Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Apologize by OneRepublic
(a song on
my blog)
I'm holdin' on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground.
And I'm hearin' what you say,
But I just can't make a sound.
You tell me that you need me,
Then you go and cut me down...
But wait...
You tell me that you're sorry,
Didn't think I'd turn around...
And say...

That it's too late to apologize.
It's too late...
I said it's too late to apologize.
It's too late.

Despite the fact that Timbaland makes it all pop-y in the rendition that I have, I love the song. I love its message, its beat, its tune, everything. I think what I've learned through the song is one of the best Christmas presents I've gotten: The courage to accept change and things that may not be what you want. I feel proud knowing that I've learned this life lesson early in life, instead of when I'm out on my own without the protection of my home and without the close love of my family and friends. So I thank you all for the wonderful material gifts you have given me, but the greatest gift is your support and understanding that this year and this coming year will be a particularly dark chapter in my life. I've gone through a lot, and thats not counting the stuff in the past few months. But you've all been there lovingly, and thank you so much.

Juli-You've been a great older sister. That gift you gave me(the journal with courage on the cover and courageous quotes within) is wonderful and fits so well with my life. You're such an inspiration and seem to know everything. Thanks for being there.

Emily-You're embarking on something new in your life, just like me, but you're is slightly more life-altering and considerably cuter. You and your spunkiness give me something to look forward to in life: being a cute and wonderful mom to cute and wonderful kids. I hope that I may have half the life you've lived so far.

Elise-For such a small person, you sure have the biggest personality. You're child-like attitude can be, at times, annoying, but it reminds me to never degrade my past and to embrace the child within, especially around family when you can get away with it.

Beckie-My second mom. You spoil me and always manage to make me feel better, even if it isn't through material means. You're so huggable and loveable, like a giant teddy bear. Thanks for being you!

Steven-My only brother, you let me indulge in my nerdy side. I can discuss, for hours at a time, stuff like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, heck, even World of Warcraft if the discussion leads to that. Plus, you've helped me grow my passion for sports, particularly Tennis. Love ya, bro!

Sarah-Sure, we used to argue everyday, sometimes with our fists, but you're the closest in age to me and seem to know more about what I'm going through than the rest of my adult siblings. I'm literally a teen and you're a teen in spirit, so thanks for helping me through the hard times, sis.

Mom and Dad-you have been so supportive of all my ambitions, even if some don't follow through, and have attended most of my music concerts(even if you fell asleep during them...DAD!), not to mention raised me. Well, I hope you raised me right because in a few years, I'll be leaving the house and embarking on my own life. I just hope that I'll still be accepted back home, wherever home is after I leave. Love you both, and thanks.

Joe and Tamara-I've hardly known you two, Joe being the longest, and thats saying something, but you seem to fit right into the Lambson family just fine. Don't mind my moodiness. You all were teens at some point in life. And don't be offended if I don't feel like talking to you. You're both a little weird and, Joe, you kinda smell funny(just joking). Its just hormones. Love you both, and thanks for joining our family.

and finally

Tamara Kitchen-In a matter of months, I have become really close to you and have finally found a kindred spirit who can share my burdens with me while I share yours. We have so much in common and I love the fact that the standard issue won't get in the way: we're both mormons! :) I hope that your Sophomore year won't be a disappointment and I hope that my horrible Junior year experiences aren't completely dampening your High School experience. I love you and you're such a strong woman. Stay that way, even when everything loses hope. I'm just beginning to get used to this courage thing, and its hard. I hope you have better luck and easier situations.

Sorry for getting all mushy and stuff, but I've never really fully appreciated those closest to me. Love you all, and enjoy the holidays!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Life is Finally Settling Down...well, not really.

So its now winter break. FINALLY! YES! Didn't think I'd survive it!

So, now I have to rant about finals. The only one I'm positive I did good on is math, which is surprising. 94%. Crazy, huh? Didn't check my AP multiple choice portion, but I'm predicting an 83% on that one. French was probably 97%, AP English=91%, Sociology=90%, and my DBQ essay for AP was probably the worst. Prediction=78%. Yeah. I did horribly. Oh well. Its over now, and all I have to do is revise an essay, write a thesis analysis on Mr.Deken's paper from a seminar he had last year, and memorize my Much Ado About Nothing lines.

Even more exciting than Winter break?
Yes. Damn Yankees. That is the spring musical, and for the final in Musical Productions, we auditioned. I wasn't expecting much because so far I've been jipped in roles. But guess what? I got the role that I wanted! Which was...

Sister Miller!!

For those who don't know: She's one of Meg's friends, and Meg is Old Joe's wife. And she is soooo funny. I'm uber excited now! Here is the rest of the cast:

Meg Boyd: Olivia H. (she was the lead in last year's Leader of the Pack. She's really good)
Joe Boyd: David S.(A really funny guy who played the drunk mince meat judge in State Fair)
Mr. Applegate: Michael S.(Hank Munson from State Fair)
Sister: Kirsten Lambson(ME!)
Doris: Samantha H.(A really delightful person who played that one lady who always one the mince meat competition in State Fair)
Joe Hardy: Evan B.(Wayne Frake from State Fair. Really good!)
Van Buren: Toby C.(Abel Frake from State Fair. So funny!)
Gloria: Kristen W.(Known her for a while. She's so funny and will do Gloria justice)
Lola: Shinah M.(only the best dancer we have. She's always assigned the slutty parts, but she does them really nicely.)

Washington Senators:
Billy B., Aaron C., Ryan C., Charlie G., Chad G., Sebastian M., Batu O., Nick R., and Nate S.

"Chevy Chase" division:
Lauren B., Destiny H., Samantha H., Emily K., Zoe M., Le'Chai R., Sarah S., Kathryn S., Liz G., Hanna H., Hannah P., Sara R., Sharandell W., and Lauren W.

"I love Joe" division:
Rose D., Leah F., Brianna J., Emily P., Angela R., and Anne S.

Anyways, it promises to be pretty darn good, and its exciting that I finally got a part that I wanted. What kind of name is sister, anyways?

So, now I'm going to watch the movie and appreciate the role of Sister even more. Have a great break!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Finals are coming up. Eek.

Yep. I want to scream...but instead, I'm going to do a survey type thingy to distract me.

If my house were burning down and I could only retrieve one object, I'd save my___?
rabbit. I'd assume I'd be able to stuff my cell phone and iPod in my pocket, right?

If I were a superhero, the superpower I'd most want is_____?
Super speed. I'd get so much done in so little time!

