Friday, December 15, 2006

Photoshop is my Friend.

My new addiction is Photoshop. I love it. After I've done everything for the night like homework or practicing my beloved violin, I sit at the computer and I play around with photos I've taken on photoshop and mess around with them to my liking. It puts a new perspective on it. So, I'll give you all a little taste of what I've been doing for 30 minutes each night this week.

This is a shot of my front yard after the big 14 inch snow. I've changed it so it looks like a colored pencil drawing.

This is an ivy plant right above the kitchen sink. I just love the outline of the leaves.

This is a lamp post outside my dad's work. I leaned out the car window and took the shot.

Picture of our grand piano. Originally, the shot was a pretty bad one. It was blurry in an un-attractive way and it was bad lighting. Now it totally rocks.

My foot after I finished with a gig in Jeff City. I totally love those shoes and my pants as well.

Trissey, the adorable family dog. Another mediocre shot turned fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed that. That's only a taste. I don't have all the time in the world to show you all of my creations. Ta ta!

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