Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ahhhhh, sleep.

Nothing like sleeping on a comfy chair while someone takes photos of you. Like he cares anyways. He's a feline with nothing better to do during the day. He is Alfred, the endearing cat that roams the Lambson home.

Sometimes I wish I were a cat, not a teen. Despite the homework, I find it meditating. It gives me the chance to listen to my music nonstop and to be obnoxious when someone needs to use the computer. Yep. Its nice. Except the 50 HOURS OF WORK!

Favorite Song Right Now: "Over My Head" by The Fray
Favorite Snack: My 3 lb. Tub of Cookie Dough
Favorite Drink: Hot Cocoa
Favorite Socks: The ones my friend got me for Christmas
Favorite Homework Task: The Outline Summary. I can write what I think is important.
Least Favorite Sound: The sound of my exhausted "grrrumph"s
Favorite Smell: The Gingerbread houses sitting next to me
Movie That You Want To Watch: A Knight's Tale or Wimbledon. I need Paul Bettany.
TV Show that made you Cry on Thursday: Scrubs. It was SAD!
Creepiest Girl on TV that you saw in a Movie yesterday: Julia from LOST!
Favorite Thing to Do: Procrastinate :]

That's my fake survey. Hehehe. I want a nap. And a cozy blankie.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Let me elaborate.

So the RIHLA that I mentioned is literally the Devil! It is the devil out to get me and my small amount of free time. It is a compilation of everything we've learned in the Unit, plus a bazillion other things, like an essay, 15 one-page-long timeline events, 15 one-page-long characters/images, Read and Responds that are a page long, Metagonitive reflection, Outline of 2 chapters out of a textbook(Stearns, as it is known by), and other stuff. Each thing is worth 100 points, so this time around, its worth 670 pts. It takes roughly 50-60 hours to do all the work. Luckily most of it was done during the Unit as homework/assignments. But the bulk has to be done at home. So thats what I'm spending all of Christmas break doing. Homework. 4+ hours a day...minus Christmas day and Sundays...Its dull and tedious. Fortunately, Mrs.Grupe doesn't read all of it. She just makes sure it's all there and might read a few things here and there. So if I write crap, she'll take it. Perfect example:

My friend's brother did his RIHLA once, and one of the Read and Responds(R/R) was this:

"Let me respond in the language of a bear-Grrrrrr Growl roaaar grrrrowl gggrrrrrr..."

That was the whole R/R. And his Essay was hilarious. It had nothing to do with the topic, except the topic sentences and the conclusion. Everything else was criticizing the class.

Picture of my notebook of my Timeline events. Note there are not 15. Yet. Grr.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A week has past...and life couldn't have been anymore crazier in that short span of time. Photos of it all? I think yes!

Seminary Party
(blurry, but everyone was wiggling around so much!)
Only half of the crowd!
Sock-footed feet!

(Only a few)

Friend, Sara, at the computer, laughing about something...?
Sara looking pretty for the winter dance.

Sightings of Santa's Reindeer
(Amazing huh?)
Sister Beckie and Trissey with matching reindeer horns.

Trip to St.Charles
(Some more random than others...)

Sarah eating breakie. Yum!
Beckie's Car interior. Told ya its random.
My iPod on my knee.A mirror picture and a small smirk from me. Plus Sarah's arm.

A cute little shop in Historic St.Charles

A lamp on the streets.
Another cute shop.

An uber awesome Alley way!
Food. Delish!

Thats it for now. Gotta do RIHLA (Really Important Historical and Literary Analysis) work, darn it.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Photoshop is my Friend.

My new addiction is Photoshop. I love it. After I've done everything for the night like homework or practicing my beloved violin, I sit at the computer and I play around with photos I've taken on photoshop and mess around with them to my liking. It puts a new perspective on it. So, I'll give you all a little taste of what I've been doing for 30 minutes each night this week.

This is a shot of my front yard after the big 14 inch snow. I've changed it so it looks like a colored pencil drawing.

This is an ivy plant right above the kitchen sink. I just love the outline of the leaves.

This is a lamp post outside my dad's work. I leaned out the car window and took the shot.

Picture of our grand piano. Originally, the shot was a pretty bad one. It was blurry in an un-attractive way and it was bad lighting. Now it totally rocks.

My foot after I finished with a gig in Jeff City. I totally love those shoes and my pants as well.

Trissey, the adorable family dog. Another mediocre shot turned fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed that. That's only a taste. I don't have all the time in the world to show you all of my creations. Ta ta!