The song that best describes my life is______?
"Try Again" by Keane. or "Bad Dream" by Keane. Keane in general. Everything about Keane.

My favorite beverage is_____?
Hot cocoa and Dr.Pepper. But not together. Gross. :P

My favorite candle scent is____?
Holiday scent right now. Yum!

My favorite restaurant is_____?
I just really love classic 63 Diner. Simple, delicious, and affordable! But Sarah has converted me to El Maguey as well. Really really good.

If I had to wear the same color shirt every day, it would be_____?
a light yellow. I like how it contrasts with my dark hair. Or green. Makes my eyes pop out.

My favorite hymn is_____?
"Where Can I Turn For Peace?" or "Lead Kindly Light"

If I were given one million dollars and 24 hours in which to spend it I would buy____?
Tennis racket($500 or more), car, clothes, purses, shoes, iPhone, and the rest would go to college fund.

If I had to eat the same thing for dinner every day for the rest of my life, it would be_____?
Me and Tamara have agreed that Hot bread is really good. So spaghetti and hot bread.

The one movie that I wouldn't mind watching over and over again is_____?
Well, my favorite is "Runaway Jury" but a movie that I've already proven I can watch over and over again to my family is "A Knight's Tale." I LOVE PAUL BETTANY!!@@##!!<------sorry. Went a little crazy.

The strangest place I've ever been to is_____?
My Aunt Michelle and Uncle Mike's place. That house and family is so crazy.

The place I'd most like to visit is_______?
Europe in general. France or England to narrow it down a bit. Don't care where.

The two adjectives that best describe me are____ and________?
Determined and Passionate.

The person I spend the most time on the phone with is______?
Uh...duh. That'd be Twig. :D

The last person I talked on the phone with is______?
Twig again. (Twig is Tamara, if you didn't know.)

This morning I ate_____ for breakfast.
A panera bagel with cream cheese and a Capri Sun juice thingy. Yummy.

On a scale of one to ten, with one being a neat freak and ten being a total slob, I'm a_____?
Around the house, I'm a 7. In my room, I'm a 4.

The store I buy most of my clothes from is______?
Old Navy. Love that place.

The one thing for which I'd most like to be remembered after I die is_____?
That girl never gave up anything until she knew it was a lost cause. And she climbed everest....and she was mildly humorous(?)

The best Christmas present I ever got was______?
My iPod. It wasn't so much because I'm materialistic, but it was because all my siblings and parents went in to get something for me that they knew I really really wanted and would use and they cared enough to all put in some money to give it to me. When I unwrapped it, I cried. And this isn't even an expensive iPod. Its the original shuffle.

The general authority who I most enjoy hearing speak is_____?
I love Nelson and Monson, but Bednar is slowly climbing the charts.

My favorite perfume is_____?
good smelling kind.

On average, I'm about_____ minutes late for church on Sundays.
Never late. My mom plays organ. If it was early, I'd say 15 minutes.

The last book I read is______?
"All Quiet on the Western Front". AHMYGOSH, I loved it! Such a brilliant book and brilliant writing.

My favorite television show is______?
I've got a few: Man vs. Wild, Last One Standing, Everest: Beyond the Limit, Psych, America's Most Smartest Model, America's Next Top Model, and other stuff I see on.

My favorite Sesame Street character is_____?
Oscar. He's funny.

If my life were made into a movie, I'd want______ to play me.
Paul Bettany...or Rachel Weisz(the older me).

My greatest fear is______?
Needles, not accomplishing my goals I've made for myself, failing and disappointing my parents, and mildly afraid of high places.

If I could choose a new name for myself, it would be_____?
Boy name: Mark Edward Byron(what I was going to be named)
Girl name: Victoria Georgiana

When I was five, I wanted to be a(n)______ when I grew up.
Actress. Two years later I changed my mind and wanted to be a Marine Biologist...and then I wanted to be in the Military. Two of those dreams still remain.(you pick out the two)

If I was given an extra $10 at Wal-Mart, I would______?
Buy a CD.

In five years, I'd like to be doing the following:
Attending college, succeeding at the ROTC, maybe auditioning for a mission in Nauvoo, or auditioning for acting roles(mom doesn't want me to act. My dreams may change soon)

My favorite day of the week is____?
Sunday. Its my down time in the week. I don't do homework, don't even fret about school and can spend the day growing closer to the lord.

My favorite temple is_____?
Ugh, this is hard. I love the Nauvoo temple because its a replica of the beauty the early saints created. But I also love the Tokyo temple and San Diego(looks like a castle!!)

My dream job is____?
Instead of doing job, here's my dream life:
Graduate high school, go to BYU and enlist in the ROTC while majoring in some form of music and either theatre or sociology and serve as an Officer in the Air Force while maybe doing my career. Then I'll get married and settle down somewhere in Europe with my hot European hubby.

My favorite animated Disney movie is_____?
I really love Mulan...but I can't choose a favorite. Thats too hard.

The last movie I was in a theater is_____?
Um. I can't remember. Is that bad?

Thats it! That was really long! But really fun. :]

Enjoy the weekend.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Looking into the Soul

The month of December, or the Holiday season in general, really gets me thinking about my life and the things that I enjoy and the things that I wish were true. Its a month that I can really begin to discover myself and how I've grown throughout the year. So, I'm going to ask myself questions and attempt to answer them.

Did you learn any life lessons?
Yes. I've learned to believe in myself and trust in the lord, that he knows more about what I'm doing than I do and trusts my judgments. It won't be easy, but I've learned that my Heavenly father will be with me each and every step of the way.

What was your favorite moment?
Thats hard to say. Its a tie between getting a 5 on my AP exam, becoming a varsity player on the tennis team, finally reading the last Harry Potter book, and attending Youth Conference with some of my closest friends. Oh, and watching my brother get married and my sister finally hold her long-anticipated son in her arms.

Anything special happen on 7/7/07?
Nope. :] Just a normal day.

Ever get extremely sick?
I did get heat exhaustion the first day of Youth Conference. Not fun. :P

Hardest time to endure?
Track season. It was a mental and physical challenge that really pushed me to the limits but ultimately polished me into a true believer of determination and non-procrastination.

Biggest crush?
Bear Grylls. That man is a beast!

Favorite TV station?
Discover Channel. I feel like such a nerd...

Best movie?
Imma have to go with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. *squee*

Biggest short term addiction?
Reading the Twilight Series in 3 weeks. That series is the nicotine of literature.

