
4. Brennon, just because...

Anyways, it was fun, and tomorrow there isn't any school! Yay! I get a break.

I have a list of new favorites:

1. Favorite Discovered Band: Rocco DeLuca and the Burden (Check them out, People!)
2. Favorite Song to Dance To: Wind it Up by Gwen Stefani
3. Favorite Joke: *Girl hits head on sink*
4. Favorite Movie: Chronicles of Narnia
5. Favorite Thing to Listen To: PotterCast!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Its been a while since my last post. But in the meantime, many things have happened. I'm in the middle of my FINALS(!!) week, and it been kinda stressful. But thats partly my fault, because I'm so lazy and anxious for the weekend to come! I'm holding my Birthday party on Friday and possibly continue it on monday, and so there's something to look forward to.

Lets see. Highlights of my last couple of weeks:

-Christmas. Always fun.
-Getting Book 7 of Harry Potter's title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(*squee*)
-Seeing 2 movies in one week: Eragon and The Pursuit of Happyness. Ah, Loved the latter. The former was okay, but if you've read the book, don't expect the book.
-PotterCast. I just discovered it yesterday, and it's AMAZING! it is so hilarious, and it talks about my favorite thing right now: Harry Potter. Yay!

I think thats it. No pictures for now. I've been too busy. I'll have Birthday photo's up by Sunday, hopefully.

Much Love.