Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ahhhhh, sleep.

Nothing like sleeping on a comfy chair while someone takes photos of you. Like he cares anyways. He's a feline with nothing better to do during the day. He is Alfred, the endearing cat that roams the Lambson home.

Sometimes I wish I were a cat, not a teen. Despite the homework, I find it meditating. It gives me the chance to listen to my music nonstop and to be obnoxious when someone needs to use the computer. Yep. Its nice. Except the 50 HOURS OF WORK!

Favorite Song Right Now: "Over My Head" by The Fray
Favorite Snack: My 3 lb. Tub of Cookie Dough
Favorite Drink: Hot Cocoa
Favorite Socks: The ones my friend got me for Christmas
Favorite Homework Task: The Outline Summary. I can write what I think is important.
Least Favorite Sound: The sound of my exhausted "grrrumph"s
Favorite Smell: The Gingerbread houses sitting next to me
Movie That You Want To Watch: A Knight's Tale or Wimbledon. I need Paul Bettany.
TV Show that made you Cry on Thursday: Scrubs. It was SAD!
Creepiest Girl on TV that you saw in a Movie yesterday: Julia from LOST!
Favorite Thing to Do: Procrastinate :]

That's my fake survey. Hehehe. I want a nap. And a cozy blankie.

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