Scariest not-scary moment?
When I scraped up against that car minutes before Steven got married, and I thought that I had made a big dent. All it was was a few scratch marks that rubbed right off. But I cried like a baby.

Most tearful moment?
Either when Roger Federer won Wimbledon this year after 5 sets against Nadal(TAKE THAT) or when I finished HP and the DH and cried for 2 hours straight about how amazing it was.

Best discovered band?
either Rocco DeLuca and the Burden or Keane. Both are simply splendid.

Craziest dog?
Iris. Yikes.

Best part of the year?
Knowing its another year lived, another year survived, and another year experienced and that I have a boat-load of memories of 2007 and that it all starts over again with less mistakes and more challenges. Thank you guys for a great year. :]

(feel free to do the survey yourself. I just kinda made it up as I went along, so many questions are very related. Sorry. But I don't have a mind that can easily jump from topic to topic.)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Month of November=CRAZY!

Time for a recap:

So, first off, the Musical. It was wonderful, all four nights, and I must say that even though I wasn't on the stage performing, being in the Pit was just as fun and rewarding. The Craziest night was Friday night, our biggest crowd. One of the leads, Zoe, ran into something backstage during intermission and obtained a huge gash down her leg, creating panic and stress for everyone. We had a hard time getting things together and managing to recollect our thoughts and things. It wasn't until twenty minutes after the intermission began that we were composed enough to get out there and finish the act. The show must go on, and after getting patched up by a doctor who was attending the musical, Zoe went out there and sang and danced(though limited, thanks to alterations to the script) like nothing was wrong with her leg. Afterwards, she got 9 stitches!

Anyways, I'm really sad and glad that the musical is over. It was a great experience, staying up late with everyone and eating food and being obnoxious, and participating in the traditions and just being apart of everything!

Better than the musical was the birth of my nephew, Joseph Noah Southerland(we're gonna call him Noah. How cute it that?). He is simply adorable and perfect.
I can't believe that after nine months, he's finally in the open! No more having to feel him through my sister's belly! I can hold him and watch him anytime Emily feels like giving him up to her immature and obnoxious teenage sister :).

Oh, and Thanksgiving was wonderful. Me and Beckie got some rally fun pictures together.
Oh, and we got a Christmas tree!
So, thats all for now. I'll try and be better at updating. But since I am auditioning for the All School Play, Much Ado About Nothing, I hope that I'm still too busy :).

Saturday, November 3, 2007

My life is a Cosine Function. Why can't it be linear?!

So, the good feelings that existed the past week are gone. I'm going through a really aggravating time, particularly with my friends. I'm struggling to discover who I am and who are my friends and who I can trust. Currently, the results I'm coming up with are really depressing. Friends are dropping like flies and my self-confidence and self-esteem are suffering as I realize my lack of people I can truly call my friends.

The most aggravating: My so-called Best Friend. Slowly and surely, I'm beginning to realize that this friendship is coming to a close. If she can't figure out for herself what true friendship is, then I'm not going to exert myself to teach her. So I'm beginning to accept the fact that we might not ever be friends again. And, truthfully, I'm okay with that. My friendship with another friend is slowly strengthening into something that I hope will be long lasting. But I'm having difficulties trusting her friendship and taking the leaps necessary to gain her full trust. This situation with my other friend would have been the third one in the past 5 years involving a best friend. I can't go through it anymore. I'm sick of being played. I'm sick of being harshly pushed away. I'm wondering if something is truly wrong with me, and I just can't seem to keep friends. Why? I'm sick of it.

While my social life is suffering and struggling to get back on its feet, my school life is thriving spectacularly. My grades in my two hardest classes are at B+'s and I couldn't be more satisfied. My hard work is finally paying off. My performance in violin is also doing quite well and I'm working on getting a new tennis racket and private lessons. My other aspects of my life are doing amazing, so why can't my social life follow suit? Why couldn't my life be completely perfect? I guess this is a trial of my faith. At least I know I have my family and my Heavenly father to get me through this hard time. Just put on a happy face and pray that I'll survive it all.

So, everyone, put me in your prayers and leave me a message on my phone just to let me know that you care. It really does help. I love you all, and I promise that I won't do anything rash. I just hate being a teenager(as I'm sure you all did).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Refreshed and Renewed

So, the self-hatred period is done with. That was not a good night. I was under so much pressure, suffering from self-doubt of whether I could make it through my AP class or not, and all this other stuff. But for once in my Junior year, I feel like I have everything under control. Well, mostly everything. I got a good grade on my AP quiz for the first time, raising my overall grade in the class up 2 letter grades. I have my math class under control, the orchestra concert is over with, Tennis season is done, I'm learning the Pit music just fine, and every other class is a breeze. I'm hoping I can at least keep this up until semester. In the meantime, I'm just diligently keeping up my work and making sure that I feel ready and prepared for all my classes.

For some news, I did have an orchestra concert and got some really good grades. I also had a tennis banquet in which I received a Sports letter for my spot in Varsity! Now I need a letterman jacket so I can flaunt my success. Not that I'm too prideful...

I also got a haircut! I got it as short as I would let myself allow during my high school career, and I think its really cute. Sure, it takes a while to style, but its worth it. Check it out:
[Giving my "sexay" look...pssh, yeah right.]

October, already, is nearly over. I hope that November promises much more. Already, it looks that way.

Things to look forward to:
-The Musical!
-Birth of Noah, my nephew
-Thanksgiving break
-Big party my friends are planning
-wearing a coat
-an actual job...(lets hope. Pray for me, guys)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I hate me.

School has to be the bane of my existence. For some reason, it has been the cause of every single problem in my life at the moment. It has affected my happiness, free time, concerns, sleeping patterns, friendships, and other such things. Actually, I should be as general as to say "school." I should say my AP class. Wasn't this the case last year? Why am I doing it again? Haven't I smeared enough lemon juice inside my wound to know that it hurts and isn't very fun?

The reason for my grief: Mr. Deken.
Yep. Thats him in the picture. He may look innocent, but behind those eyes lies a man who has caused me so much personal suffering that he's past the point of no return. Sure, he may be a decent guy in real life, but I only know him in school and in school he has created another Mr.Johnson(ask me sometime about my experiences with my 9th grade US history teacher. Why is it always US History teachers?!?!?!)

Anyways, I have a B- in that class right now, no thanks to the 3 Brinkley(our textbook) quizzes that I haven't managed to get a C on yet. Yes. I haven't gotten a C on those quizzes. Its a sensitive spot and is my most self conscious part of me at this point. If anyone dares to compare me to themselves with that grade will get a mouthful of my fist.

