Friday, December 22, 2006

Let me elaborate.

So the RIHLA that I mentioned is literally the Devil! It is the devil out to get me and my small amount of free time. It is a compilation of everything we've learned in the Unit, plus a bazillion other things, like an essay, 15 one-page-long timeline events, 15 one-page-long characters/images, Read and Responds that are a page long, Metagonitive reflection, Outline of 2 chapters out of a textbook(Stearns, as it is known by), and other stuff. Each thing is worth 100 points, so this time around, its worth 670 pts. It takes roughly 50-60 hours to do all the work. Luckily most of it was done during the Unit as homework/assignments. But the bulk has to be done at home. So thats what I'm spending all of Christmas break doing. Homework. 4+ hours a day...minus Christmas day and Sundays...Its dull and tedious. Fortunately, Mrs.Grupe doesn't read all of it. She just makes sure it's all there and might read a few things here and there. So if I write crap, she'll take it. Perfect example:

My friend's brother did his RIHLA once, and one of the Read and Responds(R/R) was this:

"Let me respond in the language of a bear-Grrrrrr Growl roaaar grrrrowl gggrrrrrr..."

That was the whole R/R. And his Essay was hilarious. It had nothing to do with the topic, except the topic sentences and the conclusion. Everything else was criticizing the class.

Picture of my notebook of my Timeline events. Note there are not 15. Yet. Grr.

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