Thursday, December 21, 2006

A week has past...and life couldn't have been anymore crazier in that short span of time. Photos of it all? I think yes!

Seminary Party
(blurry, but everyone was wiggling around so much!)
Only half of the crowd!
Sock-footed feet!

(Only a few)

Friend, Sara, at the computer, laughing about something...?
Sara looking pretty for the winter dance.

Sightings of Santa's Reindeer
(Amazing huh?)
Sister Beckie and Trissey with matching reindeer horns.

Trip to St.Charles
(Some more random than others...)

Sarah eating breakie. Yum!
Beckie's Car interior. Told ya its random.
My iPod on my knee.A mirror picture and a small smirk from me. Plus Sarah's arm.

A cute little shop in Historic St.Charles

A lamp on the streets.
Another cute shop.

An uber awesome Alley way!
Food. Delish!

Thats it for now. Gotta do RIHLA (Really Important Historical and Literary Analysis) work, darn it.

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