So, because I'm so determined, I am not dropping the class until semester, assuming I survive that long. But if I find that I can't get a better grade than a C, I'm dropping it. I'll take AP English and regular US History. I don't need to over-achieve in US History. I'll take the bare minimum. Ugh. I'm sick of feeling incompetent. I'm constantly comparing myself to my friends, wondering if they are comparing themselves to me, wondering if they feel superior to myself. I can't stand it. I've cut myself off from all my friends, except the ones that aren't in that class. I feel horrible, because they're always asking whats wrong, and each time they do, I'm always asking myself if they're only asking that because they feel obligated. Do they really care? How much do they really like me? Why am I second best to this person? Why am I friends with them? I'm questioning friendships that I've had for years, all because of this class.

Its also affecting other classes. I find that its all of a sudden a competition in every class. My grade determines my superiority over my peers, and its sickening! I hate that I'm comparing myself all the time, but, honestly, its because I know my potential, but its not showing in my grade point average! I know how smart I am, but no one else does and the only way to prove it is by getting amazing grades. But its just so hard...sometimes I wonder if its worth it. Getting good grades only to prove myself to my peers. I feel so disgusted. I just want this to be over. I wish life were normal again.

Sorry for the rant. But I had to get it off my chest somehow, and I really don't want to vent to my friends. Tears are pouring down my face right now, and I know that if I spoke to my friends about it, they'd be drenching my clothes. Its better they don't see me at my worst. I prefer to keep this side away from them. Its less painful that way.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Picture Says a Thousand Words...I'm gonna say 1001 about mine.

Yesterday, I participated in the Smith Cotton Classic Tennis Tournament, and, for the Hickman team, it went from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. 12 hours! Thats not including the drive to and from. So anyways, it was chilly all the time, there were tennis players EVERYWHERE, and coach was on edge, wanting to take home a trophy. I was there as Hickman's #2 doubles with my partner Gina Pai, and I was accompanied by Dina Kaissi, our #1 Singles, Carrie Ingersol, #2 singles, Caitlin Hollandsworth and Connie Cho as the #1 doubles. Me, Gina, Connie, Dina, Carrie and Caitlin had an awesome time there, cracking jokes, eating food and being cold together. If I got anything from that tournament, it was a boat-load of memories.
The true star of the day was Dina. She not only played some of her best tennis ever, she won the Singles Championship! It was the single-most amazing match I've ever seen. The rallies back and forth were long and gruesome, since they were both hitting the ball so hard the tennis ball looked like a green streak in the air. Everytime Dina ever wins a point, she slaps her leg triumphantly and the air rings out with her confident voice "C'mon!" Most of the time, it sounds like "Mine", something we told Dina a few matches ago. She just laughed and said "I'm not that selfish." Her match lasted 2 1/2 hours, and all the rest of us were watching, shivering in our uniforms, eating hot pizza and cheering Dina on. Great times.

At some point, a bunch of guys came down to the courts and began hanging out at the picnic tables that lined up around the courts. I glanced back and didn't make anything of them until I heard their voices carry over. They weren't speaking ENGLISH! Not only were they good looking, but they were from some other country, speaking their native language. It sounded Italian or something European, but I was entranced. Eventually, I hopped down from my seat in the bleachers, and decided to inconspicuously take a picture of them. I said "Everyone Smile!" and they did. I zoomed in on the guys, and took a quick picture. I returned to my seat and felt very satisfied at my sneakiness. I looked at the picture, and was pleased that I got every single guy and their face. Boy was I good. It wasn't until the bus ride home that I realized something really interesting. They all looked too perfect. I showed my friends, and they all pointed out to me that they were, get this...posing for me! I wasn't as discreet as I thought! When I left my seat on the bleachers, I was seated in the middle, so there was a big gap between my friends. I aimed that camera between that gap, and the guys must've realized that I wasn't going for my friends. So they all started laughing and began to pose for me. How embarrassing is that?
I think thats all the story-telling I have for today. I'll bring more stuff up later. For now, here are some pictures.[Gina sporting a crazy Hairdo that Caitlin put up]

[Caitlin admiring her work on Gina]
[Carrie being a Gangsta]
[Carrie, Gina, and Connie all being gangsters]
[Andy Materer, our coach, watching Dina's match and getting ready to give her pointers]

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Long Time Gone

I'm about a week away from having been in school for a month! Sure has been a fast month. I've been keeping busy with Tennis, Homework, Practicing violin and piano, and other such things. So, thats basically my life in a nutshell. Want details? Call me. For serious.

Well, first on the agenda is Twilight. I've only just recently gotten hooked on the newest teen addiction. I was studying inside my sister's room Labor Day Weekend when I noticed the book on her shelf. Intrigued by the thousands of suggestions that I should read it, I went over there and picked it up. I then proceeded to read, and didn't stop until 1:00 AM, at which point I was already on page 153. The rest of the weekend consisted of me hungrily perusing the pages and wanting more of Edward, The Cullens, and Vampires (I could care less for Bella...). Anyways, I finished it the next weekend, taking it out during breaks at School and the five minutes that is left at the end of the hour to pack up. I LOVED it! Simply loved it! It was really brilliant and had such a riveting plot. Plus, the author is a fan of Muse, Coldplay, The Fray and other bands that I like, which inspired her writing. So how could you go wrong?

I'll tell you how.

After reading Twilight, I immediately(quite literally) picked up my sister's copy of New Moon, and began reading. At first it wasn't so bad. Then
[ SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER ] Edward left. And Bella, a character I wasn't so fond of in the first place, began to get really really REEEALLLY annoying. To the point that I just wanted to go up in her fictitious face and shout: "GET OVER IT!" Actually, I didn't want to start doing that until Jacob came into the picture. Poor loyal and loving Jacob. Why couldn't he just find someone worth while? It was wrong of her to lead him on. Jacob definitely doesn't deserve this girl, but I hate seeing him suffer, so she'll have to suffice. But too bad that her "heart" belongs to Mr.I-Think-Leaving-You-Will-Make-You-

Anyways, I'm not quite done with New Moon, but so far(and I've been told my opinion WILL change by Eclipse) I'm partial to Jacob and he's my favorite character. I love the tall dark and handsomeness of him and his warmth and loyalty. Totally the guy I want. Edward may be Mr. "Model" pretty boy, but I need a guy like Jacob: not a model and a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

I'll be finished with New Moon soon enough, and then I'll start Eclipse. And then wait anxiously for the 4th book. If there is any way I can relate to Bella, its the whole in my chest. Harry Potter, up until recently, was the best thing in my life. But then it ended and the whole in my chest started to grow. Twilight, much like poor ol' Jacob, is a small pick-me-up that makes the whole less painful, but doesn't quite do the job. But at least I'm not leading it on!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

School, Tennis, and Everything else in between

Well. School has started. It started last Tuesday, and from Wednesday to Friday we've had heat release days, so this week was the most incomplete week of school EVER, and it still seemed to last an excruciatingly long time. My schedule is as follows:

1. Orchestra-Ms. Belding
2. AP US History [block]-Mr. Deken
3. AP English [block]-Mrs. Rahm
4. Integrated Math 4 Honors- Mrs. Baker
5. French 2 Advanced- Mrs. Wetzel
6. Sociology- Mr. Johnson
7. Musical Productions 2- Mrs. Steinhaus

Its a pretty neat schedule, and the class that I wasn't looking forward to(Sociology) is actually really interesting. The teacher is my old track coach who didn't really like me, but he isn't biased in the class room. I'm really looking forward to what I'm going to learn in that class. But I think my favorite thing about the day is Lunch, because there are tons of neat people there. AP is really interesting and fun, especially since Mr. Deken and Mrs. Rahm are really energetic and entertaining to listen to. Math isn't all that bad and Mrs. Baker is a pretty good teacher. French is outrageous! Madame Wetzel is the most flamboyant old woman I've ever met! She laughs funny as well. I can't even begin to explain how crazy that class is. Musical Productions is fun, as usual. Nothing else to say. And Orchestra is awesome.

As for tennis, I'm currently somewhere in the top 2 JV. I'll be getting a challenge match on Monday for a spot in Varsity, which is exciting. But we had our first match of the season this past Thursday...against Rock Bridge. And we lost dismally. No one won. I played 3 matches, lost my singles 1-8, and lost my 2 doubles 0-8 and 0-6. But that isn't what got me so down. It was the article in the Tribune the next day. Read it for yourself. This is what got me all worked up yesterday. I was very moody all night and wished that I had kicked Rock Bridge in the butt. It was the last sentence that really got to me. Everything else was fine...but then he had to put lemon juice in the wound. What a jerk.

Anyways, I've got a few chores that need to be done, and then I'll be practicing my serve.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Summertime Blues

I am now experiencing a feeling of depression as my summer is slowly dwindling to an end. This week I begin the slow and steady descent into a monotonous routine of waking up at 5:00, taking a shower, eating breakfast whilst reading scriptures with my family, going to seminary, leaving seminary for school, and enduring a 7 hour school day full of endless lectures with tedious homework assignments dished out at the end and having tennis practice for 2 hours after school everyday and if I do the musical, doing those rehearsals, then coming home, doing homework and practicing instruments and having private lessons. Sure, a full life should keep me from being bored, but I remember vividly my feelings during the middle of last school year...the feeling of questioning why I put up with this, of being worn out and sick of everything, of not having anything new in my life...ugh. I'm already anticipating that I'm really going to dislike this school year. Its my Junior year and everyone says its the toughest. I've enrolled in another AP block course, and decided to go back into the Integrated Honors system instead of the easier Integrated system. could say that I'm already hating school before it's even started. I've also enrolled in French 2 Advanced...and now I'm wondering if I have enough of the french language in my word bank to survive in this class.

To bring things even lower, tennis has *almost* lost its fun. I love playing it, but I hate how I feel around the coach. He treats me very insignificantly and almost expects me to do bad and not even have a chance for the varsity squad. I'm a girl who likes being pushed, and frankly, he's not pushing my game enough. He puts me with the inexperienced people, and although I am slightly inexperienced, its quite humiliating when I've had pretty intense tennis training this summer and have actually beaten 2 of the girls on the varsity squad in matches. I still love the game and playing it, I just don't like how small I feel, and I have to get used to that. If I want to rise, I have to fall.

I have 1 1/2 weeks of freedom...and all of the events that have been planned for those weeks, I don't want to do them. Tennis practice this week has drained me emotionally and physically so that I constantly want to be in someone's company but then wish I wasn't anymore. I go through this cycle at least 5 times a day. What is wrong with me?

Anyways...I should probably be trying to finish my AP book. I want to, but at the same time, I don't. I hate being in this emotional limbo. Its really starting to irritate me.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I killed iTunes

For the past few hours, now, I've been trying to recover something that I've lost and was very dear to me. I'll give you the full story before I lament...

I was trying to transfer my iTunes to the external Hard Drive we got, and I thought my plan was fool-proof: just move the file to the external hard drive. So, I sat there, feeling confident, knowing that now that it was in the external hard drive, I'd have more room to download PotterCast, MuggleCast, and the Leaky Mugs without restrictions of room. But, after the move was complete, and I opened up was EMPTY! Completely blank. No more music. No more podcasts. Nothing. A little perplexed, I closed out of it...and opened it again. Nothing. My mouth was beginning to get dry by this point and my heart was racing. All I was thinking was "Oh no. Not again." Yes, this indeed has happened to me before, but under different circumstances. This was the first and only time I tried moving a whole iTunes library to another hard drive. After about the 5th time...nothing still. Now I was panicking. What about my purchased songs? All my precious Podcasts that took forever to download and I couldn't possibly recover?! What about all that time it took to upload CDs of music?! I was in shock for a few minutes before I set to work to recover all that I had lost.
[PotterCast Trio: Melissa Anelli, John Noe, and Sue Upton]

Hours later, here I am, still at the computer, trying to upload podcasts and find out what music is beyond recovery so that I can download it again. Its been about 2-3 hours now...and I'm still a little depressed because now I don't have PotterCasts and MuggleCasts that I had before, some of my favorites being "Toots", "They're Called Thestrals", "Broadway Filks 1 and 2", "784", and many others, also including an awesome Evanna Lynch interview. *sigh* Well...there's always direct downloads. Or, somehow, there has to be a way of downloading them away from iTunes or something...That'll be my next project.
[MuggleCast hosts: Laura Thompson, Eric Scull, Kevin Steck, Micah Tannenbaum, Ben Schoen, Jamie Lawrence, and Andrew Sims]

This even alone has made me realized how dependent upon technology I really am. Its quite humbling...but I'm not going to do anything about it! I love technology! Anyways, these two podcasts had fed my hunger for everything Harry Potter for about 8 months now, and I love them both dearly. PotterCast because they've got great things to say and contribute little bits and pieces to everything, and MuggleCast because not only are all the guys attractive in different ways, they're all young adults and teens and have the same mentality as me, and the same maturity level. Personal favorites from both: Melissa, Jamie, Andrew, Eric, and John.

Well, I've got to finish up repairing my damage...then bum around the house instead of on the computer.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

All Is Well.

So, I've finished the book. And I cried for a total of 2 hours, from page 600 or so to the very end and a half an hour after that. It was the most amazing book that I've ever read. It tied up most every loose end, kept you reading, and had the most beautiful ending that gave me this sense of pure euphoria. I could not have imagined a better ending for my ficticious brother. I still get choked up just thinking about it. The highs, the lows, the most emotional parts, everything. It almost seems like a blur. I most definitely am going to read it again, starting tomorrow, so that I can digest everything instead of reading it in roughly 24 hours, not counting hours to sleep, eat, take a break, etc. But I had tons of fun the night of the release. Unfortunately, my sister took my camera on her road trip, so pictures will have to wait until next week. But I was an awesome Bellatrix! I looked the part...which meant that I look utterly frightening.


So, I was completely right about Snape loving Lily. I almost did the "Told Ya So" dance from Will & Grace in front of my siblings...but I didn't. I was a little frustrated that all those "Harry is a Horcrux" theorizers were correct. How absurd is that?! But it all worked out in the end.

Things I was right about:
-Tonks and Lupin getting married
-Harry living
-the tiara being the last horcrux
-Strong connection to the 1st book
-Snape and Lily

Things I was WRONG about:
-All my death predictions. None of those I thought would die...died. Except Voldy
-My veil theory. *Wah Wahhhh*
-Neville killing Bellatrix
-Deathly Hallows being a place
-Harry seeing his parents death via the pensieve
-The cover was Harry summoning the snitch with the inscription "I open at the close". It was the Elder Wand he was catching...

Things I cried about the most(1 being the most, the rest in random order):
1. The whole Forest scene
2. The end when Harry told his kid, Albus Severus, that Severus was the bravest man he knew.
3. Tonks and Lupid dead.
4. The Godric's Hollow scene with Harry looking at his parents graves.
5. Fred dead...especially when Ron and Percy realize it
6. Percy coming back.
7. Hedwig dying
8. Dobby dying
9. When Dumbledore and Harry had that convo.
10. Realizing that its all over and that I was okay with that.
11. Tons of other moments, like when Ron comes back or when Ron was screaming Hermione's name while she was being tortured, or wondering if Hagrid was dead on TWO occasions.

This is the best in the series. I agree, JK. Thank you for writing these books. They have helped me so much in my emotional growth and spiritual growth that if it weren't for these books, I'd be a mess. You have created the most real character and made him one of the closest fictional beings ever. Because of you, you've made him more real than any other book character and have enchanted the whole world with your beautiful words. So, I thank you, eternally.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter!!

Right. The title speaks for itself. I'm geeking out! I've already seen the Harry Potter movie twice, and loved it both times. Personally, I think its the best one, although No.3 was pretty darn good too. Dan Radcliffe has really blossomed into another great British actor and I see him doing great things in the future. He is Harry Potter, and I'm so glad that he hasn't butchered the role. Imelda Staunton did brilliantly. I loved hating her! That giggle...*shiver*. So many good things going on, and the only way I can express everything I want to is to direct you guys to an Orson Scott Card review:

The book is so close, I can taste it. I'm excited, yet dreading it. I had a dream last night about reading the book. I dreamt that it was the most amazing book ever but that I read it so fast that I didn't have time to digest the whole I had to read it about twenty times to fully understand everything and to comprehend that the series was in fact...hate to say this...over. Its been such an amazing 8-9 years. I've grown up reading about Harry Potter and living his story and feeling all that he was feeling. He's been a crutch and a comfort to lean on when I've been feeling down. If ever I feel like reading something good, I always go to Harry Potter. Its full of amazing things and morals. And now...its coming to a close. But I have no idea how loss feels compared to JK Rowling. God Bless her. She's created something so amazing and has become something of a hero to me.

I'll have more to say later. But I will say the HP soundtrack is AMAZING! Gives me chills, makes me cry. Nicholas Hooper is now in the league of all the greats, like Howard Shore. Ahhh! I want to see the movie again! So amazing! Everything! Almost too overwhelming how wonderful this magical world is.

Monday, June 25, 2007


[On the way home on Saturday from Macon, the sun was shining through the clouds on the most beautiful way. I tried capturing it on camera, and it turned out pretty good. In my opinion, it was the lord's way of showing us how beautiful this trip was to our testimonies]

My summer has been hectic already! Sorry for not posting for ages. I've been extremely busy, what with Tennis camps, working, reading, going to lessons, teaching lessons, watching Tennis, going to Youth Conference and planning a Murder Mystery party. But I've had a blast doing it all. Tennis is amazing, and I'm apart of a country club team that does tournaments all over. Work isn't a great big party, but it isn't horrible. I get to choose my hours and get paid $7 an hour. I'm thinking of upping my hours to 15 a week...right now I'm doing 12. But this is only a summer job. Once school starts, I'll call Coldstone about my application to get a better job. Anyways, I'm now done with the Harry Potter series up until book 6, and now I'm anticipating the release of the 7th installment, of course. Piano lessons have resumed and I'm learning a Kuhlau Sonatina, Chopin's Nocturne, and Debussy's Clair de Lune. I also have to do 4-octave scales, chords, and arpeggios. But I love learning piano again. Its such a great feeling to be making beautiful music through the piano. I feel like a kid again! Teaching isn't so bad. I'm getting my students prepped for a recital next month, and they're psyched, despite the fact that it'll be a small gig. But I'm starting up a new student whose parents will be giving me Horse-back riding lessons in exchange for piano lessons. How cool is that?!
[Tamara Kitchen in a tree at Adam-Ondi-Ahmen]

I'll save the tennis talk for later. So, Youth Conference. I'm not lying when I say that I wasn't anticipating going on a road trip for YC. The plan was to visit all the Missouri church historical sights in a span of 2 days or so. I don't like buses. My last experience involved a kid barfing across the row from me and from then until I got pepto bismol in my system, I had the sudden urge to puke, but withheld it for my friend's sake. I was also going to be away from my racket for that amount of time, and I was going to be stuck on the bus with some people I didn't want to be around. But it turned out to be one of the most spiritual times of my life. My testimony of Joseph Smith tripled, and I wanted to learn more, so I've been feasting upon the words of christ every day since last week. It was fun and exhausting, and I'm glad to be home, but it was such a wonderful spiritual uplifter. I loved it.

Now, the Murder Mystery. I am throwing a Murder Mystery Birthday Bash party for my friends Sara and Kelsey's sweet 16 birthdays. Sara's B-day happens to be today so the date of the party is more closer to Kelsey's, whose is on the 12 of July. But its going to be tons of fun, even with my huge responsibility of making invites, the setting, the characters, scripts, and informing everyone about it. But I'm uber excited!
[Mariah Crouch laughing for the Camera at Far West.]

Anyways, I'm tired and I've got to work from 9-12 tomorrow and then I'm doing horse-back riding in the evening. Yay me! Today, I played tennis from 3:30 to 5:00 with my team the Clydesdales. Fun name, huh? But ours isn't the only one. We're one team of many. I'll explain Team Tennis later, because its actually quite complicated. Its nothing like doubles or being on a team of tennis players. Its a lot like a team sport.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

School's Out!

Already I'm goofing off. The picture was taken after finals yesterday and me and two of my friends came back to my house and played games. I was doing the Hula to the Hawaiian music channel on our TV.

School is out, and it still hasn't hit me. Today feels like a Saturday and that in a few days I'll be going back to the monotony of school-life and I'll have more homework to do. But no. I'm out for the summer! I've had a blast the past few days. On Tuesday, after finals, me and my friends Daniel and Amanda went to Oakland Jr.High for a bit and hung out in Sweeney's room and watched Walk The Line. When we got hungry, we left and went to IHOP for some breakfast-for-lunch. Many good times there. I then went home and practiced for about 3 hours on violin and piano. It was a very peaceful day. Wednesday was just as fun after finals. Me, Amanda, and Daniel were going to go downtown, but we were too lazy, so we went to my house and played Simpsons Clue until 2:45. We then bombarded Oakland again looking for teachers and friends and then went to Lange to see friends on the buses that travelled from Oakland to Lange. After that, I went home and watched a lot of Tennis and then went to mutual.

Today's adventures were simply marvelous. I woke up, watched the Women's Semi-Finals for the French Open, and later played Croquet with Sarah and gave Trissey an outdoor bath. It was a wet experience for both the dog and me and Sarah. But it was lots of fun(Picture above is of the experience). To dry Trissey off, we gave her a walk around the park across the street and explored Mother Nature. I brought the camera along and took some great Candids as well as nature stills. I am very proud of my work with the camera, and I'll display some of the pictures. Trissey was as exhausting as usual, and at the end of the adventure, she decided to jump in the creek and get wet all over again. What a crazy dog. But it was so much fun and later me and Sarah will be going to the Twilight Festival and then we're watching Poltergeist for old-times sakes. I love being on Summer vacation, and next week is when Tennis camp begins! Hooray!
Mine and Sarah's favorite climbing tree as kids

Sarah walking Trissey
Me and Trissey on a bridge.
Rebellious Trissey in the creek
Some cooky bird ornaments in someone's garden

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Harry Potter Theme Park

So, after many months of there being rumors of a Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal Studios park, it has been confirmed, and I have pictures! Leaky was good about posting the news and have great pictures of what will be in it, along with videos with those responsible for constructing it.
This is the image of the theme park overall, and it looks fabulous!

This is Hogsmeade and doesn't look like a winter wonderland? So cute!
And this is the spectacular Hogwarts castle, which out-does the Disney castle by far!

I'm so excited, and the theme park is said to be complete by early 2010, and JK Rowling is also quite excited for it as well. She was quoted saying “The plans I’ve seen look incredibly exciting, and I don’t think fans of the books or films will be disappointed.” I don't think we will be, either!

Links to video footage and interviews:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Yay! I'm really excited now!

Tennis Update:
Lleyton Hewitt won
4-6 3-6 6-2 6-4 6-2
Way to come back, Lleyton. Way to go.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Okay Em...Here's some Harry for ya!

Emily, this post is dedicated to you, since you think tennis is boring.

So, in the Leaky Lounge, which is the forums site for the Harry Potter site The Leaky Cauldron, there is a discussion that occurs which is titled THIPS. At first, when I saw these boards, I had no idea what THIPS were. But there were some great discussions going on and they were really active. It wasn't until I started reading the posts in-depth that I realized that THIPS was an anagram for Things Hidden In Plain Sight. The THIPS are in reference to the Harry Potter books!

Here are some of the THIPS that JK put in the 5th book that I thought were interesting:

1. When Harry sees Hagrid's face in the Care of Magical Creatures class, he wonders if the wounds were from a creature whose venom kept the wounds from healing, and not long after that, Arthur Weasley gets bitten by a snake whose venom dissolved the muggle-stitches.2. “Now I have work for each of you. Fudge’s attitude, though not unexpected, changes everything. Sirius, I need you to set off at once. You are to alert Remus Lupin, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher – the old crowd. Lie low at Lupin’s for a while; I will contact you there.”
-Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Of course, we don't know who Arabella Figg and Mundungus Fletcher are at the time, but in the first two chapters, we come to find out that Figg is the neighbor whom Harry spent many times with when the Dursleys went out for Dudley's Birthday. And then we find out who Dung is, so that is definitely a THIPS.

=So, there. I've introduced a new thing to Harry Potter fans. You can go ahead and look for THIPS, for there are many, and I'm still amazed at how many there are. Characters that play a big role later are introduced much earlier, like Bode, who is an Unspeakable and important in the 5th book. We were introduced to him at the Quidditch World Cup in the previous book. Amazing, huh? JK is really quite brilliant with these things, and some could be hints to what will happen in Deathly Hallows.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

French Open 2007

So, this weekend the French Open started. And already there are some ups and downs that I have to share. First is what happened today:

Federer won, of course, as did Rafael Nadal, Ivan Ljubicic, Tommy Robredo, Lleyton Hewitt, and many others. James Blake was mercifully defeated to my displeasure today, and the Williams girls both won in their matches this weekend. The happy win of the weekend was Nikolay Davydenko's win against some unheard-of guy.

The event that really depressed me today was the Andy Roddick vs. Igor Andreev game. Andy was good at first and had a good lead...but then he caved. I'm thoroughly depressed, seeing as he's 3rd rank and seeded, so I was expecting a more spectacular win. But it was almost as bad as James Blake's, if not worse. The final score was 3-6 6-4 6-3 6-4 with Andreev the winner. He was good, I must admit. I was just down in the family room watching the match on ESPN but had enough in the middle of the third set during Andy's pathetic attempts at winning. Andy may have a killer serve, but his returns and volleys were lacking. And he just couldn't get the ball over the net! Every other shot hit the net! Andreev was flawless, unfortunately, and I hope he gets his butt kicked next time as a perfect revenge...*sigh*. Hopefully Andy will do better at Wimbledon and maybe the US open. Clay was never his best surface.

But, some good news. Federer beat Nadal for the first time last week on clay! So Federer entered the tourney with a new-found determination and hope that he could finally claim the only grand slam title he hasn't won. GO ROGER! I'm rooting for him, Hewitt, and Davydenko, my three faves that remain. All the Americans that I like are out.

Sorry for the Tennis talk. This is my new obsession right now. Tennis season started...and until something new about Harry Potter comes out, its all about the French Open.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


For the past few months now, my Musical Productions 1 class has been working on putting on a show called the Variety Show. It consists of multiple song selections from a variety of musicals of a specific theme. Last year, it was comedy, and this year is was I Love the 70's and I Love the 80's. So we put on a whole bunch of songs from musicals that were written in the 70's and 80's. It was a lot of fun. Here is a list of the songs we did:

-Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Jacob and Sons & Joseph's Coat
-Godspell: On The Willows & We Beseech Thee
-Les Miserable: On My Own
-Big River Medley: Do You Wanna Get To Heaven, We Are The Boys, Waitin' for the Light, Muddy Water, River in the Rain, Worlds Apart, & Free At Last
-Best Little Whorehouse in Texas: Hard Candy Christmas
-The Wiz (Dance number only): Ease on Down the Road
-Little Shop of Horrors: Prologue, Da Doo, Finale

I was dressed in 80's garb (obviously), and I participated in Joseph, Godspell, Les Miserable, Big River, and Little Shop of Horrors. I was a Ronette in Little Shop, and was in ensembles in Les Miserable and Big River. It was so much fun, and all of us had a great time learning the songs, dances, and blocking. I think all of the class would agree when I say that the most emotional part was when Robin(our teacher) said that we were a family. It really made me smile when I looked around and saw that we really were a family and had grown really close. Even those I wouldn't usually associate with outside of class in other circumstances were like my family. Most of us are taking MP2 next year, so its going to be awesome.

My sister and dad said that the performance was good, and even though that was my worst performance yet, I think we did do well. Many things went wrong, actually, but we managed to pull it off, and I feel so relieved that its over, yet sad at the same time because I won't be doing fun, sassy Ronette moves with Sarah and Emily, the other Ronettes. Its been a great experience and I'm glad that I was apart of it. I'm excited for next year's musicals and plays, especially since the All-School Play is going to be Much Ado About Nothing. YAY!

It was great, and now I've got to wash off the 80's make-up, munch on something, do some math homework for tomorrow's quiz(YIKES!), and then go to bed and take on tomorrow. One more day until the weekend.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Worst is Over

I'm so glad that my National AP Exam is over. This week was a crazy one, starting with my AP Unit Test on Monday, which consisted of writing 3 essays in 90 minutes, and then my RIHLA being due on Tuesday (Worth 500 pts), taking pictures in St.Louis for Em on Wednesday, and then the National World History Exam today. Tomorrow will be a breeze since its the last day of seminary and now we're not doing anything big in AP. I'll be glad to have a weekend to myself finally and wait until Finals, which aren't going to be hard at all.

So, you wanna know how the exam went? Well, since I'm sworn to secrecy about the Multiple Choice (like I've actually listened to that rule), and I can't talk about the free response essay prompts until Saturday, I'll just tell you everything that I can tell you, which isn't a lot. I had 55 minutes to answer 70 MC questions, and that wasn't too bad. Some were hard, but its an AP test! I skipped 3 of them, but they don't count against you. Pretty sweet, huh? But their grading system is way more complicated than "If you miss 20, its minus 20 from the total". Its some crazy system where you multiply some number to the number you got right, and then subtract another number and then do a little get the gist. But after that we got a 10 minute break and then right on to the 3 essays.

We got 2 hours and 10 minutes to do it, with a 10 minute mandatory reading portion. The first essay was a DBQ (Document Based Question) in which we had to analyze a bunch of documents and then sort them into different groups and talk about them and answer the prompt given. I wrote a lot on that one, but its all about structure, so you really don't have to know anything. Then it was the dreaded Continuity/Change Over Time essay in which you are given a place and a topic and then you have to pick 3 or more different time periods that shows the change in that place on that topic and analyze it and figure out why the change happened and how, and then name a continuity over that time period and talk about that. Its a really complicated essay, and it took me the most time. But I think I did pretty well. The last essay (By this time, my hand was really cramping and it was hurting a lot!) was a Compare and Contrast that was fairly easy and I think I totally pwned that one. I finished 30 minutes early and sat there, feeling quite dead and wishing I were at Shakespeare's Pizza.

After the Exam, everyone went to Shakespeare's and ate pizza and had a fun time and it was awesome. And now I'm home and I don't have any homework and all I have to do is go to a Tennis organizational meeting at 3:30 and then celebrate Steven's birthday. Yay! I feel happy its over!

Now I gotta wait until next year's AP test.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Track is Over

Track is finally over. I wish I could say that I ended with a bang...but it actually started with a bang(quite literally), and ended in an injury that was avoidable. Yesterday's track meet wasn't as good as I was hoping. I only got to do 2 long jumps and a 100 dash because after the 100 dash, I hurt myself so badly that the distance coach told me I couldn't compete the rest of the meet. So I was scratched from the long jump competition, and I couldn't run the 200m dash. I PRed the 100 dash, but I only got 3rd in my heat and then I felt really bad the rest of the time. Even if I did make it to Districts, I wouldn't have been able to run.

I'm thinking about doing Cross Country, not because I'm amazing at distance, but to keep me in shape and because building endurance is an important thing in sports. But if it interferes with tennis, I might not.

Right now, I'm doing my final RIHLA while multi-tasking with some piddling around. The only good thing that I did this week was submit my essay into the Leaky Cauldron's essay database called Scribbulus. Each month, a new issue of Scribbulus comes out with a specific theme and I sent in an essay for the Character Analysis themed Scribbulus, set to come out in June. I'm really excited and I hope that they put it in the issue. I put a lot of work into that essay.

Speaking of Harry Potter, this is a page in my notebook completely dedicated to Harry Potter. I've been working on it for the past few months, and I want to show you what goes through my mind when Mrs.Grupe is lecturing us about Decolonization and Religious Reforms.